Page 8, 1st October 1982

1st October 1982
Page 8
Page 8, 1st October 1982 — Bishops Engagements .

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Organisations: Justice and Peace Committee, Laity Commission, St John's Association, Area Ecumenical Commission, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Building and Sites Commission, St William's Church, Visits St Michael's School, National Mission Council, Rosary School, Westminster Religious Education Centre, Ushaw College, Area Pastoral Council, Diocesan Council of Priests, British Council of Churches, Sacred Heart School, St Mary's Primary School, Besford Court School, Notre Dame College, Ministry of Acolyte, St Francis Primary School, St Teresa's Church, Salvatorlan College, National Council of Bishops and Religious, National Commission for Bishops and Religious, Wimbledon College, Pastoral Council, Newlands School, St Edmund's College, Area Senate of Priests, Kent Association for the Under, St Boniface's College, Salesian College, Methodist Church, Sunder Visits St Francis' Church, Mass Media Commission, Minds Annual Service, Notre Dame School, Wonersh, Rescue Council, Advisory Committee, Herts and Beds Ecumenical Consultative Committee, Army Apprentice College, Vicariate Senate of Priests, Council for the Laity, St Joseph's School, London Industrial Mission, St Peter's High School, Herts Area Advisory Council, Churches Mann Committee


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Bishops Engagements .

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Meets Priests, Archbishop's House, am. Confirmation Mass, Stephendale Road, 7.30 P.m. Saturday: Celebrates St Francis Eighth Centenary Mass. Westminster Cathedral, 2.30 pm. SundaytSundar. Presides at European Symposium of Bishops, Rome.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Saturday: Franciscan Mass, Westminster Cathedral, 2.30 pm. Sunday: Adult Confirmations, St George's Cathedral, 3.30 pm. Monday: Churches Mann Committee Meeting. 2.15 pm. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, 12 noon. Thursday: Sutton Centenary Mass. 8 pm. Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool: Sunday: Mass for Disabled. Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm. Monday 4th•Thursday 14th: European Bishops' Symposium: Pontificia! Council for the Laity, Rome.

Archbishop Couve de Murville of Birmingham: Friday: Mass and presentation of Pallium by Pro Nuncio, St Chad's Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday: Ordinations, Blackfriars, Oxford, 11.30 am. Sunday: Mass, St Francis Parish, Moulescomb, Brighton. Monday Ith•Friday 15th: Rome.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: Blesses Flats, St John's Parish, Bath, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Concelebrates Mass of Franciscan Order, West. minster Cathedral, 2.30 pm. Tuesday: Mass and Confirmation, St Teresa's Church, Fitton, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Visits St Peter's High School, Gloucester, 10.30 am; Silver Jubilee Mass, 1.45 P.m.: School Celebration, 7.15 pm. Thursday: Meeting of Diocesan Council of Priests, Newman Hall, West. bury-onTrym, 11 am. Mass and Confirmatipn, St Vincent de Paul, Southmead, 7.30 pm. Mass of Dedication of Chapel, Ushaw, 3 pm. Saturday: Mass and Celebration for Mgr McHugh's Testimonial, St Laurence's, Birkenhead, 1 pm. Monday: Mass of St Francis, Poor Clare Convent, Ellesmere, evening. Thursday: Meeting, Vocations Team, Bishop's House, Birkenhead. Catenian Association Dinner, Shrewsbury, evening.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Dedication of new altar, Ushaw College, Durham. 3 pm. Sunday: Leads Pilgrimage of Crosses,. Walsingham. Wednesday: Chapter Mass, Salford Cathedral, noon. Thursday: Rescue Council, Didsbury, 11 am.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia: Friday: British Council of Churches Meeting, Lambeth Palace. Saturday: Consecration, Swaf f ham Church. Sunday: Visitation, Beccles. Wednesday: Teachers' Conference. Massingham St Mary. Mass.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Mass and Presentation of Pallium to Archbishop of Birmingham, 3 pm. Concelebrates Mass for Golden Jubilee of Fr Bullen, St Teresa's, Parkfield. 7 pm. Saturday: • Franciscan Celebrations, West. minster Cathedral. Monday: Meeting, Aston Hall, 3.30. Wednesday: Prizegiving, Rosary School, Saltley, Birmingham. Thursday: Clergy Night, Droitwich Catenian Circle.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Mass, Cathedral Chapter Centenary. St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth, 11.30 am. Sunday: Confirmation Mass, St Paul's, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth, 10.30 am. Monday/Wednesday: Schools Commissioners' Meeting, St Paul's. Ilkley, Yorkshire. Wednesday: Confirmation Mass, St John Bosco, Woodley, Barks, 7 pm. Thursday: Meeting, National Commission for Bishops and Religious, St Edward's Convent, London, 10.30 am.

