Page 4, 1st October 1943

1st October 1943
Page 4
Page 4, 1st October 1943 — Mental Rations

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Mental Rations

My dear Mary, • Of course you haven't much time I* greraeadtingp,itybuift, yaloluthdeonsam't me'aintawgelitobedoa some. As you say, most of the stuff that is lying about is thoroughly dud, but then, sad to say, so is the popular taste I Hardly anyone ever tries to read good stuff, and that's why there's so much rubbish littering readingroom s.

When one is cut off, as you are, from so much of the normal Catholic life it is all the more important to make up somehow or other in new ways. Catholic reading is one good way, because not only are you keeping in touch with Catholic things but, if you read wisely you can find the answers to Iota of the questions you hear discussed.

I shouldn't try to read big hooks— not, at any rate, while you are so busy. Instead you could make use of the smaller publications. First of all, there are the Catholic papers—weeklies and monthlies, some of which you'll find you'll like and most of which you know by name already. They don't cost much and you could even get yourself (or your unit) on a forwarding. list so that you get them second-hand for nothing. Then there are the pamphlets for a few coppers each. Practically everything is dealt with in one or other of them and they are short -enough to be read quickly, while giving you information and food for thought for long after.does the Church condemn Why

divorce ? Isn't birth-control the only sensible thing 1 How can you believe in God ? Why isn't one religion as good as another ? Why won't your Church admit she might be wrong ?

These are some, only a few, of the regular questions, and it is miserymaking to know that so many Catholics could give the right answers if only they would spend a few minutes with a Catholic ,paper or booklet which discussed these things. So often the questions are asked seriously, by someone who wants to know the answer, not just to argue. And what a pity whets the answer isn't forthcoming.

When you have read them they can go on doing good work — put them among the junk on the tables. They are bound to be picked up, bound to cause curiosity, and may do an enormous amount of good by being read. I wonder how many people have come to know and live by Catholic truth through casually coming across a Catholic newspaper or pamphlet Anyhow, lots. It's good to know that one has the chance of putting that opportunity in somebody's way.


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