Page 5, 20th June 1969

20th June 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 20th June 1969 — Franco and Gib.

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People: Wilson
Locations: Glasgow, Bath, Strabane, Derry


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Franco and Gib.

and the 'hate of the Herald'

IT has always been the proud boast of the journalist that being at the heart of affairs, he is in a better position than others to form a correct judgment. This would be true if there were not such things as fashion and prejudice.

I regret to say that both of these so human errors appear in your editorial last week on General Franco. You are as prejudiced against the General as the most stuckcin-the-mud Labour politician of a generation ago. and are following a fashion which even the Jingos of fifty years ago would be surprised at.

Don't you think it about time that it was realised in some journalistic circles that the Labour Party has now become the party of the centre (save for some old fogies still living in the past), and that, after giving up India, etc.. it is folly to make such a fuss about that little hit of territory at Gibraltar?

We shall have to give it up eventually. so why not do it gracefully and not go on insulting Spanish national feelings? Your editorial should not be called 'The Folly of Franco" but "The Hate of the Herald." R. Twin Llantwit Major, S. Wales.

p. T MUST protest at your A leading article of June 13, "The Folly of Franco." While I have no use for General Franco or his policies, one must admit he has a very strong case in Gibraltar. because, geographically speaking, it is part of Spain.

How would Mr. Wilson react if his beloved Scilly Isles or St. Michael's Mount were occupied by Spanish troops to protect an alien population who were "planted" there at the time of their conquest?

P. .1. Cobbe

Bath, Somerset.

HOW could the CATHOLIC HERALD print such a biassed and unmoderate editorial as that of June 13 on the Gibraltar situation?

Many people in this country are emotional and consequently illogical when discussing Spain. The result of the Civil War and 30 years of stability accompanied by the rapid rise in living standards are no doubt the cause.

Does anyone seriously think that Britain would permit a Spanish enclave at Dover—no matter the technicalities? The recent referendum simply illustrates the cynicism of politicians. Why doesitt the Government have a similar referendum in Derry or Strabane?

Gibraltar doesn't wish to be part of Spain. Yet when the Spanish Government disconnects the two territories there is an uproar. Gibraltar obviously wants "to have its cake and eat it." Finally, it is surely significant that the nations of the world are almost unanimous in their support of Spain.

P. .1. Maguire Bearsden, Glasgow.

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