Page 8, 20th June 1986

20th June 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 20th June 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: King School, Council of Priests_, Vietnamese Pastoral Centre, Assembly Working Party, Isle of Man Rotary Club, Committee for Family and School Education, Legion of Mary, Bishops Liturgical Music Committee, Diocesan Finance Board, St Augustine's Church, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Hospital of SS John, Kathertne's College, Area Pastoral Council, Ail Saints Pastoral Centre, Sefton Education Office, Civic Service, Diocesan Ministry, Maria Assumpta Centre, St Aloyslus' JM School, Wiseman High School, Holy Cross Prep School, Nicholas Breakspear School, Justice Association, Tomder Ministry, St Mary's College, All Saints College, JM Centre, Ecumenical Service, Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, Sefton Education Committee, School's Commission, Association of Se, Welfare Society, Kent Ecumenical Commission, Upholland Northern Institute, Arc School, Pastoral Council, Deanery Pastoral Council, Oscotl College, Management Committee, Catholic AssociatiOn for Racial Justice AGM, Foundation of High School, Centre for the Study of Religion, Chatham Deanery Youth Council, St Joseph's Church, St John Fisher School, Tueedar Agency, Catholic Children's Society Committee, King Church, St Joseph's School


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0 W Ordination, M Mem V Re Visitation. C Confirmation

Page 8 from 22nd February 1985


0 = Ordinstion, M Mass, V = Visitation, C = Confirmation, Cardlnel Hume, Archbishop of Weenninner

Sunday: M and C, SI Edmii•• Onliege. Ware, lien.

The Association of Se, o and Pivorced Catholics at Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre. 4pm. Wednesday: M and Perish C, Westrtonster Cathedral. 7pm. Thursday: Converts' Aid Society AGM. Friday: Recta! Justice Association. AGM Saturday: M with Handicapped Children's Trust Westminster Cathedral, 3pm Archbishop Coors de Murales of Birmingham Sunday: V & C, St George, Worcester. Tuesday: Si John's Oay M, Hospital of SS John & Elizabeth, London, Ilan, C, SI Joseph Chaselown, 7prn. Wednesday: M tor Jubilee of Parish, St Philip, Smethwick, 7om. Thursday: Catholic Headmasters Meeting, Rye St Anthony. Calor& 12 30pm. Saturator General 0. Oscotl College. V, St Gregory, Winyates. I 1 am.

Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Sunday: C, St Joseph's. Penarth. tra.30am. M tor Legion of Mary 50th Anniversary, St Peter's C.ardiff, 2 30prn Monday: Bank of Ireland Golf Day Meal, Cardiff, Sprn. wednesday: C. St Benedict',, Sketty, Swansea, z 30pm Thursday: Gwent School Leavers M. St Patrick s Newport, I tam

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Sunday: V, Skeirnersdale. Monday: Meeting of Michaelmas, Group, JM Centre, Barn. Meeting with Church representatives, Church House, 1 pm. Ministry to Priests Meeting, Upholland Northern Institute, 5pm. Tomder Ministry to Priests Meeting Continued, Upholland Northern institute. Wednesday: V to Isle of Man Rotary Club and Deanery, Pastoral Council. Thursday: Meeting with Sefton Education Committee. Sefton Education Office, 4pm.

Ellshop Alexander of Clifton SunderV. The Immaculate Conception Parish, Stroud_ Preaches M, Stroud. 8 & 10.30am Preaches M, Our Ladys, Painsvrick, Sam. Townley: C at Sr Bernard's. Shlrehampton. 7.30pm, Wednesday: Leads Bristol Church Community Programme in Morning Prayer at AMF House, Whitby Road, Brislington.13.45am M for Canon Joseph Sheehan's Golden Jubilee at St Mary's. Swindon. 6.30pm. Thursday Administers the Sacrament of C at Our Lady of Victories. Cinderford. 7.30Dm.

