Page 8, 20th August 1937

20th August 1937
Page 8
Page 8, 20th August 1937 — Santander and the Blockade

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Santander and the Blockade

The Nationalist drive against Santander looks like simplifying very greatly General Franco's military problems both on land and at sea. If it succeeds it will set free at the same time troops which have been held in the north in disproportionate numbers by operations on exterior lines and warships now needed for the blockade of an isolated stretch of coast. • The second of these gains might well bring to a head the diplomatic situation also. The concentration of the naval forces of the Nationalists on the Western coast will increase the effectiveness of the blockade there and emphasise the unreasonableness of the refusal to recognise it. The present situation is made still worse by the British Government's threat to take reprisals against attacks on ships trying to run the blockade. It would be far less dangerous to the peace of Europe and far more " neutral " to recognise the blockade; for owners would then know that their ships might lawfully be stopped and searched.

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