Page 4, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 4
Page 4, 20th April 1945 — THE WARWEE BY' WEEK . Fighters and Talkers by Captain

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Locations: Tokyo


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THE WARWEE BY' WEEK . Fighters and Talkers by Captain

vAem. Bernard Acwori To attempt to deal with the wo war _ in a few tiaragrat to-night would be like trying empty the North Sea with a budl At the moment of writing, f, scale offensives are in progr on the Eastern, Western t Italian fronts, Hitler has hurled fiance at all his foes and bloc battles will have been fought bee this appears. • At such a moment seems strange to read of the war finished, ot thereabouts. and to flaring headlines about the impend proclamation that the war is won a over.

Little wonder that here and thee note of caution is being sounded, would be interesting to know what i fighting men think of all this talk they battle on against resistance whi, from all accounts, is extremely fie and, in some sectors, not without so

success. '

To my mind, the crux of the pc Lion in Europe is the degree to wh, the Wehrmacht and the Generals t still with Hitler No one at 1 moment knows, but we very soon ste

Over the Fat East war there is s the inter-allied battle between t Optimists and the pessimists. Gene Blarney has just issued a prot. against the hopes raised in t highest quarters of the early ca tulation of Japan. He exho the Allied people to face up the probability of sustained campait ing and heavy fighting for an unpi clictable period. The Australian Col mander-in-Chief evidently does it share the view that twenty-seven aqua miles of blazing Tokyo is' the tt binges of early victory In the Sol mons and New Guinea the Australia are having a strim time in " moppin

tip." operations. .

The extraordinary expression of syt pathy by Admiral Suzuki, the Ill Japanese Premier for the Americ ...attic in the loss of their great Pre 'tent has been widely interpreted as Japanese " feeler " for peace tern This may be so, but as " Uncondition Surrender " has been reiterated as t: only terms they will get, Admit Suzuki might as Well have saved wh little breath an old man of 77 ei spare. The fighting men in Burma et the Pacific Islands. like our men Italy and North Germany, have St 'cr shoulder the implications of o political war-cry, and that they w eventually do it successtully in 11 military sense we may he sure, B when the price has been paid it is be hoped that the credit and loss in tl tine, reckoning will be well and tru argibrtioned between the fighters at the talkers.

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