Page 6, 20th February 1981

20th February 1981
Page 6
Page 6, 20th February 1981 — TV and Radio by Tom Castro

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Locations: Salvador, Khartoum


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Page 6 from 1st February 1980

TV and Radio by Tom Castro


Credo (ITV, 6.10pm). Scientists are working out a method to tell if women are in their fertile period with the helPsof the silicon chip. I cannot see the point of this at all. Lots of jokes though ... chip off the old block ... chips with everything ... goodbye Mr Chips. If only someone else had told them.

Everyman (BBC], I0.15pm). About the Church in El Salvador. It makes you weep.

Khartoum (BBC1, 7.15pm). A film with a lot of sand and a hilarious performance as the Mahdi.

The World About Us (BBC2, 7.15pm). The Willow gives us aspirins and cricket bats. And Little Owls. They also fall over. I wonder if there are any vacancies. , WEDNESDAY Muggeridge: Ancient and Modern ( B BC2 8.05pm). The first of 8 autobiog. bits by the unseen good old man (Shakes). Please to watch.

Travellers in Time (BBC2, 7,35pm) Fr Piers Grant Ferris says that some new pills take 6,000 feet off Everest. I'll stick to reefers. Tonight's film shows the 1933 Everest Expedition. Mr Tensing tells me that a Blue Lion lives at the top. THURSDAY Ask a Policeman (BBC2, 6.35pm). Will Hay, Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt in this 1940 b&w. Funny, inoffensive and recreative.

Radio Four

Wuthering Heights (Saturday, 2.30pm). Four parts of Emily Bronte's bookie. Is it the most stirring Gothic novel . raising questions far beyond the author's experience, and a blow for feminism. or a load of melodramatic caricature produced by the indigestion of an immature, narrow and over excited mind?

Radio Three

Soviet Life Through Official Literature (Sunday, 3.55pm) Mary Seton-Watson continues her rummaging through piles of papers censored by the agents of the Russian Empire. Bribery and corruption this week.

My Life's the Least of It (Wednesday, lOpm). About William Gerhardie, the RussoBrit whose last ramblings have been edited for publication by that established duo Skidelski and Holroyd. A newspaper called The Times has also promised to help Out with a major literary reassessment'. Hold very tight please. Ting ting! THURSDAY

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