Page 3, 1st October 1965

1st October 1965
Page 3
Page 3, 1st October 1965 — 6 facts of life when you're in your twenties and bank at the National Provincial

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6 facts of life when you're in your twenties and bank at the National Provincial

trliE day you open an account with the National Provincial you I strengthen your feeling of independence and security because you organise your finances better.

Six simple facts of life operate in your favour.

I. You can have your hills paid for you. Subscriptions, hire purchase instalments, insurance premiums—all can be paid regularly as clockwork through a Banker's Order to the National Provincial,

2 There are no cash problems over your holidays abroad. No worries about having money lost or stolen, or the inconvenience of carrying different currencies. Your NP travellers' cheques can be exchanged for cash almost anywhere.

3 You can give a Banker's reference. Just ask your NP manager. Ulm knows you're a solid citizen, his word will carry weight.

4 You can use your money to make more money. The ins and outs of Investment are yours for the asking. A friendly chat with your NP branch manager is a sensible first move.

5 You save more money than you actually set aside. Interest goes on top of what you put into your NP Deposit Account. The more your savings grow, the bigger your interest.

6 You need never be short of money in a strange town. If you have an NP Savings Account (on which interest is allowed) your passbook will enable you to withdraw up to £20 on demand at any of the Bank's 1600 Branches.

How do you join? Just call in at the NP Branch of your choice. Ask to see the manager. You'll find him a very friendly, helpful man.

NP for understanding and friendly advice

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