Page 7, 1st May 1953

1st May 1953
Page 7
Page 7, 1st May 1953 — TYNESIDE HOUSING

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ing Scheme first mooted in 1949 was to he a satellite town on the outskirts of Newcastle designed to give thousands of people a home amid spacious surroundings and other amenities.

Ordinary houses of up to 11-storey flats were to be built and rents for the flats were to be comparable with those for houses.

The work last year had. however. been dogged by misfortune and at the end of the year many members of the Council were dissatisfied with the progress made.

The Council then called for an independent engineer, Mr. Robertson, to report on the scheme. As a result of his report it was decided on April 1 to substitute 826 traditional houses and three-storey flats for the original 1.428 multi-storey flats.

"The issue rested." said Mr. McAlpine, "on dearer housing units and more of them or cheaper and fewer houses on the same quantity of land."

Speaking for the motion. the Sheriff of Newcastle. Alderman W. Temple, Chairman of the Housing Committee, said that the C.S.G. That done a very great service in holding this meeting.

"I regret." he continued. "that there were no members of my own party who had the courage to come and explain their reasons for opposing the scheme."

He thought the 15.000 families on the waiting list would have preferred to live in multi-storey flats rather than to wait very much longer for the more traditional types of houses.

Speakers from the audience included a housewife. a shop steward representing 50(1 builders on the working site. a transport worker and a Communist speaker, who supported the motion.

At the end of the meeting the motion was carried and it was decided to send the opinion of the meeting to the Town Clerk of Newcastle, the four M.Ps. of the Newcastle area, and the Ministry of Housing.

Council elections


THE names of further Catholic candidates standing in the forthcoming Borough Council elections include : Greenwich (Hornfair Ward): Mr. Peter Spencer is standing as a Conservative candidate. He is a parishioner of the Church of Our Lady of Grace.

Stepney (St. George's North-East Ward): Mr. Adrian de Payneville, recently elected vice-chairman of the Mile End Conservative Branch.

Islington (London). Mildmay Ward: Mr. R. P. Walsh, Editor of the Catholic Worker.

Wembley (Middlesex): Two of the five Catholic Conservative members are standing for re-election. Preston Ward: Mr. P. D. E. Bunyan. Roe Green Ward: Mr. T. W. Gornall, a server at St. Erconwald's. Wembley Park, since 1932, and now M.C. there.

1,000 classroom for Brigg children

The Director of Education for Lindsey. North Lino, Mr. F. J. Bit, beck. opened last week a new classroom built at a cost of £1,000 for St. Mary's School at Brigg.

St. Mary's has grown up from a small school opened in one room of the town hall in 1875 by Mr. Valentine Carey Elwes. Mr. Birbeck paid tribute to Fr. Patrick O'Hanlon, the parish priest. for his work in enabling the new building to be erected.

Wolverhampton school

Wolverhampton's education committee is to ask the Minister of Education to include the proposed St. Anthony's Primary School for Oxley and Fordhouse in the 1954-55 building programme. St. Anthony's, which will cost about £40.000. is being included with another school in the reserve programme as a project for special consideration.


Cardinal Griffin. Saturday : Lion Hotel, Cambridge, attends annual dinner of the Fisher Society, 8 p.m, Wednesday : Reopens Stonyhurst-Flarat Club, W.11. 7.30 p.m.

MarKing. Bishop of Portsmouth.Sunday : Presides at High Mass at Delancey. Guernsey, Channel Islands, a.m. Confirmation at St. Mary's, Burnt Lane, Guernsey. p.m. Thursday : Clothing and profession ceremony at the Holy Ghost Convent, Farley Hill Wokingham.

Mgr. Ellis, Bishop of Nottingham.Saturday : Receives children's gifts for the Nottingham diocesan Rescue Society's Homes for Children, at St. Hugh's, Lincoln, 11 a.m. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation at St. Mary's, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Mgr. Parker, Bishop of Northampton.-Sunday: Visitation 11 a.m.. Confirmation 6 p.m.. at Wymondham. Saturday: Visitation at Notre Dame Convent. Norwich. Sunday : Visitation a.m., Confirmation p.m., at North Walsham.

Mgr. Rudderham, Bishop of Clifton. -Saturday : Blesses new church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Lawrence Weston, Bristol. 7 p.m. Sunday: Opens new cmh au srsch al nt d acemle.brastact crates aoyn.titimeaal yHi9gh Addresses annual general meeting of the Catholic Civil Service Guild at Bath. 3 p.m., and attends the dinner in the evening as guest of honour.

Mgr. Petit, Bishop of Menesiss-Sunday : Visitation and Confirmation at Llanelly. Saturday. May 9: Opens sale of work at Ilawarden Convent, Hawarden. Sunday. May 10 : Visitation and Confirmation at Connah's Quay.

Mar, Cowderoy, Bishop of Southwark.-Sunday : Administers Confirmation to adults in Pro-Cathedral, 3.30 p.m. Visitation and Confirmation at West Byfleet. 6.30 p.m. Tuesday : Consecrates Church of St. Richard, at Slindon. 9.30 a.m. Thursday: Administers Confirmation at Paddock Wood, 5.30 p.m. Visitation and Confirmation at Tonhridge. 7.30 p.m. Saturday, May 9: Attends Guild of St. Francis de Sales annual dinner at Cher Auguste.

Mgr. Beek, .Bishop of Brentwood.Saturday : Presides at meeting of the Hierarchy's Action Committee, 2.30 p.m. Sunday : Visitation and Confirm: tion at Benfleet. Monday : Sings Pontifical Mass to celebrate the golden jubilee of he foundation of Ilford Ursuline High School, at SS. Peter and Paul's. Ilford. Wednesday: Assists at jubilee pageant at Ilford Ursuline High School. Thursday : Assists at C.W.L. diocesan pilgrimage to Walsingham.


Southeark.-Fr. Augustine Firderer has resigned the parish of Chislehurst and is succeeded by Terence O'Beirne. Fr. Firderer. who is retiring. has also resigned hi.s office of Dean of the Chislehurst Deanery. Fr. Michael Breslin has been appointed parish priest of South Bermondsey, Fr, Cohn Spillane, assistant priest at St. Leonardo.

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