Page 5, 20th July 1945

20th July 1945
Page 5

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People: Corby Grammar
Locations: Somerville, Sunderland


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A deputation of Sunderland Catholics was interviewed by the Town Council at their meeting last week on the question of special places for Catholic schoolchildrep who had won scholarships.

Fr. C. Somerville. M.A., headmaster at Corby school, said that the question was, how would the Town Council treat Roman Catholic boys and girls who win scholarships (or apecial places as they were now called) to grammar schools? When they win such places, would the Council. asked Fr. Somerville, let them 'have a free education in Catholic schools, or would poor patents still be made to pay part of the fees?

PARENTS' PAY It seemed, he added, that many members of the Council did not realise that all children alike passed the same tees but that if a child was allowed to go to either Corby Grammar &land. or St. Anthony Grammar School for girls, at its parents request on the grounds Of conscience, the town only paid about a third of what it paid if the child went to the Bede school. This meant that a parent had to pay £8 a year for a boy who had actually won a scholarship.

Saying that he was sure the Council had not realised the burden, Fr.' Somerville said the matter Was up for decision again because of the new Act and free education, and he asked that when they came to decide they would think of the parents.

The two Catholic Grammar schools relieved the pressure on . the town's school, and the Council could he sure that they would' never he asked to pay anything like as much for children in these schools as they had to pay in the town's school.

Thanking the deputation, the Mayor remarked that the matter would have the Council's full and earnest consideration.

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