Page 8, 1st November 1935

1st November 1935
Page 8
Page 8, 1st November 1935 — THE BELFAST POGROM

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SIR,-1 see from a recent issue of the CatholicHerald that Lord Craigavon has refused to accede to the demand that an impartial tribunal should be set up to inquire into the origin of the recent riots in Belfast. The Home Secretary, Sir John Simon, has refused a similar request from Dr. alageean, Bishop of Down and Connor.

A definite and serious charge has been made, viz., that Catholics are being hounded out of the political, social, and industrial life of the Northern Counties of Ireland for the sole reason that they are Catholics, that they are enduring what amounts to religious persecution, and that certain responsible political leaders have stirred up religious animosity by their in

flammatory speeches! A grave indictment. Truth and justice demand that it lee investigated.

Is there no way in which Catholics in this country can help their brethren in Northern Ireland? Cannot pressure he brought to bear to persuade the Home Secretary to alter his decision? One way suggests itself. In a few weeks' time there will be a general election, and no doubt candidates will be anxious for the votes of Catholics. We could pledge ourselves not to support any candidate who did not give a satisfactory reply to the question : " Are you in favour of an impartial tribunal being set up to inquire into the recent pogrom against Catholils in Northern Ireland, and will you support any measures for that purpose?"

Catholics many times in the past have had to sacrifice legitimate political hopes and national aspirations for conscience's sake, and perhaps none more than our Irish brethren. We are in their debt. Now is surely the time to show our gratitude, and in a practical way.

Again, those of us who subscribe to. or in anyway sympathise with, the tenets and principles of that political party with which Lord Craigavon is associated, might ask ourselves whether there is nothing we can do to prevent blood being shed and lives being sacrificed under the pretext of disloyalty. Remember: British troops were called out to deal with the situation; for that the British tax-payer will have ti pay; therefore we have a right to know the reason why.

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