Page 2, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 2

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Locations: Lancaster, Newcastle


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Ste,-Please allow me to protest in *11 seriousness against the strange and misleading headlines which appeared above a report of a meeting of Catholic trade unionists held in Newcastle recently and at the manner in which the report was presented. We are all fully conscious of the fact that Catholic Action can rest on no other basis than that of Diocesan authority, and therefore could not think or hold the view that such authority (or sovereignty) " hinders Catholic Action." We recognise that our first duty as a body of Catholic trade unionists is one of absolute loyalty to our Bishop. and this. of course, is gladly given. We are grateful, too, to His Lordship tor all all his interest in our work. This might be summed up in two objectives. First of all, to arouse in Catholic trade unionists a realisation of the necessity of organising in defence of their interests wherever these may be attacked in the movement (as they were in the Educational Memoranda of the T.U.C.): and secondly to further the best interests of the trade union movement, to which we are proud to belong, by striving to keep it on its legitimate lines and within its own sphere of action. It is because your headlines may very easily create an entirely false idea of our objects. and give the impression that we. like the T.U.C., are in danger of moving out of our own sphere of action. that I am moved to protest against them.

.1. Commies, Chairman.

26, Lancaster Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 4.

[Mr. Cummins does trot complain of any inaccuracy in our reporting of his speech. If he will re-read the darge-type quotation with which our report began and compare it with the headlines he will find no discrepancy. allowing for the fact thafl in headlines one is limited to a few words.-EDITOR, C.H.]

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