Page 8, 1st November 1985

1st November 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 1st November 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Ail Saints School Sheffield, Theritlay Archbishop's Council, Finance Committee, Council of Priests, St Catherine's Church, Marie Fidelis School, Canon Law Society, Council of Clergy, Merseyside Churehes Unemployment Committee, Fidelis School, Bishop's Council, Area Council of Priests, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Diocesan Vestment Guild, Fritter Adult Committee, Saterder Pastoral Council, CIS Committee, ConnecratIon.of Church, Joseph's Parish Centre, VVestrnineter Branch, Catholic Child Wellare Council, Arcnblehop's Council, Methodist Church Committee, Notre Dame College, Thunder Archblehop's Council, Catentan Association, WonersiL Thuredev Reconciliation Service, Becket School, Ecumenical Service, University Council, Paeloral Council, St. Marie College, Parish Council, St Sedan Comprehensive School, Parish Centre, Vietnamese PARtOral Centre, Attends ABM Divcesen Vestment Guild, Thuradee Chapter, Autumn Assembly, Si Augusline's Printery School, St. VIncent de Paul Society, Morselled* Council of Voluntary Servicee, Commission for Christian Unity, Finalice Board, Digby Stuart College, Ministry of Priests Fletreal, Catherine's Church, V Bede College, Child Weitare Committee


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0 = Ordination: M = 'mass ; V Visitation:

Page 8 from 12th July 1985


0 e °Measliest, M Um. V Visitation, C


Cardinal Hurna, Arelsbishop ol Wageningen Sunday: Westmineter Missionaries 2.30 pre Monday: St Paul-s Gels. School 12-1.30 pre, M Si. Anaelm and St. Cecilia's, Kinoway 6 Pm. St. Dunslan's Reese. Ampleforth, 501h Areuversary. Dinner at Lincoln's inn 7.30 pm, Tuesday M for terry Ontly. Westminster Cathedral 17 noon. Friday: Lunch al The Economise Saturday: M to Commemorate European Music Yea, for the Schools, Westminster Cathedral 6 pm Archbishop Bowen at Southend, Sunday C. INirnbledon Park 10 30 am, Tuesday) V. St John's Seminary, Woreish, to meet Southwerk students arid slate Wednesday Continues visit to SI Jehree Seminary, admits Student an a Candidata for Holy Orders and attends Bishops/Stalf meeting, Thuradee Chapter meeting end dinner, Caletefral Clergy House 6 pm. Friday: Friends of SI Gaulle:es Dinree. GLC Ceremonial Hall 7.30 Pm.

Archbishop COW./ de Morelli* of Birmingham Sunday: V Bede College. Horne. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting & M. St Chad's Cathedral 11.45 am, M & C. Greeley Heath 7 30 pm, Wednesday: M lu, Sialh Form, St Thomas Agulnae Scheel 11 am, Thursday: Methodist Church Committee Meeting 7.30 pm. Cotton College Governors Meeting 11 am, Saturday, Memorial M tor Paler Carney. St Catherine's Church, Hoisefair, Birmingham 12 noon Archbishop Ward of Cardifi sundry: M tor Gued of Catholic Doctor,. SI Joseph's Nureing Hurler. Malpas 5 pM. lueleeryt Cambrian Houee Appeal Meeting, Church In Wales ()feces. Cathedral Road ID 30 am. Wednesday: C SI. Helen. Caerphilly 7 pm, Thursday: C Our Linty of Lreedes, Mountain Ash 130 pm, Feder Mauling of Bishops. Church in Wales Offices, Cathedral Road 10 ern. M ConnecratIon.of Church, Si. Joseph's. eardie 7 30 pm, Belurcley: Opens Christmas Bazaar. Sacred Howl & St. Felix, Blaenavon 2.30 pm,

Archbishop Worioelit oil Liverpool Sunday: V St Catharine*, Frolegton, Monder Sr Catherine's, Tuesday: Huy ion Deanery Clergy Meeting, Archbishop's House 12 30 pm, Wednesday: Merseyside Churehes Unemployment Committee, Salisbury Street 6.15 pm, Theritlay Archbishop's Council Meeting, Curial Othces 10 am, Friday: Ecumenical Service for inauguration of Inter-Church Preemie Eaton Square, London 5 30 pm Saturday: 0 to the Priesthood ot Flay Preemie Dunne, Blessed Secrament, Walton 3 pm

