Page 3, 20th December 1991

20th December 1991
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Page 3, 20th December 1991 — Families on your buzzers for a Christmas quiz

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Families on your buzzers for a Christmas quiz

Which Pope had the most children? Did St Thomas More think women incapable of logic? Test your knowledge of the church in our seasonal quiz, compiled by James Walton. You will find the answers over the page


1 What is the most common surname among priests in England and Wales?

2 Which country in the world has the most Catholics?

3 To the nearest 25, how many different orders of women religious are there in England and Wales?

4 Which country did the Pope visit after Great Britain in 1982?

5 Which pop group got to Number One in the charts with their song about Catholic education?

6 What is the correct way to address a cardinal?

7 Which diocese in England and Wales has the highest Catholic population?

8 Fill in the missing word from the Vatican II document lumen Gentium : "Whoever listens to . is listening to Christ."

9 Who became the first Catholic to play for Glasgow Rangers in 1989?

10 Dominicans have the letters OP after their names. What dots OP stand for?


The following people are or were Catholics. Names please!

1 The ex-Cabinet member who coined the nickname "The blessed Margaret" for Mrs Thatcher.

2 The lead singer of punk rock hand The Sex Pistols 3 The man, real name Edson Aranles do Nascimento, who was probably the finest ever in his field.

4 The 35th president of the United States.

5 The entertainer whose catch-phrase is "It's the way I tell them" ?

6 The president of Zimbabwe.

7 The manager of Manchester United at the time of the Munich air crash.

8 The 80s hero whose biography was entitled Is That It?

9 The current leader of "Ourselves Alone".

10 Bing Crosby's "true love" in High Society.


From which hymns and prayers old and new do the following lines come?

I Jesus, to thee our voice we raise,

In songs of love and heartfelt praise.

2 To thee do I come, before thee I stand, a sorrowful sinner.

3 Thrown on life's surge, we claim thy care save us from peril and from woe.

4 Go down in the city, Into the street, And let's give the message To the people we meet.

5 Our life, our sweetness and our hope.

6 Pour forth, We beseech thee, 0 Lord thy grace into our hearts 7 All my sins I now detest them Never will I sin again.

8 I have called you by your name,

You are mine.

9 He fills the starving with good things Sends the rich empty away.

10 When wicked men blaspheme thee, Ill love and bless thy name.


Which saint: 1 Is the patron saint of miracles?

2 Is the capital of Chile?

3 Has his feast day on March 1st?

4 Wrote the words of Tantum Ergo?

Brazil who claims a record?

5 Is known as "the little flower" ?

6 Once preached: "I know that many people respect the Jews and regard their life as honourable. I hasten therefore to pick out this depraved bias by the roots" ?

7 Has been played by Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy in the long running TV series (full name please) ?

8 Is traditionally considered to be "the beloved disciple" in St Johr gospel?

9 is the patron saint of France?

10 Wrote The Ascent of Carmel ?


1 An alcoholic priest, who has given up drink, may get permission consecrate along with the wine, grape juice for his own use.

2 There was a battleship in Pius IX's papal navy called "The Immaculate Conception".

3 Jesus thought that the world would end soon after his death and resurrection.

4 "Satan" is the Hebrew word for "sin" or "evil".

5 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the fifth glorious mystery of the rosary.

6 St George is the patron saint of Portugal and Germany.

7 No priests died in the Irish potato famine in the 1840s.

8 St Paul wrote the Letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament.

9 The current understanding of Catholic liturgists is that the bread and wine do not change into the body and blood of Christ when the priest says "this is my body" and "this is my blood".

10 England and Wales are the only countries in the world where "H Mary" is said after the bidding prayers at mass.


Which ex-seminary or ex-convent pupil: 1 Succeeded Hindenberg as chancellor of Germany?

