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1st October 1982
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Page 6, 1st October 1982 — Religious Books

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Locations: Canterbury, Reino


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Religious Books

The Gospels for Prayer compiled by John C Edwards SJ. CTS. £4.50. This book consists of passages from the Gospels to provide subjects for prayer. They are arranged under different headingi some of which refer to Jesus himself, his prayer, his office, his relationship to his Father, his kingship.

Preparing for Marriage edited by Celine M Allen and Charles Keating. Fowler Wright. £1.85. The book is divided into four sections. The first deals with intimacy and relationships and how to build them up. The second has sexuality for its theme — views on sex, language and sexism and Christian parenthood. The next section is entitled Life Goals. It involved values and finance and expectation in marriage. The final section deals with marriage as a sacrament and preparing the marriage ceremony. A useful addition to the literature on the subject.

The Theology of Penance by Margaret Hebblethwaite and Kevin Donovan SJ Mercier Press. £1.80. This book deals with the subject of Confession. In its opening chapter it gives the New Testament background to forgiveness of sins. A Faith that Conquers by Harry Hutchison. Saint Andrew Press. £3.65. The keynote of this book is that faith is essential for victorious living. People need a faith to live by and live for. Faith make life worth living, since the Bible challenges people to make a personal commitment of themselves to God. Let the Bible Speak by John. F Balchin. Inter-Varsity Press. £1.25. The author writes "What I am trying to do in this book is to take you inside the hidden machinery of understanding Bible truth." He does this very well. Miracles in Sin City by Howard Cooper with Dan Wooding. Arthur James £1.95. The impression one gets from a book like this is the immense faith which inspires it. Prayers to the Lord Jesus work miracles of healing of soul and body in the sin city of Reino. This is the story of Howard Cooper who gave up a life of gambling under the influence of Christ. The book tells of many miracles of conversion involving gamblers, prostitutes, alcoholics and drug addicts.

Sure Foundation by Donald Coggan. Hodder & Stoughton. £5.95. This book consists of lectures, sermons and addresses delivered while Doctor Coggan was Archbishop of Canterbury. He writes in a Foreword "It is my hope that the chapters of this book will enable readers to see how one (very unworthy) occupant of the ancient See of Canterbury addressed his task in days of great change and perplexity".

The Book that Jesus read by Geoff Treasure. Inter-Varsity Press. £1.50. St Augustine wrote that in the Old Testament the New Testament is concealed and in the New Testament the Old Testament is revealed. This is a useful book for anybody who has only a limited knowledge of the Old Testament. It summarises its content very efficiently.

A Friend in Need by Selwyn Hughes. Kingsway Pub. £1.75. This book is sub-titled "How to help people through their problems". The author is the founder and director of Crusade for World Revival, an organisation dedicated to encouraging people to personal renewal. His book deals with the problems of counselling and how to meet them. The Jesus Hope by Stephen H Travis. Inter-Varsity Press £1.50. The theme of Christian hope rings through this book. The author shows how the Gospels are tidings of this hope. How it is the enemy of pessimism and of false views about the future of mankind. Hope looks forward to the second coming of Christ. This is not wishful thinking.

Jesus Lord and Saviour by William M. Thompson. Paulist Press (Fowler Wright) £7.45. This is a book for theologians by a theologian. He writes "This book marks the partial completion of my earlier Christ and Consciousness; exploring Christ's

contribution to human consciousness':. It has for its sub-title "A Theopathic Christology and Soteriology". Its general purpose is concerned with how best to approach Christology since there have been many different approaches. The book is divided into three main parts. The first is an exegetical study involving the Christ of history and the Christ of faith. The second part has for its main title "The Genesis of the Christ-Belief". This involves a discussion of the Resurrection impact on Christology; how the resurrection and all that led up to it is a disclosure of the divine in Christ.

The Apostle by John Pollock. Lion Paperback. £1.75. The author of this book in a preface writes of St Paul, the subject of his book, "A convincing character with a completely credible if astonishingly unusual story, was taking hold of me until I found more and more excitement in getting nearer the heart of the man. I have been familiar with the Bible since childhood but now I was seeing Paul as if for the first time." Together for Holy Week. C10 publishing £2.75. This, as the subtitle indicates, is a resource anthology. Its purpose is to provide those who deal with the young matter to make the events of Holy week significant for them. This is done in various ways through plays, poems, stories, services and various activities.

The Whole Family of God by John Austin Baker. Mowbray. £4.50. The author of these sermons is Rector of St Margaret's Westminster and Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons. The sermons were preached in a variety of places and they comprise a large number of themes. Canon Baker, in his preface, writes "that one main theme does emerge quite unintentionally, running through these sermons. That is the theme of the human race, indeed the whole world, as the family of God—hence the title of the book."

The Secret of Life by Elaine Brown Lion Paperback. £1.50. This book tells in simple language of those virtues which make for real living and which should form part of every human life.

Called tb Holiness by Bernard Haring CSSR St Paul Pub. £1.95. The word holiness signifies wholeness; not wholeness of body, it may be weak and diseased, but wholeness of disposition, of the human spirit. This book sets out the chief ingredients of holiness. Christ points the way, he is the Way, the Truth and the Life: No one can be holy without love, a love of God and one's neighbour.

Maurice Nassau S.J.

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