Page 4, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 4
Page 4, 20th April 1945 — Feminine Forum l cGoRNiny I

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Feminine Forum l cGoRNiny I

NOW that Sir John Boyd-Orr is

going to the House of Cornmons all of us who are interested in food as opposed to synthetic concoctions which we have had to swallow of late years can take heart. I have heard Sir John speak feelingly on our devitalised food. He can hit hard when hc is attacking the food meddlers and muddlers. So let's look out tor a few welcome squalls. Perhaps he will let us know the ingredients of the bread we are eating at present. Certain '' elements" are supposed to have been added to make up for the loss of the whole wheat, but no one seems to be pble to define them. What, for inManse, is bromate?

* * * * •

iSN'T it high time that. a twentieth A century book of etiquette was written. Most of the old Victorian courtesies have been thrown overboard, and nothing has come to take their place. Women are now standing on their .own two feet, literally and figuratively. and men are taking full advantage of their new emancipation. You can often see husky schoolboys in the bus being commanded by their parents not to give their seats to frail and tottering octogenarians. That's the new order, The State schools don't ieclude courtesy in their curriculum and the last stand of this old world grace is either in the public schools or in individual homes. When I see a mother give advice to her child as above I tremble not only for the child's character but also for the mother herself. for she will inevitably reap the harvest of this selfish sowing.

However, about the new rules that might well take the place of the old. The pompadour hair-do, for instance. After long grief and pain the theatres have established a rule that women shall remove their hats. And so have cinemas. But have you ever had to sit behind a woman whose bah mounts skywards and outwards so. that the whole stage or screen is blotted out? I have. Theo there is the radio. Coming on us unawares it is the cause of more bad manners and temper than most things to-day. How many people come to cell jugt as thc six o'clock news is about to begin? It never occurs to the caller to say—" I know I'm butting in on the news. You needn't talk to me until it's over." No. A conversational competition begins at once with voices trying to drown the announcer's voice. Voices are straineti, the mind is put under duress trying to catch a bit of what both caller and announcer arg saying and thc betting is that neither what is being said on the radio nor by the caller sinks in. The mental strain of all 11th, though it may not be evident at the time, is hound to affect the nerves, power of concentration and temper. The same may be said of barging in when people are just about to listen to a play or a talk they have scheduled. Yes. II may sound unsociable, but the time will have to come when callers will hive to treat the radio a& another person in the room. If it's on it should be listened tu. If it's not being listened to, it should be turned off.

Looking back on the " peace " years. we all know, toCe the foul manners of some motorists—and as a class they are the most difficult of all to cure because they can get away with it if they have a fast enough car.

• * • •

rpHE latest " intrusive r " horror I've noticed on the B.B.C. was a well known West End actor talking about

the " Philadelphia Rorchestra." I notice a pleasing decline of this noxious habit of speech cm the part of the regular B.B.C. personnel, It is the visiting stage stars who offend so badly. I don't believe there is a single play on in London at the moment where this fault is absent. And what is more you can pick out the British actors in the Hollywood films by the same speech defect. How horrible if the Americans In Hollywood take lessons from these people and think that " the idearof it " is the right thing to say. * a a sr

AN interesting visitor to the B.B.C. 4-1* next week will be Captain Michael Bowles, who will conduct two concerts by the orchestra, He is musical director of the Irish Broadcasting station (Radio Eireann) and he has done a good deal of valuable research work into Trish folk music. On Tuesday he is to conduct his own Divertimento for Strings and also Hamilton Harty's 'nvely poem for orchestra, With the Wild Ocean.

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