Page 10, 20th January 1967

20th January 1967
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Page 10, 20th January 1967 — In Brief

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In Brief


forth, Fr. Francis Stephenson, O.S.B., will be one of the speakers at Sunderland's Week of Prayer for Christian Unity meeting tonight. The Week is sponsored by Sunderland Council of Churches.

THE finishing toudhes are being put to the new £150,000 School of St. Benedict, Ashington, Northumberland, in preparation for its full opening. At present about 160 pupils are using the school.

A BOY of 12 was warmly corn" plimented for his "very courageous conduct" by the coroner at an inquest at Washington, Co. Durham. He is Ronnie Scott, a pupil of St. Joseph's School, Washington, who tried to save a five-year-old boy, Garry Irvin, who had (fallen through ice on a local pond.

THE Shamrock Ballroom in Caherconlish, Co. Limerick, is being converted into a Catholic church.

ACATHOLIC has been ap

pointed to the Chair of Educational Research at Lancaster University. He is Dr. Alexander M. Russ, senior lecturer in the Institute of Education at Exeter University. A former head teacher in primary schools, he is the author of "The Education of Childhood."

TAMES SKINNER, the' first

white man appointed to the Zambian Cabinet—he is Minister of Legal Affairs—has been in Lusaka for 15 years. He is a member of both the English and Irish Bars. He was educated by Jesuits at Clongowes and then went on to Trinity College, Dublin. He joined Dr. Kaunda's party soon after arriving in Zambia and became its legal adviser. After independence he became Attorney-General.

A DISUSED boiler house at

Benson R.A.F. Station, Oxon, is being converted into a church for the Catholics of the station. At present services are held in a room at the Airmen's Club, but the Catholics more than fill it, and the overspills are accommodated in an annexe.

Few structural alterations are needed inside, but seating will have to be provided, an altar erected and an organ installed. The work being done by Y. J. Lovell, Ltd., to plans by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works is expected to be completed by Easter.

ANEW unity magazine, the outcome of a Christian Council formed at Washington, Co. Durham, by Anglican, Catholic and Methodist clergy and laymen, made its appearance last week. Known as the Washington New Town Post, its editor is the Rev. Peter Croft, vicar of Washington. It is distributed free, and hopes to rely on advertising revenue.

1'R. FRANCIS LITTLE, O.S.B., a Priest-in-Charge of St. Benet's Church, Beccles, Suffolk, which is served from Downside Abbey, received a warm welcome from the president, Mr. Geoffrey Standing, and members when he was admitted to Beccles Rotary Club. He is to serve on the Cornmunity Service Committee.

Fr. Little, who will complete 25 years in the priesthood next September, came to the town in autumn 1965 from Egremont, Cumberland. In addition to St. Benet's, Beccles, be serves the Catholic Church at Gillingham, Norfolk.

THE POPE has decorated three A members of the congregation of Holy Rood Catholic Church, Market Street, Watford, in recognition of many years of devoted service to the Church.

Mr. Gerald Stanton, "Hedges", Vicarage Lane, King's Langley, has been organist and choirmaster for the last 40 years. Mr. Henry Dunham, The Gardens, Watford, has sung in the choir for nearly 60 years. They are to receive the Bene Merenti Mr. Tom dc Luca, Hampstead Road, has for more than 30 years been an active member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. He has been a sidesman for many years, and helped in other parochial activities. In recent months he has been of invaluable assistance to the growing Italian cornmunity in Watford and to their Italian chaplain, Mgr. Carminati. Mr. de Luca is to receive the papal cross Pro ecclesia et pontifice.

TEACHERS at the indepen dently-run village primary school at Warwick Bridge, Cumberland, are to accept less than full salaries to keep the school open, it was announced last week by the parish priest, Fr. Gerard Sitwell. The Ministry of Education recently refused to grant the school aided status, and Cumberland county council refused to back the school's application.

LOCAL residents have raised £17,000 of the £20,000 required to build a new church in the small parish of Ballinaskca, Goleen, Co. Cork. The total amount required will be £30,000, but £10,000 will be made available from diocesan funds.

THE Road Safety Committee A at Corby, Northants, worried about increased accidents, has decided on a number of safety measures. One is the provision of road safety barriers outside St. Brendan's Catholic School, in Beanfield Avenue.


del and Brighton is to preach the first sermon in the new Methodist Church at Storrington, Sussex, on March 5, the day after the official opening.

CHARLES DAVIS, who last month renounced his priesthood and left the Church, is to speak at an international Catholic-Protestant theology conference in Toronto during August. The conference which' is sponsored by the Catholic bishops of Canada will be attended by 45 church leaders. The organisers say that the invitation which was extended to Charles Davis before his recent decision still stands, and it is understood that he intends to take part.

PINCHLEY Catholic Grammar A School had the following academic successes in December: Open exhibitions—D. J. Lynch, at Trinity College, Cambridge, in Mathematics; B. A. J. Wilson, at Jesus College, Oxford. in Geography. Election of Commoners or Pensioners—D. G. Robson, at St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, in Chemistry; P. J. Potts, at Christ's Church, Oxford, in Classics; P. J. Knight, at Trinity College, Cambridge, in English; D. G. C. Rogers, at King's College, Cambridge, in Medicine.

PR. T. A. McGOLDRICK, a Catholic Chaplain of Liverpool University, invites a I I parishioners to visit the chaplaincy between 2.30 and 4.30 p.m. on any Saturday in February to see the work being done for the students. The visit will include a tour of the new cathedral. People are asked to write to Fr. McGoldrick beforehand to say when they are coming.


SON, O.S.B., of St. Benedict's, Ramsgate, will preach on Sunday at the Anglican Church of St. Lawrence, Ramsgate. The vicar, the Rev. Francis Yarker, said last week: "Unity with Rome may be a long way off, but it is men like Fr. Theodore who convince me that it is no longer a dream."

THE first meeting of the Tell hard de Chardin Association of North London will be held on January 30, at 8 p.m., at 57 Duncan Terrace, N.1, to study "The Phenomenon of Man'. People who want to attend should send 7s. 6d. if they are members, or 14s. if they arc not, to Mr. John Gormley, the convenor, at that address. Further meetings will be held on February 27, March 20 and April 24.

INFANT baptisms in the West.'" minster diocese rose to 19,751 in 1965, compared with 12,081 in 1955, according to the Westminster Schools Commission. It states that the endeavour to maintain the gross expenditure of more than £1 million a year reflects the need to catch up with the shortage of school places created by this increase.

ABBOT Anselm Thatcher, formerly Abbot of St Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate, has been appointed parish priest of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Broadstairs.

ABROADCAST next Wednes

day on BBC-I in the "Viewpoint" series, entitled "A Kindling Flame," will examine the growing mutual appreciation of the Church in Northern Ireland, where the flame of religious bitterness has sometimes flared.

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