Bishop Alexander at Clifton Sunday: V Si Joseph's Parish. Bridgwater, Preaches at all M. Cal St. Joseph's. Bridgwater 3 pm, V Si. Jueephes Convonl Brideweter 530 pm, Mandel: Celebrates Ruby Jubilee M or Father John Lee, SI. Joseph's, Bridgwater / pre Tuesdey: Cheltenham Deaner), Clergy Meeting Si SI Ambrelle, Leigh Woods 11 am

Bishop Burke Auxiliary tor Salford Sunday: V St ) Thomas More. AikrIngton, Middleton 9.45 ant, C 3 pm, Wednesday: Chapter he Salford Cathedral 12 noon, Friday: Begin V. Our Lady and I. aneenhire Martyrs, Little Hutton.

Beside Clark of East Anglia Sunese V. Our Lady and St Waistan's Parish, Costessee M 10.30 am Monday: M al Si Augusline's Printery School. Gotlessey 9.30 am. Wednenley) Present* prizes, St Sedan Comprehensive School, Ceambridge 1 311pm Thiestley, 0, IN Parish, Bretton, Peterborough / 30 pm, Friday: British Gounce of Chrirceree meeting, London, Saturday: M tor KSC. St John's Cathedral, Norwich 3a0 pm.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: Catentans Province 6 Annual M, $S Puler A Paul, Liehfielg 12 15 pin, Monday: V. Si Gregory's, Bearwood 10.30em, M & C, St Gregory, Bearwend 7 30 pm, Tuesday: Chapter Meeting A le, Sr Chad's Cathedral 11 45 am. Wadneeday: M & C. SI, Mare's. Willenhall, 7 3(1 pm. Thursday: Colton College Governors Meeting t t am. Celenirre Dinner. Stoke. on-Trani 8.00 pm, Friday: M & C. St. Augustines, Handeworthe 11.45 ern, Seturdme Lourdes Hospitalite NI, SI. Chad's Cathedral, Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury Sunday: V A C, Sr Anthony's Wythenshawe, Monday: C, Si Anne's, Rock Ferry 7 33 pm Tuesder Recollection Day for Clergy. St Joseph's Malpan, Wednesday: Teachers' meeting St Wilted's, Northwich 11 am. M for yeurig 'priestsmeeting St Joseph's Malpes 6 pm , Thursday: C St Werburufes, Birkenhead 7.30 pm, Friday: Concelebratee M, SI Anthony's, Wythenshawe. for Silver Jubilee ol Church 1 pm, Seturdey: M, St Alban's, Meeclesheirt Bishop Gement. Auxiliary for Westminster SundayC. Highgate, lucidly: Camaen Deanery meeting el 30 am, Wednesday: WDES. Launch P. Purnell's book. Thursday: Hackney Deere:ref meeting 10 30 am, Wieder Area Day. Marie Fidelis School 10 am.

Stahap Herds of Middlesbrough Sunday: Blessing and laying of Fe:sedation Stone, new 5511/55 Crtuley Newham 2 30 pm, Tuesday: Meets with Council of Clergy. Ampleforth 10 30 am. Wednesday: AGM Diocesan Vestment Guild. Rowlands Guessed, Middlesbrough 3 pm, Thursday: Bishup's Council Meet) St George's York 11 am, Attends ABM Divcesen Vestment Guild. St Willed's 3 pre AGM CCWS {Catholic Geed Welters Soniety) York.

Saterder Pastoral Council (North) Autumn Assembly, nit Peter s School. Middieeerough 9.30

_ . . Bleeop Hervey, Auxiliery tar Westreinater Send's): V All Saints, Kenton Tuesday: Deans' meeting 11 urn, Chepter 4 pm Wednesday-Friday: Meeting, Catholic Child Wellare Council 5 pm to Friday 8th Bishop Henderson, Auxillery for Southwark SundayMondey. V. Brockley. Wednesday: Parish Centeeary, SI Elhelberes, Slough 7.30 pm. Thwsday: Chapter let, Meeting and Dinner 6 pm, Friday: Meets °thews St ecumenical commiesione Blackheath, / 30 pm. Saturday Speaks at URCeRC Study Day on the Eucharist, Kennington 10.304 15 pm.