Bishop Brewer of LIIIICaMer Sundey Diocesan Assembly Youth Event. Tuesday: The Golden Jubilee Celebrations at SI Gregory's, Preston. Wednesder Chairs Diocesan Finance Board Meeting. Thereby: Meeting at the Council of Priests_ Friday: C at Our 'Lady & St Edward at Preston. Saturday: 0 the Reverend Paul Moil. WF to the Priesthood. at Si Kentigern's Blackpool at Ilarn Bishop Budd of Plymouth Sunday: Pilgrimage and M in honour of St Cuthbert, Mayne. Launceston. Cornwall, 3pm. Thursday: Jubilee M of St Joseph's School, St Joseph's Church. Pool. V to Christ the King School, Minoan, Bournemouth, Ilem. Friday V. Orison and borstal. %tiara, Dorset, llarn. 0. Rev J Webb to the Priesthood, St Augustine's Church, Weymouth, 6pm.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia Sunday: Continues Pastoral V, St Mary's Parish, Ipswich. Monday Consecration of Our Lady and SI Etheldreda's. Newmarket, 7.30prn Tuesday: Interviewed at Anglia Television. Thursday: Diocesan Ministry to Priests Retreat, Massingham. Friday: C U. Si Mary's. Great Yarmouth. 7.30pro.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary for Birmingham Monday M & C, St Mary, Norton le Moors, 7.30pm Tuesday: IN & C, SS Peter & Paul, Wolverhampton, 7 30prn. Blehop Emery of Portsmouth Sunday: Si Joseph's, Tliehursl. Reading, Parish V & C. Tuesday: Our Lady & St Michael, Cove, Farnborough, C, M. 7pm Wednesday: London. Committee for Family and School Education, Day Conference on Multicultural Education. Friday: V to St Joseph's School, Reading. 1 pm St Francis. Ascot, C. N, 7pm Saturday: Doual Abbey. Upper Woolhampton, Reading. 0 of Brother. Elias to ihe Priesthood.

Bishop Grey of Shrewsbury Sunday und Selurday: Attends Diocesan clergy retreat, St Beuno's, North Wales.

Bishop Guezmill. Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: V, Kentish Town. Monday St Aloyslus' JM School, Somerstown, 1pm C. Claidon 7pm. Tuesday: NI, Commissionrng of ministers, Kilburn, 7pm. Meet Confirmandi, Kilburn, 7.30pm, Watininider Meat Confirmandl & Parents, Islington. 7pm. Frider Pastoral Workers' meeting, 10am. Sanurdey: C, Notting Hill. 6pm, (Whop Hannigan at Menevie Sunday: C. Colwyn Bay, 11 am Lead Diocesan Prigrimage to St Winefride's Well, Holywell, 2.30pm. Wednescler C. Con nah's Ouay, 7pm. Friday: Sliver Jubilee Celebration, Fr Bernard Murphy. St Asaph, 7pm. Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sunday: Mayor's Sunday, SS Joseph & Francis 'tinier, Richmond, IA, 9.30am. Twirler C. Christ the King Church, Thornaby, M, 7pm. Thursday: Silver Jubilee, M of Thanksgiving, St Georges, York, 7.30pm.

Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Wmaminsler Sunday, C. St Patrick, West Hendon, 8.30arn. Monday, _ Centenary ha Foundation of High School by Cong of Jesus & Mary. Our Lady of Willesden,llam. Tuesday: Area Pastoral Council, Hendon, 7,45pm. Friday. M. Our Lady of Muswell, Muswell Hill, 9.15arn. Saturday: C. St Ignatius. Stamford Hill, 5prn Bishop Ilmderson, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunder IN and C, Abbey Wood, SI David's, liarri M and C, Thamesmead, SI John Fisher, 3pm_ Mender 'Dinner engagement. Lambeth Palace, 7.30pm. Tuesdey: M and C. Orpington. 7 30pm Wednesday: Presides St arl for Our Lady Queen of Peace, St George's Cathedral. 7.30cm Thursday: at and C. Pith, 7.30pm Friday: M and Ecumenical Meeting, Tankerion, 7.30pm. Saturday: Kent Ecumenical Commission Meeting, West Mailing. 10-4pm.

