Page 2, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 20th April 1945 — PROTES T ANTS IN SPAIN Sta.-It is refreshing to read MS - . Love:lily's

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People: Queino de Llano
Locations: Seville


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PROTES T ANTS IN SPAIN Sta.-It is refreshing to read MS - . Love:lily's

forthright article on this subject. Here, thank goodness, is someone of light and leading. well acquainted with Spain. and, moreover, not a Catholic, to tell the plain truth to such as want to hear it, i.e., that under General Franco's rule there is no persecution of Protestants in Spain, and that, in point of fact, there are not the Spanish Protestants to persecute.

When, during the Civil War, / visited some of the chief towns of Andalusia I had been specially asked before leaving England to look into the position of the Protestant churches 'here. The Governor of Seville 'General Queino de Llano) most courteously afforded me every facility for doing so, and I found the half-dozen or so churches of various Protestant denominations open without let or hindrance. There was, however, a very great scarcity of worshippers; not because they had in any way been " persecuted," but simply because they never had existed. As the Governor explained to me, with gentle native irony, " Your defnocratic country would surely not expect us to drive the people into the Protestant churches!"

P. R. Burma

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