Page 8, 20th June 1975

20th June 1975
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Page 8, 20th June 1975 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Poor Mission Fund, Rescue Society Party, Oxford and Cambridge Education Board, Diocesan Liturgical Commission, KSC Action Committee, Diocesan Centre for Religiorra Fritreetion, Catholic Handicapped Children's Federation, St Nicholas High School, Council of Administration, Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, St Michael's College, Newman College, St. Vincent's Primary School, Pastoral Centre, Catholic Education Board, Pastoral Centre Management Committee, Congress, Diocesan Senate of Priests, Eton College, Diocesan Chapter, Finance Board, Salesian College, Racial Justice Commission, Holt Hill Convent School, Zambian Garden Party, St Mary's Comprehensive School, Catholic International Commission, St Anthony's School, St Mary's Grammar School, Christ Church, Didsbury, Meets Steering Committee


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Cardinal Hoonan of Westminster --Friday: Open and bless St. Vincent's Primary School, Westminster, 3. Monday: Meeting of Diocesan Ecumenical Commission. Archbishop's House. 6. Wednesday.

Presents papal awards, Agnew House, 3. Thursday: Visits Semite House, Kensington, 3, Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham — Saturday: Meeting of Racial Justice

Commission, Coventry 11. Concelebrates

Mass for Silver Jubilee of Our t ady of Assumption. Coventry. 5. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, Holy Cross. Walmley. 3. Monday: Oxford and Cambridge Education Board Meeting, London. 2 30. Tuesday: Mass, Newman College. 11. Thursday: Mass. Soli House. Stratford-upon Avon, 11.30.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton— Saturday. Final Profession ceremony of Sister Ber

nadette Arscott. La Retraite. Corpus Christi, Weston super Mare, 11; Opens Fete. Christ the King, Amesbury, 2.30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Osmund's, Salisbury: preaches. 8. Mass 9.30. 11, 7, Celebrates Mass and administers Confirmation. 11 am. Monday, Diocesan Project Teem Con seamier] meeting, Pastoral Centre. Newman Westbury-on-Trym, 7.30. Tuesday: Confirmation, St Bernard's Shirehampton.

7.30. Wednesday: Pastoral Centre Management Committee Meeting, Newman Hall, Westbury-on-Trym, 7.30. ThursdayConfirmation. St John's. Bath, 7.30.

B ishop Bow•n of Arundel and Brighton — Friday: Admission of students to the MiniStries of Reader and Acolyte, St John's Seminary. Wonersh. 5. Administers confirmation, St Anna's, Chertsey, B. Satur day: Ordains Rev. Paul Jennings to the priesthood, St John's Seminary, Wonersh, 11. Sunday: Ordains Rev Graham Elarnford

to the priesthood. Sr Dunstan's Woking, 3,

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury — Saturday: Ordination, Salesian College, Shrigley, Visitation, Holy Cross, Birkenhead. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation continued. Monday: Visitation con tinued. Tuosday: Attends meeting of Gover nors, St Nicholas High School, Hartford. Presides at staff meeting, Diocesan Centre for Religiorra Fritreetion. Confirmation, All Saints, Ashton-on-Mersey. Wednesday: Visits Holt Hill Convent School, Birkenhead.

B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of Bedford — Tuesday: Preaches at UCM national pilgrimage, WalsIngham. Thursday: Concelebrates Mass, St Michael's College, Underlay, 11.30. Biasses and opens St Phillips new church. Lower Kersal, 7.30, Bishop Casey of Brentwood— Friday: Meeting of Finance Board. 10.30. Mass and Confirmation, Our Lady of Rensome, Rayleigh, B. Sunday: Mass and Credit-me don. Corpus Christi, Collier Row, 3 Monday: in Rome with diocesan pilgrimage.

B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton — Friday/Sunday: Takes part in Mantel Congress at Carmelite Priory, Ayiesford Sunday/Thursday: Attends SubCommission Meeting of Anglican/Raman Catholic International Commission, London.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham — Sunday: Concelebrates Mass and preaches at Lyfore Grange. in honour of St Ed...1st Campiorr, Bishop Foley of Lancester — Friday: Opens new School, Dolton, 2.30. Attends Dinner to mark retirement Christian Bros., Blackpool. 7.30. Saturday: Attends Zambian Garden Party, Little Sisters, Preston, 2 Souday: Visitation, Our Lady's, St Annes on Sea.

1. Confirmation, 3. Wednesday: Offers Mess. St Thomas More's School, Preston, 2.30. Thursday: Finance Meeting. 10.30.

Bishop Grant of Northampton — Friday/Saturday: Attends meeting of KSC Action Committee Sunday: Preaches at Eton College, am. celebrates Mass for Catholic Handicapped Children's Federation, Clapham Park, pm. Monday: Attends reeetieg of Oxford and Cambridge Catholic Education Board. Tuesday. Confirmation, Bletchley, 7. Thursday: Meets Steering Committee of Diocesan Senate of Priests: Confirrnation, St Gregory's Northampton. 7.

