Page 8, 1st November 1968

1st November 1968
Page 8
Page 8, 1st November 1968 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Heenan of WrsImInster--Friday: Sings Ma-es tor Feast oi All Saints. Cathedral, 10.30. Saturday: Offers annual Mass for Catholic Association of Widows, Cathedral, 6. Sunday.: Visit Serra National Convention. Rmnbrancit Hotel, 12.

Bishop Casey Auxiliary of Westmln§ter

-Saturday, Concelebrates Solemn Requiem for All Suuls, Cathedral, 10_30. Lays Foundation Stone of New Church. St. Margaret's on Thames, 3. Attends Serra National Confers:ace, Rembrandt Hotel, 6. Sunday: Attends Serra National Conference, Rembrandt Hotel. 10.3(1, Monday: Pretides at Schools Sub-Commission, St Joseph's Convent, Henden, 7.30. 'friesday; Visitation and Confirmation. SS. Pancras and Sebastian. Kingsbury Green. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation. Our Lady 01 Lourdes, Lixbridge.

Archbishop Beek of Liverpool-Friday Archbishop Dwyer cif Birmingham Sunday: Confirmation, St. Austin, Stafford, 3, Wednesday: Celebrates Academic Mass, St. Paul's College of Education. Newbold Revel, 12, Thursday: Visits Sick and School, St. Joseph, Burslem, and Sunday: Presides at Solemn Hiph Mass at St. Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo, for centenary celebrations. WecineSclay: Takes chair at Governors' Meeting, Christ's College, Archbishop Cowderay of SouthwarkSunday: Visitation and Conhrmation, Dockhead, Bermondsey, 11. MaSS and Adult Confirmation, Cathedral, 3.30. Tuceday: Chapter Mass in Cathedral. Mass at St. Anne's Mother and Baby Home, Streatham, 6. Thursday: Visitation and Connrmation,Pollards Hill, 7.311. • Bishop Woriock of Portsmouth-Satins daY: Offers Mass end preaches, Holy Souls Convent, Portsmouth, 7.30. Sunday., Monday: Confirmation and visitation, Alton, Hants. TeUrSda&: Addresses Annual General Meeting Of BOUrbefnallth Council nf Christian EdLeatiun, Bournemouth, Hants., 7.30. ItIabop Grunt of Northampton-Friday: Attends Pax Christi International Coue gress, SpeyeT, Germany, Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation ar Fakenham. Norfolk. Teesday: Attends Meeting of the Deanery of St. Peter, Slough, II.

ItIshop Fella of NottIngbarn-Sunday: Visitation and confirtnation, St. Peter's, Leicester. Tuesday. Chapter Mesatina, Nottingham, Thureday• visitation and

Confirmation, Lutteror wh, 6.30.

B ishop McClean of MiddleSbroughSaturday7 Celebrates Mint (tar All SOUIS Day, Cathedral, 12.15, Sunday: PO-Sides and preaches at Mass, Helmsley, 9. alebrates Mass and Confirms. Kirbymoorside, Tuesday: Attends Governors' Meeting. Convent of Assumption, Richmond, 3.15. Wednesday: Attends Vestment Guild Meeting, Middlesbroligh. ThersdaY: Attenth Vestment Guild Meeting, York. Friday: Attends Vestment Guild Meeting, B ishop Rudderham of Cilfinn-SurldaY1 Confirmation at Si. Terosa's, FIlton, BrIsiol, 3 3n.

BishopWheeler of Leeds-Saturday: Pontifical Requiem Mass, Cathedral, 8. Stinday: N'ishation and Confirmation, St. Thomas More, Chickenley, Dewsbure, Tuesday: Attends Day of Recollection. I Lectures et Hull College of Pclucation, 7.30. Thursday. Celebrates Mass for schoolchildren, Holy Family, Leeds, 10.30. Friday: Catholic Herald Meeting, Wand Hall Centre. 11. stoop Foley of I ancaster-Saiurday! Opens annual Fancy Fair, Larkhill Convent. Preston. 2. Sunday: Visitation, 11, Confirmation at St. Joseph's, Wesham, 3. Tuesday! Aitends Chapter Meeting, Lana came, II. Attends Poor Missions' Meeting. Cathedral, 2.30. Wednesday: Attende Catcnian Association Annual Dinner. Eusron Hotel, FleetWood Bishop Grow of Shreneburv-SundayMonday : Confirmation and Visitation, Our Lady of Lourdes, Partingion. Tuesday: Attends day of Recollection. Rock Ferry. WednesdayConfirntation and Visitation. St. Joaeph's, winsferd. Friday: Attends, Clergy Niphi Dinner, ('atenian Circle, Shrewsbury.


SUNDAY: Radio 4 f9.05-5.30 )

In Every Corner Sing. Geoffrey Wheeler Invites seafarers and their hostS at Atlantic House hostel. Liverpool. run by the Apostleship of the Sea. to choose their favourite hymns.

THURSDAY: Third Prearammr 1116 p.m.). Okekhem. Mass: FRIDAY. Ten to Eight (7 50-7.55 a.m.). FRIDAY. Ten to Eight (7 50-7.55 a.m.). kf ed eat ion . led by Fr. Pa scha II,


Irene Komornwsice. at 1.1s,cmhley, seed 63. She yeas the widow of Cien. Tadeusz Bor-Kom,roWSkl, Commander of the Polish Home (Underground) Army, who led the Warsaw uprising In 1944, Mrs. Kornorowska, who sened in the ranks of the Polish Home Army. escaped from Poland in November, 1945, and came to Britain with hcr two sons. She was chairman of the Polish Women in Exile, of the Fund of the Polish Home Army Disabled Ex-Seraietsmen and of the Polish National Fund in Great Britain.

Fr, Oswald Randolph Clilderbunk, parish priest since 1919 of the Church of St George. Protector of England. at Whitchurch, Shropshire, aged 79. He was edu cated at St. t Werburph's, 'Birkenhead. where he was born, and at Colton College and Ushaw, and ordained in Birkenhead in 19(5. He served as curate in variouS parisitee of the Shrewsbury Diocese until 1928. %then he became parish priest for II years at Si. Chrtitoplidr's, Rnmily, ChAeshierc. bb Punt Guillaume. historian ol Resistance in the Orleannis, and one of the rhuusands of Freneh priests who fought through die 1914 wax, aged 82. He joined the Resistance soon after the Germans

occupied F 0

than many of his friends in the ill-bated "Prosper" group who were arrested when the movement collapsed in the summer of 1943. lie devoted himself, after the liberation of France. to reconstructing the stories of those friends in scleral outspoken books and pamphlets.

Bishop Lorenzo Bereciartua of San Sebastian, who has (lied, deed 73, was a Basque and a strong critic of the France Ciovernmenrs heitude to the Basque problem. Last surnmor he ISSued a pastoral letter condemnine arrests ol Protesting priests as a violation of the concordat between Madrid and 'he Vatican. Mr. David Esdalle Walker. Catholic Journalist and author, Malta, aged 61. For many Years a eleet Street foreign correspondent for Mc Daily Afirrnr. Reuters, The Times and the Chrishan Science Monitor, Later Inc was chief Macke writer for the News Chronicle, A member of "The Keys". He was born in Darjeeling, the son of Major-General Sir Ernest Walker, and was educated at Ampleforth and Christ Church, Osiord. During the last War Sc for the secret Service. ahnied experiences, They books were based on

They included "Lunch

ms:itiethrry..a. Stranger". "Adventure in Dia

monds" ia

mds" (made into the film "OperatiOn Amsterdam") and Drink and be

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