Page 5, 20th April 1945

20th April 1945
Page 5
Page 5, 20th April 1945 — "Y.C.W. ON VERGE OF GREAT THINGS"

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Locations: Salford, Liverpool


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From Our Staff Reporter

LIVLAPOOL " There are too many English Catholics who moan about the evils of the times without making any effort to bestir themselves and do something about it. As an American trade unionist said recently: 'Catholics are frightened of getting their white collars dirty.' " Young Christian Worker girls from all parts of the Liverpool archdiocese had this view from Fr. Augustine Harris in the Cenacle Convent, Liverpool, on Saturday last, at the opening of the Liverpool Regional Study Week End.

" I fear the Catholics as a body are timid and the fundamental reason for their lack of courage is that they are not sufficiently alive with the love of God, which will fire them with zeal

fee souls," said Fr. Harris. "They try to be Christians without Christ.

" Modern society must be reintroduced to Christ so that the root evils of greed, injustice, and hate may be wiped out of human hearts—a task that Catholics must face."

Fr. Harris appealed for " more and more working girls in the ranks of the Y.C.W. who can stand on their two feet and speak effectively in their trade unions. The problems of the trade unions are your problems. Why not see they are settled properly 7"

Looking ahead on behalf of the YE.W. girls, Mgr. T. Adamson drew attention to the importance of the home and emphasised the Christian ideals of marriage when he addressed a crowded general assembly on Sunday afternoon.

After pointing but that deliberate childlessness had become so widesr)] ead that the continued existence of the nation was threatened, Mgr. Adamson continued: " Blame economic and social conditions, insecurity, fear of war, if you like, but does it not remain that the chief cause is selfishness on the part of married couples, the fear of having their liberty, their enjoyment, their comfort curtailed ?

" It is high time that the nation got hack to the idealS of Christian family life without which there can be no hue happiness in the home nor a sound and healthy society as a whole."

Fr. Yarnitzki, Salford diocese, assistant national chaplain of the Y.C.W., declared that the movement was on the verge of great things, but they lacked

propagandists. The keystone of the work was courage, charity apd generosity. Delegate reports showed steady Progress in the Archdiocese.

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