Page 3, 1st September 1950

1st September 1950
Page 3
Page 3, 1st September 1950 — ALL SORTS By Fr, Bernard Basset, 5.1.

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ALL SORTS By Fr, Bernard Basset, 5.1.

Christmas is coming

IT seems absurd to be thinking a of Christmas in September but little more than a month lies between us and the first cards and Christmas decorations in the shops. A friend who called on the local newsagent to ask him to stock Christian Christmas Cards found that he had ordered his supply for this year in Iebruary.

Christian Christmas cards

MY friend writes "You may be interested to hear that when I talked to our newsagent about Christian Christmas cards he said first that he did not know what

they were. Later when I had explained aboutthe crib he thought it interesting and highly original as an idea but he did not think that people would take to it, as no-one had ever asked for anything like this. He only stocked ordinary Christmas cards, nothing unusual like the crib."

A Christmas poster

AMONTH or more ago, mention was made here of the American and Canadian ex perm-lent of putting up large posters of the crib on the public

hoardings. The experiment was a gigantic success. It is pleasing now to report that a group of people in this country have joined together to have a large coloured poster of the crib prepared. With great generosity they have found the money for the blocks. Instead of sending Christmas cards to one another, they will send a Christmas card to the whole street.

This special Christmas

DETAILS of their scheme may be given later but the motives which one of them outlined were these :

I. This Christmas of the Holy Year should be honoured in a special manner. 2. It will encourage many Christians to see a picture of the crib in the streets.

3. It may help others to be reminded of the meaning of Christmas.

4. The crib is non-controversial.

5. The restoration of the spiritual meaning of Christmas would be the most effective peace campaign.

Christmas plays

INFORMATION reached me from three sources of the value of the Schools Drama Service, 49 Westbourne Gardens, Bayswater, W.2. Investigations have disclosed that this organisation will undertake almost any work connected withclub and school plays. They will write a play or pageant to order, will recommend suitable plays, will even cope with rehearsals, lighting and costumes. Advice is free and other charges are kept remarkably low. One very ex perienced Catholic teacher commends this service, so with pleasure I give the address.

Mgr. Hallett's book

THE late Mgr. Hallett gave

many conferences to the students at Wonersh and some of these have been published in book form. "The Priest, Friend of Christ" (D. J. Murphy Ltd., 6s.) will be treasured by all Mgr. Hallett's old students and by many priests. An eminent Southwark priest suggested to me that the laity would also find the book most helpful and that after reading of the ideals put before the seminarians, they would appreciate the trials and the difficulties of the priest.


MGR. Hallett's humour is most pleasing and the conferences sparkle with jokes. Most enjoyable is the story of the small boy who presented himself for confession on a Saturday evening. " Did you not hear me say that all the children were to come in the morning ?" asked the priest. " Yes, father, but I did not commie my sin until this afternoon,"

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