Page 3, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 3
Page 3, 20th April 1945 — ANSWERS

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Were uur Lord's sufferings really the greatest 7 Sufferings depend for their measure on our consciousness of them; on our ensitiveness; and on exterior or inerior causes. Our Lord's soul was in a state of perfect consciousness since he first moment01 His conception_ He was conscious of His mission, of the evil of man's sin, of the weight of universal expiation which fell on Him. On this point Fits sufferings were therefore the greatest any man could bear. His soul was also endowed with perfect sensitiveness; all His faculties, not excluding imagination and emotion, were refined to the utmost tiy their close union with the perfection of His divinity... On this point, too, His sufferings were the greatest. The interior cause of His sufferings the injustice of mart,

was part of His mission. Here, too, His sufferings were the greatest, As

for the merely exterior and impersonal aspect of the sufferings one might think of sufferings that arc worse, such as those undergone by a good many of the Poles deported into Russia without any hope of relief, or justice.

Where can I find a list of the unbroken succession of the Popes?

The Catholic Directory..

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