Page 7, 20th July 1962

20th July 1962
Page 7
Page 7, 20th July 1962 — EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Godfrey. oday (Friday): Attends L .C.C. Reception, County Hail, 7.10 p.m. Monday: Presides at meeting of Governors of Cardinal Vaughan School, Archbishop's House, 11.3a a.m. l'hursdgy: Presides at annual orizegiving of Finehky Grammar School, Hornsey Town Hall, 7.311

Archbishop Grimshaw or Birmingham.Sunday; Confirmation and Pontifical Benediction Princethorpe, War., 3 p.m. Wednesday: lays foundation stone of new church. Cotton Road. West Heath, Birmingham. 7.30 p.m. Friday: Ordination C eremony (Subdiaconate). Fleythrop College, Chipping Norton, Oson. Saturday: Ordination ceremony (Deaconate). HerthroP College. Sunday: (July 29): Presides at A.G.M. of Catholic Social Guild at High Leigh. Hoddesdon, 2.30 pan. Tuesday (July 31): Ordination ceremony (Priesthood), Heythrorr College. Friday, August 3 to August 11: Leads 22nd Diocesan pilgrimage to t modes.

Arehbishop Heenan or Liverpool.-Today (Friday): Attends Liverpool Show, 4.311 p.m. Tomorrow (Saturday): Attends Foster Parents' Rally. Freshlield. 3 P.m. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Teresa's. Norris Green, 3.30 p.m. Visitation and Coral rmat ion , Si. Swithin's. Gilimoss 5 p.m. Monday. July 23 to Friday. July 27, The Archbishop is on Retreat.

Archbishop King, Bishop of Portsmouth. -Today (Friday): Presides at Election at Convent of Mercy. Abingdon. Sunday: Solemn Pontifical Mass at Beaumont College. Old Windsor. Tuesday: clothing and Profcasion Ceremony at Redcote Consent, Bitterne. sot:than:pion, 2.141 p M.

Bishop Parker of Northnmpton.-Sunday: Ordination to the Priesthood. St. Ethelheres, Slough, 11 a.m. Confirmation, p.m.

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation at Church of the Holy Cross, Whilwiek, Leics. Thursday: Blesses new Church Hall at Radcliffe-onTrent.

Bishop Brunner of Middlesbrough.Sunday: Ordinations at Ampleforth. Monday and Tuesday: Ushaw College: Attends Grand Week.

Bishop Peal of Menevia. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Bangor. Sunday, July 29: Confirmation. a.m. Dolgelly: Celebrations in honour of Blessed John Roberts and his 39 fellow martyrs. Pontifical High Mats. 3 p.m. Trawsfynydd.

Bishop Beck of Salford. Sunday: St. Aldhelm's. Tinton. Says Mass on the occasion of diamond jubilee, 11 a.m.; Presides at annual diocesan meeting of the S.V.P. at Burnley. 3 p.m. Monday: Presides at Mass (or the golden Jubilee of one of the community of the Carmelite Convent, Salford, 9 a.m.; Says Mass for School-leavers at Cathedral. 11 a.m. Tuesday: Attends Her Majesty's afternoon party at Buckingham Palace, 4 p.m.

Bishop Wall of Brentwood. Sunday: Cannina Town: Celebrates Pnntifical Mass, diamond ELIhilee, St. Margaret's Convent, 11.30 a m.

Bishop Cunningham of Hexbam and Neweastle.-Sunday: Ordination to the priesthood, Passionist Monastery. Minster acres, ID a.m. Attends Rally in honour of Blessed John Boste. and his fellow Martyrs. and gives Pontifical Benediction. Usbaw Callese. 3.30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Attends Grand Week celebrations, Ushaw Cnllege. Durham.


weamins(er.-on Sunday, July 22, Masses will be said at the Village Hall, Colney Heath, at 5.15 a.m., at 39. Codiente Road. Welwyn, at 9.45 am.: and at the North Minims Memorial Hall. Welham Green. at 11.30 am.

