Page 7, 1st November 1946

1st November 1946
Page 7
Page 7, 1st November 1946 — CORRUPTION AND THE CURE

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—Fr. Agnellus A searchlight on moral corruption and the only cure for it, was thrown by Fr. Agnellus Andrew, O.F.M.

To think of the first and the cure, was to think of black, market, crime and juvenile deliquency; Truth— propaganda for State or party; Purity and modesty—venereal disease, divorce, blrth-control and the like, and when kindness, charity and love were mentioned you only had to look at Europe to-day. The Nuremburg trial was an example of the trend towards barbarism. lie would riot say that the war criminals did not deserve death and that they had had a fair trial by the three judges, but the sighteeers brought from all parts of the world, the grotesque G.I.s with their white helmets, the glare of arc lamps, the filming, and then the horrible build-up to thc execution even to the peepholes in the cells, were all the trimmings, all the trappings of barbarism.

Again there was the horrible hunger for the details in the trial of Heath, 1.0 which the Cardinal had drawn attention; and the tendency to-day to dwell on the word luxury, with luxury liners sailing the Atlantic, luxury cinemas and luxury hotels.

All this added up was evidence of a decline and a rapid decline.

Fr. Agnellus said that the great word to-day at the top of the bill was "Reconstruction," and any plan must have an ideal. That ideal was Christ. If there was to be any real Christian reconstruction in the world it would depend entirely on ourselves. Only the Catholic Chutch can do anythingent all.

Religion England's Strong Shield!

—MR. LUNN "There will always be an England provided there is religion in England. The only thing that will stand between us and European destruction is the rebirth of the Christian faith," said Mr. Arnold Lunn.

England still counted in Europe today, and the whole of Europe was look

ing to England for a lend. What Europe wanted to know of England was whether she still stood for traditional freedom.

" There are two great international forces in the world to-day," said Mr. Lunn. " They are the Catholic Church and Communism. The Communists have their fellow travellers and we of the Catholic Church have our fellow travellers — good Christians who share detestation of Communism.

" The only hope of avoiding a possible third world war is by firmness. Every concession we make to Russia is a further sign of weakness. If only America and ourselves were to draw a line across Europe and say to Russia, 'cross that line and it is war ' then there would be no war for some considerable time. If they know wo mean business there will be no war for 20 years and much can happen in 20 years."

A donation of £60 has been received by the Catholic Mission in Hong Kong from Mrs. Margaret Lysaught, of Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, who sent the money through British United Aid to China.

At Westminster. The Westminster C.P.A. will shortly publish a monthly magezine under the title of the Catholic Ciezen. The association has decided to run a rally early in 1947 in the Poplar Town Hall.

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