2 Made his first appearance in the story The Blue Cross?

3 r Is the only Albanian to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

4 Won the Booker Prize in 1982 with Schindler's Ark ?

5 Was born George O'Dowd in 1961 in London?

6 Is married to Harold Pinter?

7 Was wife to Bert and is mother to Brian in a popular TV series?

8 I las had a recent revival thanks to a fiddle-playing Aston Villa fan?

9 Was born Joseph Dzhuga.shvili in 1879 in Georgia?

10 Wrote The Female Eunuch?


1 What is the more familiar name for "The Angelical Salutation" ?

2 What is the name of the priest deposed as president of Haiti this year by a military coup?

3 What is the missing phrase from The Divine Praises?

"Blessed be Joseph

4 Which contemporary Catholic author wrote flow Far Can You Go and Small World ?

5 Which folk hymn has a chorus which begins: "For you are always close to me...."?

6 What is the answer to the second question in the Catechism, why did God make me?

7 Which Catholic entertainer's name was Harry Lillis? 8 What change in the rules governing the reception of holy

communion was made in The Revised Code of Canon Law (1983)

9 What was abolished on June 14th 1966?

10 Which Catholic novel, published in 1945, was made into a highly successful TV series, starring Jeremy Irons, in the early 1980s?


The following pieces of typical parish life dialogue have key words missing. Fill in the gaps from the list supplied:

Parishioner: Why did you drop I , Father.

Priest: Oh, I didn't know you used to go.

Parishioner: 1 2 , Father. It's just 3 to know that it's there.

Any young person: Mass is 4 Older parishioner: Personally, Father, I went off 5 when they introduced that 6 of 7 . And I wish that they'd never done away with the_ 8 .

At least we knew what we 9 .

Priest (starting homily): As you know, I never like to talk about 10 ,

List of Words: God right said benediction young money mass boring sacrament transubstantiation peace did sign justice eucharist ontological didn't nice lived Aquinas bible catechism long me


1 "You are the gateway of the devil. How easily you destroyed man, the image of God." What or whom was Tertullian, the third century theologian and father of the church, addressing?

2 Why did Thomas More think that women should not be allowed to join in church discussions? Was it because: a) He thought they were incapable of logic ?

b) He thought that once they started talking they would never stop ?

c) He thought their insights would shame the men present ?

3 Which one of the following is not an impediment to a valid Catholic marriage:

a) The known sterility of one of the partners ? h) The fact that one of the partners is Catholic and the other is not baptised ?

c) One of the partners has killed the other's spouse with a view to taking the victim's place ?

d) The known impotence of one of the partners ?

e) The partners are legally related by reason of adoption ?

4 What is the missing word in the following quotations? (It is the same one in each case.) a) stands as far above marriage as the heavens above the earth." (St John Chrysostom) b) " can be lost even by a thought." (St Jerome) c) " consecrated to God: without a doubt the most precious treasure left by the founder of the church to the socie y he established." (Pope Pius VI)

5 Which Pope wrote Humanae V tae (1968), reaffirming the

traditional church ban on contraception?

6 What was the name of the mythical woman Pope of the Middle Ages?

7 Of whom did St Jerome write: "Alone of all her sex she was pleasing to God" ?

8 Which Pope had the most children?

9 Which saint, canonised in 1950, died in defence of her chastity at the age of 12?

10 Which man, who ended his life a Catholic, wrote: "In married life three is company and two is none" ?


Of what words or phrases are the following definitions (all are from Catholic Encyclopaedias, old and new)?

1 The vessel, chalice-like in shape and having a cover, in which communion hosts are kept in the tabernacle.

2 The movement in the church towards the recovery of the unity of all believers in Christ.

3 The daily public prayer of the church which priests, religious and some clerics have a special obligation to recite.

4 An altar to which the blessed sacrament is taken in procession after the evening mass of Maundy Thursday.

5 The study of the four last things: death, judgement, heaven and hell.

6 The name of a religious adherent or sect which rejects the authority of the church.

7 A contemplative order founded by St Bruno in 1084.

8 A manual of elementary Christian instruction.

9 Hebrew word meaning "the anointed one".

10 The official public worship of the church.

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