Page 8, 1st September 1961

1st September 1961
Page 8
Page 8, 1st September 1961 — One division already lost to Communist-backed candidate

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One division already lost to Communist-backed candidate


Only two safe bets out of eleven

By Hugh Kay

OF the 11 Divisions of the Electrical Trades Union, only two are safe bets for returning non-Communists (or candidates not supported by the Communists) to the next Executive Committee in the elections due to take place in a fortnight.

One Division is already lost to a Communist-supported candidate. Nothing short of extremely hard work can ensure the defeat of Communistsupported candidates in the other eight.

Not one of the candidates up for election is a Catholic, a fact of some significance in the light of Communist attemptssymbolised, perhaps, by the "Daily Worker's" quotation of my last ETU story-to turn this election into a Catholic v. Communist affair on a political level.

t For the true Catholic attitude to activity in the unions, see "In a Few Words" on page 4).


The situation demands that all right thinking rank and file members should report at once if they do not receive thee ballot papers. and to go to the branches. not merely to vote, but also to ensure that the voting procedure is being properly carried out.

It looks, incidentally, as though 40 per cent of the membership may be ineligible to vote as a result of being in arrears of more than six weeks with their contributions in June.

Candidates for the election are as follows:

Division No, 1 (Northern Ireland): Mr. McKernan of Belfast. an Executive Councillor who will receive Communist support, is unopposed.

Divieben No. 2 (Scotland): Mr. W. Blairford, sitting non-Communist member. is likely to be opposed by two other candidates, but is expected to win. Division No. 3 (N.E. England and Yorkshire): Mr. E. Hadley of Sheffield, who Is standing for reelection. is expected to win. Mr. Walter Harrison will also be standing.

Division No. 4 (Liverpool and North Wales): Non-Communist Mr. T. A. Breakcil of Preston is expected to challenge Mr. 1, Feathers. a Communist Party member, who more than doubled his opponent's vote last time.

Division No. 5 (Manchester and InneashIrs): Another tough fight if Mr, J. Webb of Altrincham is to defeat Communist-backed Mr. H. West.


Division No. 6 (East and West Midlands): Mr. J. Sharman, a nonCommunist from Northampton, may try to un-seat Communist supported Mr. S. Goldberg, a man of exceptional intellect.

Division No. 7 (South Wales and S.W. England): Mr. J. O'Neil, a staunch non-Communist from Port. ishead, works under the disadvantage of not being a Welshman when he challenges Communist Party member Mr. Ivor Davies.

Division No. 8 (S.E. London and S.E. Cunoties): Former full-time organiser of the Communist Party Mr. R. Ssil. will he unposed by nonCommunist Mr. L. A. Tuck, who swots a fightinn chance.

D,Y;enr. sin. W. London and part of S.W. England): Communist intellectual Mr. .1. Fraser may he opnosed by non-Communist Mr. H. Ghtins, whose chances are renconahle In view of the fact that Mr. Fraser's majority at the last election was not overwhelming.

Division No. 10 fN.W. London and N.W. Home Counties): NonCommetnist Ma. W. P Beak will nrobablv challenge Communist Parts, member Mr. 1 eeendy, who heat him heavily last time.

Division No. 11 VS.E. London and East Ainslie): The right here, between steeds/ non-Communist Frank Chanple and Communist. sunnorred Mr A. Melortosse, could he almost neck and neck.

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