Bishop Hitched Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday: Annual Catenian P4, St Chad's, Charley, 10.15am. Diamond Jubilee of Knights of St COlumba, St Teresa,, Birkdale, Southport, 6pm. Monday-Tuesday: Calod. London Wednesday: Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, Management Meeting. Liverpoot, 5pm. C. SI Jeronnes, Formby, 7.30pm. Thursday: C. St Kentigerna, Melling, 7 30prn. Friday: C. St Philomenes, Liverpool, 7.30Pm, Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwerk Monday: Chatham Deanery Youth Council Meeting. Twydall, 6pm "%header C at Faversham, apm Wedneeder Meeting of Council of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Society, Canterbury, 3pm, Thursday: SpeaAs at Bible Study Course, Bradstorr House, Bloodstains, 7.30pm, Fridey-Seturdar V to Hartley

lithos Kelly of Salford Sunday: V. Si Joseph. Nelson Mondey-Frider Retr-eat at Ilkley Saturday: 0 to the Priesthood of Alan Swift at St Joseph's, Stacksteads, 2.30prn Binwp Koneent of Leeds Sunday: Meeting of Junior Clergy, Thomer, 10.30am. 7u...der Governors' Meeting. Trinity & All Sarnia. lOarri. Teachers' Meeting, St Willhd's Featherstone, 4prn. Wednesday: Catholic Social Wel-rare Society. Governors & AGM. 12.30pm. Trinity and All Saints Governors, Social, Thorner, 6pm. Thursday Poor Mission Funds, Curial Ofiice, I tam. CW1 Pilgrimage, Ripon, 2pm. Friday: Church Leaders' meeting, Bradford. lOarn. Lunch Yorkshire Post, 12.45pm, C, First Martyrs, Bradford, 7.3Gprn. Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council, 10am.

Blartop Lindsay of Hodson& Newcastle Sunday V and C, St Francrs, Newcastle. 3.30prn Thursday. Diocesan Consultors Meeting, Bishop's House,. Newcastle, to 3Com Friday: 0, Rev Steven Forster to the Priesthood, SI Mean's. Ashington, 3pm.

Bishop McCord*, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunder At & C, St Joseph. Coventry, 9arn.

-Pilgrimage. SI Ralph Sherwin, Ashbourne, 3.10pol Mondry: U & C. St Edward, Belly Park, 7.313prn Tueedar Agency Meeting, Si elerard's Hospital. Coleshiii, 5pm. Wednesday V. School & sick Ternworth. Slam. M for Silver Jubilee of St John Fisher School, West Heath, 7pm. Thursday: Committee Meeting. St Mary's Hospice, 'Birmingham, 12 noon Cathedral Gateman Meeting. 6pm, Friday: Management Committee Meeting, Vietnamese Pastoral Centre, Bormingham, 2pm 0 to Priesthood, Otton Friary, 6.30pin. sanitdor IA &C. St Joseph, Theme, Sum,

Bishop MaGulndess of Nottingham Sunder Pilgrimage to Rodeley, Derbys. (Si Ralph Sherwin), pm_ Thursday: V, Housebound, Hasson V. Presentation Convent. Buxton, 817m. Saturday Pilaf Servers' Rally, Corpus Christi, Clifton, Nottm, 2.30pm.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Sunder Pastoral V and C, Mary Immaculate, Chelmsford, Tuesday Commissioning at Eucharistic Ministers, Cathedra!, Bpm, Thursday: Chairs meeting of Bishops Liturgical Music Committee, Cathedral House, Brentwood, 12 1100r. Commissioning of Eucharistic Ministers, Cathedral. Sam

Bishop Mellon Auxiliary tor Westminster Sunday Pastoral V. $t Anselm's ;most% Southall Monday Area Team Meeting, Gumley House, 7pm. Toon:ker. Opens Conterence of GOvernors and Pdmary School Heads, St Mary's College. Strawberry Hill. wedneader Pastoral V. St Anseim's parish, Southall. Thursday Pastoral V. St Anselm's. Sootnall. U. Missionary insilitute, London. 6 30prn. Friday: Pastoral V. St Anseim's parish. Southall. Opens Conference of Governors & Teachers, new CorOinal, Wiseman High School, 5.30pin. C, St Edmunds. Whitton, 7 309m. Saturday: Prizegiving, Holy Cross Prep School, lyre.

