Page 2, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 20th April 1945 — Stn. — 1 am somewhat surprised at the correspondence—and editorial footnotes — advocating

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Stn. — 1 am somewhat surprised at the correspondence—and editorial footnotes — advocating

the formation of a new society to do just the very work which the Sword of the Spirit has been doing for nearly five years. As Mr. Bray points out The Tablet immediately, and the C.T.S. in permanent form, give us the

text of papal pronouncements. The Sword of the Spirit was formed be the late Cardinal Hinsley to create " an informed and articulate Christian public opinion " on the spiritual issues at stake in the war and the peace. It has been guided throughout by Catholics of world 'come-Christopher Dawson, Douglas Woodruff, Barbara Ward, etc., arid it has built up the necessary Catholic contacts abroad and goodwill of non-Catholics intelested in these vital problems. It has just been given, moreover. a mandate for the next few years by its Preqdent, Archbishop Griffin, in precisely those directions in which your correspondents have., been stimulated to suggest the formation of yet more societies, and anyone who surveys the international scene must be aware that the work is only just beginning.

Our members, either privately or in groups through reading, discussions, lectures and retreats, study the papal utteradcos and seek the best means of applying the principles thus outlined to private and public life. Would it not be better if your enthusiastic correspondents saved the time and energy required in footling another new society by giving the strength of their support to the Sword of the Spirit Movement, which, in its work for the restoration of Christian principles as a basis of social life-national and internationalneeds the help of every Catholic, including the many who, while acknowledging the Pope as the Ilead of the Church, have as yetateglected to digest, relate, publicise and propagate his teaching ?

Full information can be obtained from Mrs. Beales, Administrative Secretary, 68, Gloucester Place, London, W.I.


[We do trot see why the S.O.S.excellent society as it may be-should claim a monopoly over the exprfssion and propagation of Christian stewsinure especially in regard to the ques tion at issue. Has the 5.0.J., for example, made any formal protest against aspects of our bombing policy or proposals for dealing with defeated Germany? it may be that some Catholics feel (rightly or wrongly) that much of our present policy does not square with Papal teaching, tind that matters may get worse. Are they to rely on the S.O.S. to be a public ex. presslon .of their viewsl-F.Dryost, C.H.I

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