Page 2, 20th December 1940

20th December 1940
Page 2
Page 2, 20th December 1940 — COMMUNIST ACTION Suggested CounterMeasures

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Organisations: League for God, Army, Navy
People: God


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COMMUNIST ACTION Suggested CounterMeasures

Sia,—Your recent front page article with regard to the intended Com munist revolution will make many hitherto unsuspecting and dormant

Catholics open their eyes. For months past now I have been watching the steady progress of the Communist movement in a large city. Week after week the organisation has its meetings in one of the largest city halls; but the meetings are not always billed as being under the same auspices. I have concrete proof that subversive propaganda is growing in both the Army and the Navy. But it is not enough to know the facts. Action must be met by action. Then what can we do? Here are few suggestions:—

(a) The publication of literature—popular and suitable for the working man. (Even school-teachers cannot follow some of out C.T.S. literature on the social question.) We have not enough popular literature.

(b) Everyone who possibly can should undertake the distribution now of the excellent leafletts published by the League for God, 53, Heath Road, Bebington, Cheshire. These leaflets have the decided advantage of not being labelled " Catholic "; they are well written, fundamental and simple. Delivered from house to house in the same streets month after month, they are bound to be effective.

(c) Book-barrows should be introduced in the shopping centres of every town in the country. Again—better not label everything " Catholic." Why not " Christian Civilisation Crusade "?

(d) Whenever a Catholic hears the war, air-raids, etc., mentioned in conversation anywhere, he should be ready to take up the cudgels and point out the only way to lasting peace—i.e., Christ, (e) Therefore, study is necessary. In these critical times, it is a crying shame that every parish in the country should not have a well-organised study circle or enquiry group.

(f) Dare I suggest that the clergy everywhere should give a practical and concrete turn to their sermons and instructions by lwelling on, and explaining the errors of, these modern subversive movements with which Catholics are every day coming into contact'? (Recently a priest was heard to remark that to speak about these Subjects from the pulpit was simply waste of time I)

Why not take our cue from the Popes who since Leo xrii have written Encyclical upon Encyclical on the social question? Since this is so, it is surely matter for sell-criticism that such a negligible percentage of our Catholic people understand these Encyclicals—and who is to blame? As a layman I never heard a single sermon on the social question during a period of twenty-live years from any Catholic pulpit.

(5) We must never rest content with merely condemning Communism, but we have the grave responsibility of convincing our fellow countrymen that we have the very thing they need to put in place of the liberal-capitalism to which they have grown accustomed, the moral basis for a solution of the social question that, on grounds of approval,

sense alone, must command


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