Page 8, 20th February 1981

20th February 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 20th February 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

Cardinal Marna, Archbishop of Weennineter: Visits Cardinal Manning School. W10. Saturday: Visits Catechurnenate Communities. Mile End. 7.30 prn. Sunday: Mess. Staines. 9.30 am Mass Teddlng ton, 11 are Monday: Meets Liturgy Commission, Archbishop's House. am. Meets WREC Archbishops House. pm Thursday: Gives talk to Sorra Club. La Sainte Union, Highgate, El pm Opening mass. John Rigby echoot. West Wickham. 11.30 am. Sarturday: Annual Students' Play. St John's Seminary, Wonersh 2 pm. Sunday: Visitation and mass. St John %/tanner. Elexleyheath, 5.30 pm Monday: Meeting with Diocesan Finance committee. 12.15 pet, Meeting with VEC Appeal Committee. Westminster. 5.30 pm. Tuesdey: Visitation and mass. St Thorn. More.8exleyheath. Bens Wednesday: Meeting. Archbishop's House, Westminster. 5 rim Thutsday: Meeting with Bishop of Southwark. Archbishop's House. Southwark. 7 pet, Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday: Mass, Sally Oak Collages, 11 ern. Mesa and confirmation. St Jude, Warstock and Bells Lane. prn. Tuseday: Diocesan Council of Priest,. Star borne Hall. 1030.

Meeting of Bishops of Northern Province, Chinses College, 12 noon. Mass and meeting_ St Ambrose Barlow Deer ery. Our Lady Queen of Peace. Litheeand. 7 15 pm Sunday: Annusi Civic Mass and celebration ol Catholic Social Services centenary. Meurrooktan Cathedral, 3 pet Monday: Guild of St Nisholes Dlnner, Athenaeum, Liverpool, 7.30 pm Tuesday: Meeting of Parents Acton Group for handicapped children, Archbishop's House. Wednesday: Meeting concerning Panel visit. Archbishop's House, Westminster. Thurday: Speaks at Union Debating Society, Cambridge. 8.15 pm.

Attends meeting at Church House. Gloucestas• 7.30 pet Sunday: Visitation. St Dunetan s, Keynshern. Mass at B 30 am 10.30 am and 5.30 pm. Tuesday: Attends meeting of Committee for non-believers. London Wednesday: Mass and dedicates church of Christ the King. Mambo's., 7.30 pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrenvabuty: Friday: Northern Bishops' meeting, Liverpool. Mass. Holy Family Convent, Hattersley. Saturday: Visits Silvio House. Bollington. Saturday-Monday: Visitation and confirmation, St Edward's. Runcorn. Monday: Addresses Serra Club of NE Cheshire Thursday: Baptismal Mass. Aldedey Edge.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: -Wednesday: Council of Bishops and Reqgieolt. Harewood Avenue, London. 11 are Thursday: Schools Commission, 10.30 am.

Bishop Cleary, A...Weary of Birmingham: Friday: Attends meeting, Northampton. 4 pet. Saturday: Attends Weet Midlands Churches meeting, St Martin's, Birmingham, 10.30 am. Attends Dinner for Lourdes Doctors, Birmingham, 7.30 pm. Mondry: Mass. Papal award. St John the Baptist. Toilworn,. 7 prn. Tuesday: Diocesan Council of Priests. Harbor,, Halt 10 30 em. Wedneseisy: Mass, Silver Jubilee of parish priests Corpus Christi Wednesfield. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Mass, Newman College, Birmingham. 7 30 on" B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Mass and attends AGM of Lourdes Medical Association, Bilntinghar, Sunday: mass tor Lourdes Medical Association, Oscott College. 11 ate. Tuesday: Plater Creiege Govenors, KSC. London. 5.30 pm Wednesday: Attends meeting. of SOBS, London B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Attends Northern Bishops Meeting. Christ s College, Liverpool. 12 noon. Saturday: Visits Preston Liturgy Group Study Day, Newman College. 2 30 Pm. Sunday: Mass. St Martin de Pones. Carleton. ID sm. Tuesday: Deanery mass end meeting. St Augustine's, Preston, 7 pm. Wednesday: Clergy Day of Recollection. The Shrine. Blackpool, 11.15 am. Thursday: Finance meeting. Bishop's House. 10,45 ate. Deanery Mass and meeting. SS Mary and Michael. Garstang. 7 pet B ishop Grant of Northempton: Friday: Bishops Review Committee Saturday-Sunday: Vi.sitation and confirmation, 'Idly Ghost, Luton. Tuesday-Wednesday: Post Ordination course. Bishop Gray, of Shrewsbury: Friday: Northern Bishops' Meeting, Liverpool. Saturday: Mass. Vocations weekend, Sevin House. Bollinteor Sunday: Mass. Holy Family Convent. Rock Ferry Tuesday: Attends deanery meeting Bishop Gueceelli, Bishop in East London: fridsy: Pastoral Leaders' group meeting. /1 am. Conferment:In, isengten, assni. Haturday: Toe on the Churches and Human Rights. Amnesty 70 am Sunday: Area Pastoral conference Maria Fidel's scnool, Somerstown. 12 noon.6 pm Tuesday: Talk. The City Temple, 6 pm Thursday: Meeting with AVEC, Ceelssa. 2prn•5.30 yet Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Saturday: Visits Catholic Handicapped ceildteea Fellowship. St Etedes. Marske 10 am Sunday: Visitation, St Patrick s Church Middlesbrough, Mass. 10 30 and 11.30 am. Tuesday: Attends Liturgical committee, Ampleforth. 11 am. Wednesday: Attends ST Augustine's School play, Scarborough.

