Page 7, 1st October 1999

1st October 1999
Page 7
Page 7, 1st October 1999 — Hands of Father Ron

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Hands of Father Ron

From Ms Brenda Hogan Sir, in reply to Mrs Archer (Sep 17, "Shake, rattle, Rolheiser") I buy The Catholic Herald every Sunday because the week would not be the same without Fr Ronald Rolheiser's Last Word. Some like it pink and fluffy and some like it as dry as dust, severe and sour. If Mrs Archer wants what she calls "proper" theology why can't she shake, rattle and roll off and buy The Tablet? If Fr Ronald goes, I go.

Yours sincerely, BRENDA HOGAN Mitcham, Surrey From Mr M.E. Harris Sir, Fr Rolheiser has been writing in The Catholic Herald for some years. I have not always been able to obtain your newspaper but once again am able regularly to buy it. I have noticed the variety of Fr Rolheiser's meditations or epistles and they are those of a mystic and also a prophet. One may be shaken or stirred or annoyed by what he writes; but seldom misled.

Kathy Archer mixes her metaphors with her theology when she talks of pink fluffy consolation and also the "hypostatic union". I have not had time to reach for my dictionary or refresh my memory. But once I think I knew what the theological phrase meant. However, prophets write what they write from experience and not from encyclopaedias. Christ spoke in parables so that the many could understand. Fr Rolheiser speaks in many tongues as did St Paul; but every article whether palatable or not is consistent. Consistent with suffering which is in essence wisdom.

Yours faithfully, MR M E HARRIS Horton, West Yorks.

From Mrs Glenda Draper Sir. Fr Ronald Rolheiser writes with love, compassion and humour. I'm sure he would welcome constructive criticism and debate of his column.

However, if his column were to be axed from the Herald, I would switch allegiance to any other Catholic paper he chose to write for!

Yours faithfully, GLENDA DRAPER Ilford, Essex

Trades Union betrayal

From Ms Ann V Callus Sir, I have been amazed to read that the TUC conference in Brighton unanimously backed a motion calling for a radical liberalisation of Britain's abortion laws without debate.

The present members of the Trades Union movement have evidently forgotten the very reason why the movement began to protect the rights of our brothers and sisters and the pursuit of equality and justice for all.

Women and their unborn children are directly threatened by the passing of this motion and their rights are eroded by those who purport to defend the weak.

It appears that unborn children are losing their lives because Catholic trades union members are not attending their union meetings and not speaking out against such appalling discrimination. Had the rank and file members made their feelings clear at their branch meetings this shocking travesty of democracy would not h become enshrined as policy.

Yours faithfully, ANN V CALLUS Cardiff.

Involuntary Euthanasia

From Dr Denis Daley Sir, Your headline on euthanasia (24th September) should have included the word 'involuntary'. The opinion poll commissioned by First Do No Harm showed that the British Medical Association's guidance on withholding food and fluids from helpless patients does not appeal to the public. But we still need to make people aware that legalising so-called "voluntary" euthanasia would have much the same effect, that of empowering doctors rather than patients. The extent of involuntary euthanasia in the Netherlands is not yet known to most people.

Yours faithfully, DENIS DALEY First Do No Harm, London SW3

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