Bishop alechen, Auxillery for Liverpool Sunday: V. SI Richard's, Atherton. Tumidly V Cl Schools. Si. Richard's, Atherton am, V or Fohnols, Sacred Heart. Hindsford pm, Wednesday: C, Si. RIthard's. Atherton 7 30 pm, Thursday: Arcnblehop's Council Meeting, Curial Offices 10 am, Morselled* Council of Voluntary Servicee 2 pen, Sacred Heart, Hindstord 7 30 pm, Friday: Conifers lay Ministry ol lector. Si. Teresa's, Sullen Manor 8 pm, Saturday' Ecumenical Commission Day. Christ's A Notre Dame College 10 30 ant. Vocations Vigil, Sr. Joeoph's, Freshneld 7pre Bishop Jukes. Auxiliary for Southwark Suntlar V 10 Ctanerook Parish, Tender Speaks at Tonbridge Youth Retreat al The Grange, Ramsgete 7 pm. Wednesdiy: Bishops Stall Meeting, Wertersh. Thursday: Canon Law Society Meeting at Damascus House 3.30 pm, Friday: V to West Mailing Parish, Saturday' V to West Melling Parish, Speaks at Anglican connuitat ion on "Women in the Church", at C.anterbury Bishop Kelly of Salford Sunday. Rome. Tuesday: M for Aesociai roe of Separated A Divorced Catholics, Holy Name, Manchester 1.30 pm, Wednesday: Deanery Study Day, Mount Carmel. Blackley 10 am. Thursday: Meeting nt Commission for Christian Unity, bury Convent 7.30 pm. Fridaylieturder V and C. Holy Family New Springs.

Mishap Konateet or Linde Monday. J11.1i179 Peace Meeting 7.30 pm, Tuesday) Day et Recollection. leyddenon Lodge 11 am. M St Mary's. Halllax 7.30 pm, Wednesday: Governors Meeting, Trinity and All Saints 11 ale, M. SI. Stephen's. Skipten z 30 pm, Thursday SI Thomas a Becket School, Wakefield, e 7.30 pm. Friday) M, St. Robert's, Harrogate 7.30 Orn, Seturciar. M. Hely Family Schnee Selby 7 pm.

aishop Lindsey ol Heaham 5 Newcastle Sunder V & C. SI Oswald',. Wreicenton 3.30 pm, Wednesday: Finance Committee Bishops House, Newcaetie upon Tyne 2 3C pm. Thursday: Council of Priest. St Joseph's Faders Conine Gateshead 11 am, Saturday: M 10 are Diocesan Pastoral Council, Sr eneephs Parish Centre 11 am.

BOshop McCort* Auxiliary tar Birmingham Sunday: M A C St Tereea. Dorridgc 8.45 am and 10.30 are Tuesday: Recently ordained clergy, Maryvale, Chapter Meeting & M, St. Chad's Cathedral 11 45 urn Perish Retreat. °melon 7.30 pm, Wednesday: V. School A Parish. (amnion, Thursday Colton Colleee, Governors Meeting 11 am. Friday: Management Meeting. Vietnamese PARtOral Centre 2

Pee Bishop McGuinness ol Nottingham Tuesday

Chapter Meeting, Cathedral 11 am, Wednesday: MC SI Hugh, Borrowash, Derbys 7 pm. Thursday: Building S Sties Comm Meeting, Cathedral 2 prre M at St. Mary the immaculate, Granthem I pm, Friday: Opening ol Stocker Hail Prison 11 10 am. V. Si Edward Convent. Swarllincole, Derby 8 pm.

Bishop McMahon of FifINIHNO6d Sunday: M (or 60th Annlyereary of Cnigwell Convent Chapel, Chigwell tO urn. Tuesday: Meeting of Parish Council, Stock It pm. Wednesday: V and C. Oat Lady of Compassion. Saffron Walden, Thursday: Open Evening for Diocesan Youth, Cathedral House, Brentwood 7 pm. Friday: M and C. St Mary's, Hornchurch 7.30 Pm Bishop Mahon, Aumillary for WaternIneler Sunday: Visit to Greerdord Palish, M for Catentan Association. Westminster Cathedral 12,30 ern, Monday: Meeting of Bishop's Council, Gurniey House 6 30 pre Tumidly: Area Council of Priests, Ealing Abbey 10 arte Mamie RCiA Group, Greenthrd Parish 8 pm, Thunder Governers Meeting, St. Marie College 9.45 WTI. M and V. Gurniey Hfrils0 Convent 5.30 pm. Open Parish Meeting Hammel 8 pm, Fridley Meets P,esident of St. VIncent de Paul Society, VVestrnineter Branch 7.30 pm, Saturday: installation ot lord Mayor of London, Pastoral Visit to Greenford Parish.