Bishop 0 f Shrewsbury — Saturday: Dim:es/in Pilgrimege, Watsingham. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Christ Church. Heald Green, Mon day: Visitation continued. Monday-Friday: Attends Diocesan Retreat. Hawkstone.

B ishop Grey, Auxiliary of Uyerpool — Friday: Confers Confirmation during Mass. St Mary's Blackbrook, St Helens, 7.30 Sunday: Celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation. St Hugh's Liverpool, 11. Confers Confirmation during Mass in Chapel at USA Air Base, Burtonwood, 4, Tuesday: Confers Confirmation during Mass, St Paul's, Burtonwood, 7. Thursday. Confers Cotifirrna non during Mass, St Mary's, Charley, 7.30.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Uverpool -Friday: Confirmation, St Mary's, Kirkby. Saturday: Attends Executive Meeting of Commission for social Welfare. Liverpool. Sunday: Visitation, St Paul's, tower Hill, Kirkby. Tuesday: Confirmations for girls, St Mary's, Kirkby. Wednesday: Confirmation for boys. St Mary's, Kirkby. Thursday: Confirmations for girls, St Mary's, Kirkby.

Bishop Holland of Salford — Saturday: Ordains to priesthood Rev Dermot Hoskin, St John's Cathedral, Salford, 11; Rescue Society Party, Didsbury, 1. Sunday: Catholic Truth Society Rally. Thornleigh Collage, Bolton, 3 Tuesday: Visits school and sick, St Mark, Pendlebury, 10.30 Wednesday: Finance Board. 10.30. Thursday: Centenary Mass. St Joseph's, Blackburn, 7.

Bishop Lindsay of Hexham end Newcastle — Friday: North East Ecumenical Group, Auckland Castle. 2.30. Saturday: Mass for Lourdes Pilgrims, St Teresee, Heaton. Newcastle, 3. Sunday: Mass. visit, Confirmation, St Mary's, Hingham 3.30. Tuesday. Diocesan Liturgical Commission. St Mary's Convent, Fonham. 6. Wednesday: Mass, for 150th anniversary, Hutton House, 7_30 Thursday: Visit, Maas and Confirmation, St Edward's Lowick, 7.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham — Friday Attends .lehiles Mass of Ft F Grady, Nazareth House, Nottingham, 11.30. Saturday: Ordains Rey Christopher Turner to the priesthood, Brigg, 12. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Mary's. Grimsby. Monday: Visits St Mary's Comprehensive School, Grimsby. fuesday: Visitation and Confirmation. Our Lady's, Immingham. Thursday: Visits St Pa trick's Sr:Irool. Forest Town.

B ishop McClean of Middlesbrough — Friday: Mass at St Anthony's School, Middlesbrough, 9.45 Sunday: Confirmation, Si Berle's. of East Hull Parishes, 3. Tuesday. Hull Marists Governors' Meeting, 3. Wednesday: Mass, St Mary's Grammar School, Hull, 11: Governors' Meeting.

Rietrop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster — Friday: Gunnersbury High School Governors meeting. Saturday: Priest if ordination. Bushey. Sunday: Confirmation, Wealcistone. Tuesday' Confirmation, Cricklewood. Wednesday. Council of Administration. Confirmation, Twickenham. Thursday: Confirmation, Kingsbury Green_

B ishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lan

caster — Friday: Attends Farewell Dinner Dance in honour if Christian Brothers, Blackpool. Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation, St Mary's, Harrington, 3.30. Monday: Attends Clergy In-Service, Castlerigg, Keswick. Wednesday: Meeting at St Augustine's Parochial Hall, Preston, 8. Thursday: finance Meeting, Lancaster.

Bishop Reatieaux of Plymouth — Saturday: Attends Cathedral Garden Fete. Sunday. Attends Launceston Pilgrimage in honour of Saint Cuthbert Mayne and concelebrates Mass. Preacher. the Pt Rev W. H. D. Shepherd, CBE.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds — Friday: Curia, Poor Mission Fund meeting, 11.

Bishop WodoOk of Portsmouth — SillArdAy: Concelebrates MI:MS for Golden Jubilee of Fr John Devine, Bordon, 10.30. Sunday-Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, Windsor. Tuesday: Ordination of deacons, Douai Abbey. 6.30. Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Joseph's, Newbury Thursday: Concelebrates Mass with Diocesan Chapter, St Mary's Convent, Portsmouth.

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