Page 3, 20th January 1995

20th January 1995
Page 3
Page 3, 20th January 1995 — NEWS IN BRIEF

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Catholic heads THIS YEAR'S CONFERENCE for the Heads of Catholic Independent Schools, to take place at St Mary's Ascot on 19 January, will question the role of Catholic schools at a time when the commercial and secular pressures on the education sector are more pressing than ever. Further' details: Call Francis Floyd, 0749 677408.

Blind date A YOUNG CATHOLIC girl known only by the name of "Clare" hoped to find true love by appearing on TV's "Blind Date" this weekend. Clare, a former pupil at the Marist covent in Ascot, Berkshire, referred to her convent upbringing several times. TV host Cilia Black (another Catholic) promised the school's Sr Camilla, who had apparently expressed some concern about the show's morals, that Clare "would be returned exactly as we found her".


on contraception are based on obsolete biology and the Pope is ignorant of modern genetics, according to a controversial and outspoken

critique of the Pope's Crossing the Threshold of Hope. The scientific journal Nature last week published a stinging catalogue of errors in the Church's understanding of basic biology. Its author, Dr John Godfrey, suggests that the Pope accepts the "misconception that there is an instant when fertilisation happens" and goes on to recommend that the Church "consider afresh" the teaching of Aquinas and the lessons of modern biology.

Stockwood ONF. OF THE century's most controversial Anglican bishops has died, aged 81. The Rt Rev Mervyn Stockwood, Bishop of Southwark from 1959 1980, was a campaigning liberal and political Leftwinger, who spoke often in the House of Lords about homosexuality, apartheid and unemployment. tlishop Stockwood retired to Bath in 1980 and enthusiastically joined the campaign for women's ordination.

Mounted sermon ALMOST 4,000 people converged on Tweseldown point-to-point last weekend for Britain's first Sunday race meeting at which betting was permitted. It was a record

attendance for the Hampshire course and the events began with what was dubbed by racegoers "The Sermon on The Mount", when Mr Lyn Ferraby, a lay reader, gave a short address to early arrivals.

Etonian rage THE SENIOR CHAPLAIN at Eton has condemned the Church of England as politically correct, left-wing and sectarian. In an analysis, to be published in an insert in 100,000 parish magazines next month, the Rev John Witheridge, Conduct of Eton, says that the Church is "increasingly divided into the sectarian and the socialist."

Parker Bowles

Andrew Parker Bowles, who announced his divorce from his wife Camilla this week, may be forced to leave the Knights of Malta, according to a close friend and Catholic insider. The Knights, founded in 1048, raise money to pay for hospitals in over 90 countries and candidates must prove "unsullied noble blood'' or be celibate for ten years.

But according to president Lord Craigmyle "a Catholic who is divorced does not have to step out of the order unless he decides to remarry".

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