Page 1, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 1
Page 1, 20th April 1945 — PAPAL BASIS OP TRUE PEACE

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People: Felipe Aguirre


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IN a lecture over the Vatican l• Radio, Professor Felipe Aguirre, of the Pontifical Gregorian University, has interpreted and applied the Papal Peace Teaching to the present conditions.

Here are some of his outstanding points : (i) " The most efficient way of avoiding oar is to create an international organisation in charge of peace."

fill " The rights of a people, whether victor, vanquished or neutral, cannot be ignored." " The imposition of heavy, vexatious and permanent obligation brings about necessarily regrettable consequences."

(iv) " Criminals should receive the punishment they deserve, but it is necessary to avoid the danger of identifying whole groups vtith private individuals and entire • -communities with . some of their corrupt members."

(y) " The Pope does not condemn the idea of war compensation; the enemy can pay damages If they are just and within its power, but the duration should be flied."

(ell " All peoples must have the hope of complete rehabilitation in the -community of nations; the rehabilitation can be gradual, according to how quickly they understand that they must co-operate in the restoration of society."

(vii) " Human beings must be the basis of any Juridical organitalion; their rights must be recognised everywhere not because they are citizens of this or that State but simply because they are members of the human


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