Friday-Saturday: Ecumenical Commission for Enplane and Wales meeting. Damascus House, Mill HIP Sunday, Vass and confirmation. Bexley. 3 one Bi•hop Holland of Salford: Wednesday: Visits Bishop Henshaw school. flochdale. Thursday: Schools Commission. 10.30 am Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Attends Walling Deanery Chapter. 10 30arn. Saturday-Tuesday 3 March: Visit students of the Diocesan and Bede Colleges, Rome_ Friday: Department of Catechertics. meeting. Merle Assumpta. 11 ens Confirmation, Stephendale Road. 7 pm Sunday: Confirmation The Grail, 4 pm Tuesday: Deanery meeting, Bayswater. 11 am Education Commission meeting. Maria Assurnma. 6.30 pm. Wednesday: Mass. Ely Place, 1 pm. Bishop Undsay of tlexham and Newcastle: Friday: Meeting of Northern Bishops. Christ College Liverpool Friday: Awarding of papal decorations. St Ambrose. Kidderminster 7.30 pm. Saturday: Retreat -for Readers and commissioning at Man-vale. Sunday: Induction of Parish pnests, Our Larly and St Anne. Caversharn. 5 pm. Tuesday: Diocesan Council of Priests. Harborne Hall 10 30 ate Wednesday: Visitations. SS Mars and John, Gravelly Hill Confirmation. Gravelly Hie 7.30 pm Thursday: Priests Consultative committee. Diocesan Schools Commission. 10.45 am Silver Jubilee celebrations. Our Lady, Ullington. 7_30 pm Mabee McGuinness of Nottingham: Sunday: Visitation end confirmation. Whitvock Tuesday: Visitation and confirmation. Melbourne Wednesday: Visits St Charles Primary school. Measham. Thursday: Attends Deariene meefieg. Newark.

Visitation and confirmation Our Lady of Cam. Canvey Island Sunday: Visitation and conlinnatioo Blessed Sacrament, Chelmsford. Tuesday: Attends Mgr. O'Donnell s 901h birthday celebrattons, St Margaret's Convent, Canning Town, 6 QM Wednesday: Attends Clergy in-service training, Damascus House, Milt Hal l'Intreday: Atterels Chapter. New Hall Consent Chelmsfon 5 pm.

Northern Bishop's meeting, Liverpool Saint Bede 's Old Boys Dinner Bradford. Sunday: COORMnetiOn. St. Patrick s. Sheffield Tuesday: Deanery visitation Goldthorpe, AGM of Sheffield Council of Catholic Action. Cathedral. 7.30 Dm Wednesday: Visitation St Williams. and school mass. at St Wierid's school. Sheffield Thursday: Deanery visitation, Rotherham B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Bishops' meeting. Christ's College. 12 noon. Mass and meeting. St Brigid Deanery. St Aldan's Chorch. Huvton. ■pn-Sunday: Ciaic MeSS. Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm. Monday: Serra Mass. St Joseeh s. Freshfield, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Justice and Peace Commission. St K atharinWs College VVoolton 7 30 pin B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Friday: Attends meeting of Governors of Heythrop College. Saturdsy-Sunday: Visitation of St Mary ol the Angels Parish. Worthing. pm Tuesday: Visits Cathedral Deanery Conference.

Bishop O'Brien, Bialtop in Hertfordshire: Friday: CAFOD Guideline Committee. Bishop s House. Northampton, 4 pm. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St John Fishei. Chorlaywood. Tuesday: Herts area clergy day at All Saints Pastime! Centre. 10 am. Wednesday: Herts Area Education Committee. All Sims Pastoral Centre, 7 pm. Thursday: Adult Education course. Holy Rood.

Watford. 8 Pm

Bishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria: Friday: Attends meeting of Northern Bishops, Liverpool Wednesday: Attends meeting of National Council of Bishops and Religious. Harewood Avenee. Thursday: Attends Meeting of Diocesan Finance Board. Easter People Deanery mass and meeting. Workington. 7 Pes Bishop Reetteaux of Plymouth: Sunday: Visitation of St Mary's Abbey, Bodrnin Mess. 10,30 ant. Mass and Confirmation. 3.30 pet. Wedneadael


Carelite Sisters meeting, Vescourt. 3.30 pm Bishop Swindlehurst, Ausillanr of Hexharn and Newcaelte: Friday: Meeting of Northern Bishops. Christ's College. Liverpool Sunday: Visit, St Mary's. Newhouse B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday-Monday: Visitation to the parish of Bettersea west.

Medley Welmsley, Bishop of the Forego: Thursday: Attends RAF Chaplains conference. Wimbledon London, 4 not B iahop Wend, Cottdiutor elehop of Menevia: Friday: Talks to University Students at Bangor.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Visos Pontefract Deanery Sunday: Visitation and cone, relation. Sassed Heart, Leeds. Monday: Evening civic Theatre, Halifax. Tuesday: Visits Harrogate Deanery Wsdreorehry: Visits Skipton Deaner,. Bernoldswick, 11 am. Thursday: Wakefield Metropolitan Council Lunch and Prayers.

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