Bishop Foley Of Lancaster: Sunday: Attends Beatification of Jeanne Jugan, Fouvdress of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Rome.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury: Friday: Canon Law Conference, London. Saturday: Mass for Mgr McHugh's Testimonial, St Laurence's, Birkenhead. Saturday: Diocesan Mass of Thanksgiving for Mgr McHugh, St Laurence's, 1. Sunday: Visitation, Holy Spirit, Runcorn. Wednesday: Mass for re-opening of St Alban's. Macclesfield, 7.30. Thursday: Meets Vocations team, Bishop's House, 11.

Bishop Guazeill, Bishop in Feat London: Friday: Laity Commission meeting, 7.30. Saturday: Laity Commission. 9.30. Meeting with religious, Pope John House, 3. Sunday: Mass, Kentish Town, 12. Tuesday: Camden deanery meeting, 10.30. Wednesday: CDA, 10. Confirmation, Upper Holloway, 8.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Saturday: Pastoral Council Study Day "Music in Liturgy" by Fr E. Sands, Newlands School, 10.4, Sunder Visits St Francis' Church, Middlesbrough; Mass, presides and preaches, 10 am. Concelebrates Mass, 11. Monday: Meeting. Advisory Committee, Radio Cleveland, 12 noon. Tuesday: Attends lecture, Teesside Polytechnic, 7 pm. Meets Cleveland County Representatives, Town Hall, Middlesbrough, 11 am. Wednesday: Preaches at "Feed the Minds Annual Service", West. borough Methodist Church, Scarborough.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Mass, Salvatorlan College. Wealdstone, 9 am. Confirmation, St Monica, Palmers Green, 8. Ssturdey1Sundar Pastoral Visit, Our Lady of Muswell Hill, Muswell Hill. Tuesday: Deans Meeting, 1.30. Chapter, 4.15. Wednesday: CDA, 10 am. Thursday: Meeting and Mass, Westminster Religious Education Centre, 6.30 pm.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Portsmouth Chapter Centenary Mass, Portsmouth Cathedral, 11.30 am. Saturday: Justice and Peace Study Day, Notre Dame School, Southwark, am. Concelebrates Centenary Mass of St Francis, Westminster Cathedral, 2.30 pm. Sunday: Knights of St Columba Pilgrimage, Aylesford Priory, 10.5. Monday: South London Industrial Mission meeting, 12.30 pm. Tuesday: Chapter Mass and Meeting, St George's Cathedral, Southwark, 11. Mass and Confirmation, Anerley, 7.30 pm. Thursday Visits St Michael's School, Bermondsey, 10.4. S.W. Area Ecumenical Meeting, Wimbledon, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Hitched Auxiliary of Liverpool: Tuesday: Deanery Meeting, Metropolitan Cathedral, 10. Deanery Meeting, St Austin's, Aigburth Road, Grassendale, 2. Wednesday: Deanery Meeting, St Mary's, Chorley, 10. Deanery Meeting, St Anne's, Ormsklrk, 2. Thursday: Deanery Meeting, St Plus X, Widnes, 10. Deanery Meeting, St Joseph's, Pen. keth, 2. Church and Notre Dame College, pm.

B ishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Mass Media Commission, Guildford. Saturday Mass for Catholic Handicapped Children's Fellowship, St Patrick's, Manchester, 3 pm. Sunday: Visitation, St William, Great Lever, Bolton, 11. Tuesday/Wednesday: Visitation, Holy Infant, Astley Bridge, Bolton. Thursday: Rescue Council, Didsbury. 11 am.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Sunday/ Tuesday: Closing celebrations of Year of St Francis In Assisi. Wednesday Travels to Rome.

Bishop Konstant, Bishop In Central London: Monday: Concelebrates Mass, St Francis. Pottery Lane, 8 pm. Tuesday: Conference for Head Teachers and Governors. London Colney, 4 pm. Wednesday: CDA Meeting, Archbishop's House, 10 am. WednesdayiThursday: Conference for East Anglia Headteachers Massingham.

Bishop McCartle, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Mass and presentation of Pallium to Archbishop of Birmingham, 3. Besford Court School, 6.30.

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Saturday: Concelebrates Mass, Westminster Cathedral. 2.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Mackworth, Derby, 3 pm. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, Cathedral, am. CTA Mass, Cathedral, 7 pm. Wednesday: Visits St Mary's Primary School, Derby, 10.30 am. Thursday: Building and Sites Commission Meeting, Cathedral. 2 pm. Opens new church at Mickleover, 7 pm.

B ishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Concelebrates Mass and commissions Deanery Youth Leader, SS Peter 8 Paul's, Ilford, 8 pm. Saturday: Concelebrates Mass Year of St Francis, Westminster Cathedral, 2.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation, St George and the English Martyrs, Shoeburyness. Tuesday: Chapter Mass and Meeting, Brentwood, 11 am. Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass and blesses St Francis Primary School, Maldon, 10.30. Thursday: Visits Campion House. Osterley. Bishop Mallon, Bishop in West London: Friday: National Mission Council, Holcombe House, 10.30 am. Saturday: Area Pastoral Council, Gumley House, 2.30 pm. Sunday: Confirmation, Hayes, 2.15 pm. Tuesday: Area Senate of Priests, 10.30 am. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, Archbishop's House, 10.30 am.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Saturday: To Geneva. Consecrates new church for English.speaking congregation, pm. Sunday: To Rome. Monday Oth•Tuesday 12th: European Bishops' Symposium on Evangelisation.

Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Herts Area Education Day, St Edmund's College. Sunday: Visitation, SS Mary and Joseph, Boxmoor. Monday: Herts Area Advisory Council, All Saints, 8 pm. Tuesday: Herts and Beds Ecumenical Consultative Committee, 10 am. Wednesday: CDA, Archbishop's House, 10 am. Justice and Peace Committee meeting, Ecclestone Square, 4 pm. Thursday: Visits Sacred Heart School, Ware, 11 am. Bishop O'Brien, Auxiliary of Middlesbrough: Friday: Dedication of Ushaw Chapel, 3 pm. Charity Dance at Middlesbrough for "Life". 8 pm. Saturday: Pastoral Council, Middlesbrough. Sunday: Confirmation, Our Lady and St Edward, Drif field. Lourdes gathering at Mallon, 3 pm. Tuesday: Meeting, Bishops Northern Sub-committee, Hazlewood. Talk on Third World, Sacred Heart, Hull, 8 pm. Thursday: Consecrates St William's Church, Sheffield.

Bishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria: Friday: Concelebrates Mass, Ushaw College, Durham, 3 pm. Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation St Alban's, St Annes.onSea, 3.30 pm. Thursday: Meeting, National Council of Bishops and Religious, London, 1 pm. Bishop RestleaLui of Plymouth: Friday: Meeting of Governors of St Boniface's College, St Joseph's House, Plymouth, 3 pm. Sunday: Visitation and Mass. St Edward's, Shaftesbury, 11 am. Confirmation, 3 pm. Tuesday: Dorset Deanery Conference.

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Visits Salesian College, Battersea. Saturday: Celebration Eighth Centenary of St Francis, West. mN ,swt eoroC ad t hseodur at hl Sunda 1y5: Coamnfirmmaotinodniaynd vMiassists,

Wimbledon College. Tuesday: Attends opening, Elizabeth Fitzroy Home, Richmond, 2.30 pm Wednesday: Inaugural luncheon and meeting, Kent Association for the Under 10's, Maidstone, 12.30 pm.

Thursday Celebrates Mass and attends Annual Lunch of St John's Association, Wonersh. Meeting of Area Ecumenical Commission, Marie Reparatrice Convent, Wimbledon, 7.30 pin.

Bishop Walmeley, Bishop of the Forces: Friday Vicariate Senate of Priests Meeting, Aylesford. Saturday: Mass in honour of St Francis of Assisi, Westminster Cathedral, 2.30 pm. Monday: Deterrence Conference, St George's House, Windsdr. Tuesday: Visitation, Headquarters Wales, Brecon. Wednesday: Visitation, Army Apprentice College, Chepstow. Thursday St John's Association AGM and Lunch, Wonersh.

Bishop Ward of Monrovia: Friday: Jubilee Celebrations and Blessing of New Hall, Buckley, pm. Saturday: Closing Ceremony of Eighth Centenary Year of St Francis, Westminster, 2 pm. Sunday: Confer Ministry of Acolyte at 10.30 Mass. Chick. Monday: Preside at Mass, St Francis Eighth Centenary Year celebrated by Cardinal Suenens, St Mary's Cathedral, Wrexham, pm. Tuesday/Wed• nesday: Pantasaph*Conference.

Bishop. Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Visitation and Confirmation, Immaculate Conception, Idle, 7.30. Saturday: Mass, Diocesan Pastoral Council Recollection, Wood Hall. Sunday: Visitation and Conf I rmat ion, Haworth. Tuesday: Day of Recollection, Ilkley. Wednesday Finance Meeting, Curia, 11. Diamond Jubilee Mass, St Joseph's School, Keighley, 10.30.

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