Nolthigham.-Mass on Sunday (July 22) at Klitiourn, 9.30 a.m.; Ambergate, 11 a.m.; and Burton Joyce, 6 p.m.

Brentwood.-Mass on Sunday Ouly 22) at Thorpe-le.Soken British Legion Hall, at 8.45; and at Great Bentley (Village Halt) at 1(1.15. Next Sunday the Mission will visit Belcharnp Walter and Alphamstone.

Southwark.-The Mission will visit this week Knockholt and Doane in the parish of Oroington. Sunday Masses; 'the Village Hall. Knockholt, at 8 a.m.; Yaldina Village Hall at 10.30 a.m.; and Downe Villare Hall at iS p.m.

Menevla. This weekend Fr. Riordan. C.SS.R. win visit Llanafan; Fr. Maram, C.SS.R.. will visit Tenby, Ltandissilin and Newcittay: Fr. Stevens. C.SS.R.. will visit Lianfaircaereinion. Llansantfiraid, Montgomery and Kerry.

Plymouth.Fr. Sean Mason wilt say Mass on Sunday at Hartland Womens Institute Hall at 10 a.m.; at High Bikingtan. little Silver at 7.30 p.m. Fr. Mason's telephone number is South Molina 402, Northampton.-Mass will he said on Sunday at the Railway Hotel, Holt. Norfolk, It a.m.; St. Peter's, Blakeney, 10.30 a.m.: the Foresters Hall. Dersingham, 5 p.m. The mission will next week visit the Irthlingborough. Finedon and Ratinds areas of Northants.


English College, Rome.-On Sunday, July 8, Cardinal Heard. Prntector of the College, ordained Christopher Budd (Brentwood) and Bryan Chestie (Southwark) to the Priesthood in the chapel of the English College villa on Lake Albano

!luckiest Abbey. On Sunday, July 15, Bishop Restleaux of Plymouth ordained to the priesthood Dom Anthony de Guingand, 0.S.B.. and Dom Humphrey Johnson, C.R.L. (Bodmin Abbey). The Prior of Bodmin assisted at the ordination.


Westmlnster.-Fr. Thomas J. Hookham, of Wille.sden, to Kingsiand as Administrator on the retirement of Fr. William M.

• Dempsey: Fr. Anthony Burns. of North Finchley, to Royston as Assistant; Fr. Thomas Keane, of St. John's Wood, to Limehouse, as an Assistant; Fr. Richard

Sutherland of Sunbury-on-Thames. to Parsons Green as Assistant: Fr. Harold Hamill, of Somers Town, to West Green as Assistant: Fr, James Joseph O'Brien, of Feltham. to the Catholic Missionary Society; Fr. Peter Dwyer, of West Green. to Somers Town as Assistant; Fr. Cedric Stanley. of Commercial Road, to St. John's Wood as Assistant: Fr. Michael Richards. S.T.L., M.A., recently in Rome. to St. Edmund's College; Fr, William Dempsey, of Hounslow. to Waltham Cross as an Assistant; Fr. Brian Ward, of, to Willesden as Assistant; Fr, Michael St. Auhyn, recently ordained to Hoddesdon as an Assistant; Fr, John helm, recently ordained, to Willesden

W I an assistant: Fr, Austen-Hart, recently ordained to Commercial Road as an Assistant ; Fr. Vincent Berry, recently ordained, to Hounslow as an Assistant: Fr, Paul Dewe Mathews, recently ordained, to Highbury as an Assistant; Fr. Derek MeChighen, recently ordained, to Sunbury-orThames as Assistant; Fr. Edward A. Matthews, recently ordained, to Feitham as Assistant; Fr. George Curtis, recently ordained, to Islington as Assistant: Fr. Brian Reynolds, recently ordained, to North Finchley as Assistant; Fr. Edward Matthews, recently ordained, to Hemel Hempstead (East) as Assistant; Fr. William Brennan, recently ordained, to Shepherds Bush as Maistani.

Liverpool.-Fr. Francis Reilly has hero appointed parish priest of St. Francis de Sales, Liverpool. 14: Fr. W. Malone has been appointed parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes. Hillside. Southport.

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