Page 2, 20th June 1941

20th June 1941
Page 2
Page 2, 20th June 1941 — YOUTH AND THE CHURCH Intellectual Armoury

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YOUTH AND THE CHURCH Intellectual Armoury

SIR,—Your report of the Walthamstow Youth Conference on a Christian New Order raises many questions. The remark: " Revelation, well we don't know what that means " expressed by one youthful member seems to suggest that the time has come when our methods both of presenting truth and of refuting error, not to speak of the language in which such are expressed, might well be revised.

Moreover, in every generation there is need for emphasis to be laid on ceitain truths more than on others. Might not much more be heard from our pulpits and platforms about, let us say, Revelation, the respective fields of Faith and Reason, the History of the Church in its pilgrimage down the ages, the necessary relation between Morality and Religion—all subjects which have an important bearing on Catholic teaching?

T lack of intern' in their religion shown by many Catholics to-day and the meagre quality of their faith may, at bottom, be due to the dearth of solid spiritual and intellectual matter presented them. In an age when psychology, historical research and philosophy have shed much light on religious teaching, revealing, too, how much in modern thought is entirely compatible with Catholic belief, it were a pity snore should not be made of this knowledge.

We are called upon in our capacity of educators to depict Catholicism as something great and reasonable, and hence eminently desirable. Only thus will the pseudoscientists get less of a hearing and the number of apologists, speaking more in the name of their prejudices than on behalf of their faith, be lessened.

Many apparent unbelievers are at heart latent believers, just as many who appear to jibe at the Truth arc only gibing at its caricature. Such must be brought into the Fold.

Chesterton depicted the modern world as " sick with truths gone mad." .. Wc have to trace just at what point the betrayal of these truths started—to ascertain the facts that gave rise to objections so as to be able to refute error in as capable a manner as we must present truth.

The rapid or slow growth of the seed depends much on the preparation of the soil.

These few undeveloped remarks are simply thrown out in the hope that those qualifying to be leaders of youth may be stimulated to refurbish their weapons to meet the attack which, in a more or less covert manner, is being made on the fundamental doctrines of the Faith. The degree in which our Catholic adolescence resists such attacks depends much on the intelligent and generous help afforded it by the elder members of the " Household."

E. POLIMEdi. St. Maur, Weybridge, Surrey.

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