Bishop Moverley of Hallam Monday J and P group at Bishop's House, 7rvn. Tuesday: Governors of Trinity and All Saints College, lOarn Wednesday Governors of diocesan Welfare Society at Leeds, lpm. Thunder Cutlers' Feast, Piet field, 6 30pm. Friday: Saint Peter's, Doncaster, 7prn, Bishop Mullins, Arse Bishop in Swansea Sunday G. St Jospeh's, Greenhill, Swansea, 11am, Civic Service al St Joseph's. Greenhiii, 3pm Ecumenical Service at St Mark's, Swansea, Sprn. Monday C at Our Lady. Queen of the Universe. Gendros, Swansea 7.30prn. Tuesday: C al The Sacred Heart. Morriston, Swansea. 7.30pm. Wednesday: Meeting with DES, London, 2.30pm. Thursday C at St David's, Swansea 7.30bm. Friday. NI for New Eritrants, Archbishop McGrath, Tondo, 7.30pm Seturday: 0 at St Joseph's, Greenhill, Swansea.

Wallop MurphyO'Connor at Arundet C Brighton Sunday: V. Weybridge. Thursday: PreeideS al Admissions to Candidacy, SI John's Seminary. Wonersh. Sere Saturday: Presides at 0 to Diaconate. St John's Seminary. Wonersh, 11arn.

Bishop J O'Brien, Auxiliary log Westminster Sunder V at The Good Shepherd. Sheniey Tuesday: Cafod Committee Meeting. t 45pm C. Or Lady Oueen of Apostles. WGC, lyre Wednesday Commissions Catecrests at Nicholas Breakspear School 4.30pm. Thursday Herta Area Education Teem meeting al SI Michael's KZ1111113, Ail Saints Pastoral Centre, 2pm. Friday Blesses new Art Block Cr St Joan of Arc School, Rickmansworth, 2 30pm. C al Our Lady Help of Christians. Rickmansworth. per ,Saturdar Day with Young People.

Bishop K O'Brien, Auxiliary Ica Middlesbrough klondayfThirrsder Give-Retreat to the Salford Clergy ai 'likely. Saturday: C at Wang Castle, tr 3Elam Bishop Itewsthorias, Auxiliary for Liverpool Suocter C, Holy Name, Liverpool, 11am M with the elderly, Metropolitan Cathedral. 3pm C St Leo's. Winston_ 6pm. Moodily FE ChaplaintY Comennlee Meeting. dyer. Wednesday: School's Commission Meeting, 10.15am. Deanery Pastoral Council Meeting, Isle of Man, 7.30pm. Thursday C. All Saints. LiVerpool, 7 30orn Saturday; FE Chaplaincy Meeting, S Kathertne's College, lOwn.

Bishop &wind/Morn al thexharn and Navvesstle Sunday: V and C, St Michaera Esh i,odn. Tuesday: Church Caring North East fa, St Mary's Stockton. 7 30arrn Thursday Diocesan consultors Meeting, Bishop's House, Newcastle, 10 30am C M, St Parninus, West Auckland. 7pm Bishop Thomas of Northampton Sunday V & C. St Clare's, Aylesbury. Monday: V. SI Louis School, Aylesbury, Cr,. Ecumenical Com missron. pm Tuesday: C. Our Lady's, Corby, 7pm. Wednesday C. Flawlek, 7.30pM, Thursday: Diocese, Assembly Working Party, 2pm C. Farnham Royal, lyre Saturday: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Weisingharn. Bishop Tripp, Auxillery for Southmark Sunder -Family Life Day at AyleefOrd, Wednesday: C at New Addington. 7.30pm. Friday: Catholic Children's Society Committee Meeting, 11 than Catholic AssociatiOn for Racial Justice AGM at Maria Assumpta Centre. Kensington. 6.30pm. Saturator V la Putney. C at Putney, llarn 0, John Kilmartin. FOP. to Priesthood at Surbdon, 7pm

Bishop Wellesley gaat Forces) Wednesday: Vicariate Trustees' Meeting. Farnborough, Plane.

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