Bishop Movarley of Madam Monday: V or Ail Saints School Sheffield, NI 9_30 am, University Council Meeting 4 15 pm, Tuesday' Meeting of Diocese,: Finalice Board 10 45 am, Wednesday: TASC Governors' Meeting 11 ern, Thursday: CIS Committee Meeting, London 3.30 pro.

else* Mullins, Area Bishop In Swansea Sunday: C. CowbrIdge, Monthly: Ecumenical Meeting. Swansea 11 are Tuesdey AGM al Artenciation of Voluntary Colleges, London 11 am, Govemore Meeting, Digby Stuart College 5 pee Thursday: Study Day, Swansea II beer-rider Meeting of Amalie:le and Roman Catholic Bishops. Cardiff 11 am.

Bishop Murphy-O'COnnor of Arundel & Brighton Sunday: 0, Ian Vane to the Diaconate. Veneerer& Monday: Travels. to Rome, Tuesdar Meeting at Secretariat tom Promul Mg Christian Unity

Biehop J. O'Brien, Auxiliary tor Westminster sundae: V at Immaculate Conception, Waltham CrQ88, Monday) Deans Meeting at Farm Cottage 11 urn. Tuesday: Visits Allen Hall 3 pm, Wednesday Tatk to Justice anri Poona Group in Stevenage 8.15 pm, Thursday: Centers Ministries at Verona Priory, F.Intree 6.30 pm, Frieay: C at Corpus Christi, Tring 30 pm, Seturday: Cunsecralion at St. Bartholomew's. SI. Albans 0 pan.

Bishop Rawstlearne, Auxiliary tor Liverpool Sundayailonder V. St Aortae Huyton. Wednesday: Racial Awareness training day 0 15-8 pm, C. SI. Monica's, Bontie 7.30 pm, Thunder Archblehop's Council Meeting. Curial Oilices 10 am, C St. Monica's. Bootle 7.30 pan, Fritter Adult Committee of Bishop's Conlerence, London 11 are Saturday: Forum Meeting in FE,, Catholic Chaplaincy, Mount Pleasant 10 am, C, St. Albert's, Liverpool 6 30 pm_ Berhop &rename 01 Pernewth Sunder V and M, 51. Austin's Chureh, ivybrIdge 10 30 am, C 3 pm, Tuesday: Annual Requiem M for deceased Bishops and Priests Of the Diocese, Cathedral. Plymouth 12 noon.

Bishop SwIndlehuret, Auxillery fer. Heehertl a Newcastle Tuesday C. M. St Petrick's, Hartlepool / pm. WednesdayFinance Committee Meeting. Bishop's House, Newcastle 2.30 pm, Thursday: Council nt Prieete Meeting, Sr Joseph's Parish Centre. Gateshead I I are. Ssourciate Diocesan Pastoral Councli Meeting, Sr Joseph's Parish Centre Gateshead 11 am.

Bishop Thomas ol Northampton Sunder V. Ampthill-Ftilwick, Monday: Meeting Ayleehury, Convent ol Sr Louis 3 pm Wednesday: Centenary, SI_ Ethelherte 11 am. Thersdey/Friday: V. All Hallows, Dublin Bishop Tripp. Auxillsry for Southwark Wednesday: Bishops' Staff Meeting, WonersiL Thuredev Reconciliation Service during Ministry of Priests Fletreal at Aylesford 7 pm, Saturday' C at Mitcham 11 &Shop Walmsley, HM Forces Sunder Visits RAF Helton, Bunke, Wedneaday, V. AAG, Chepstew, Friday: Friende el St George's Cathedral Dinner, London 8 pm &AO K. O'Brian, Auxiliary for Middlesbrough Sunday: Ceremony for the laying of Foundation Stone of the new church In Couiby Newham. Monster Meelem ol Ecumenical Group on Evangelism at St. John's Rectory Hull, Tuesday: Council of Priests at ampleforth am, C at Middlesbrough 7 pm, Wednesday: Paeloral Council at Whitby 7.30 pm, Thursday: Bistrups Council Cl et. George's York 11 am, Meeting of Child Weitare Committee, York 630 pm, Friday: M tor Vestment Gelid at Anchor House, Hull.

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