Page 2, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 20th April 1945 — "PRETENDERS"1

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Organisations: Gland Alliance
Locations: Liverpool


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SIR,-The high loyalty and puissance of the Knight of Hogsnorton has this time tilted against a windmill. Yet Mr. Porte' may take some comfort front the knowledge that the generally accepted use of the word " pretender " was' approved by none other than the Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I (whose legitimacy is not, I believe, to be questioned) on the advice of his confessor; Fr. Menegatti, S.J. When the Gland Alliance against Louis XIV was being formed the Emperor at first objected to a clause binding the Allies to the exclusion from the English throne of " the pretended Prince of Wales "-Pretensus Princeps Walliae-lacer, His Sacred Majesty,

King James III. But Fr. Menegatti advised that pretender might mean " claimant," and not necessarily impostor. He wrote: " As it is quite true that the surviving son of King James pretends to be Prince of Wales, and in the article nothing is said as to the validity of this pretence, I am of opinion that, without any injustice to King James, his son can be described as the pretended Prince of 'Wales... For the issue as to whether he is in reality what he pretends to be, or pretends without justification. is left undecided." (Marlborough: His Life and Times, by Winston S. Churchill. IL pp. 55-57).


Sia,--Vour correspondent who wrote about " Pretender " and " Monarchs " brought up a point of great interest. Why should anyone be described as " Most Catholic." " Most Christian," etc. ? And how can it be justified ? Strangely enough, these appellations are never applied where they might seem reasonable. One does not hear of the Most Catholic St Peter, or the Most Christian Good Samaritan, for examples. To keep such titles for Bourbons and Hapsburgs is totally inexplicable and . capable of grossly misleading non-Catholics.

.1. R. Hatt.. 27, Kingsway, Huyton. nr, Liverpool.

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