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20th June 2003
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Page 12, 20th June 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: V Comus Lluisti School, Diocesan Education Council, St Mary's School, Archbishop's Council, Standing Committee, Catholic Children's Society Board, Inter-Church School, Holbrook School WALES, Retinal Priests' Committee, Item Standing Committee, Bishop's Council, Leavers* Service, Bishops' Standing Committee, Hewitt FridOam Archbishop's Council, Sacred Heart Church, V St Mary's RC Intern School, Si Mary Magdalene's Church, Thanksgiving Service, Ushaw College, St Peter's School, V St Dunstan's School,' Council, People Committee, Metropolitan Marriage Tribunal, Morram Standing Committee, Franciscan International Study Centre, All Saints Primary School, University of Newcastle, Attends Charismatis Renewal National Service Committee, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Newman College, Pastoral Centre, Diocesan Council of Priests mtg., Pickering Thu:am Council of Priests, Canal Office, Attends School's Commission, Lady's School, Diocesan Finance Board Pastoral Centre, St Mary's College, Great School, Cunal Office, Liverpool Archilincesan Centre, Work Service, V Worth School, Cardiff Office, Bishop Cenrcrence Standing Committee, Curia/ Office, St Joseph's Primay School, Si Berk's Inter-Church School, St John's Primary School, V Si Joseph's School, RC Primary School, Polish Church, V St Alban's School, Thusapiti Council, Society of the Sacred Heart, Bishop's Conference Standing Committee, Assembly Management Committee, bm Ilishogs' Contemner Standing Committee, Bishop Hodley High School, Thornton College, St Joseph's School, St Mary's Church


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Bishops' diaries

June 22 to June 27

Cardinal C Murphy-OTonnur ( Wealmin. ster I: Sun:11am Consecration of Church and New Altar, St John Fisher tRedboum. Hens), Morram Standing Committee tritg Tue:12noon Mt g of Churches Together in England Presi• dents 1Tavistock Square. London WC!). Wcd:12noon Re-launch of the Aprealeship of the Sea (Lloyds of London); 7pm: V Cornerstone Community t East Lotickm1 Thu:4:15pm Mends Vespers and Mass in memory of Cardinal Vaughan (Westminster Cathedral) Fri: I (lain' Council; 7pm: Celebrates MRS., 10 mark 100 years of the arrival of the Sisret, of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Si Mary Magdalene's Church, Whetstooe) Satan National Vocations

KM= (Allen (-(all. Chelsea). .

Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Sun:9:30am C Si Peter and the English Martyrs. Lower Gomel. Mon: Standing Committee mtg, London Weston Official Opening of Brushstrokes; 7:30pm C Sacred Mean and Holy Souls, Acocks Green, Thu:12:30pm aim with DSc/LEA Chief Education Officers. Ere 7pru Centenary Muss. Sacred Heart Parish. Eceleshall

Andibishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun:9:30ran V M St Michael. Kirkby, 2: loprn Mill Hill Centenary Mass, Metropolitan Cathedral of Chrira the King, Liverpool, Mon I(bm Ilishogs' Contemner Standing Committee, Westminster. Tuc: V Nugent Care Sex-rely. Isle of Man. Wed: I:30pm Chaplaincy mtg. St Mary. Lowe House. St Helens; 7:30pm M with Teachers: Liverpool Archilincesan Centre for Evangelisatiolt Thu:8:45am Merseyside Chnich Leaders' mtg, Bishop's Lodge, Liverpool 10imi: Merseyside Church Leaders Mr g with the Chief Constable, Bishop's Lodge. Liverpool. Fri:3pm Holy Hour with Priests: St Anthony of Padua, Mossley Hill, Liverpool: 7:30pm M of Thanksgiving, Sacred Heart Si Helens, Sac9am Interviews for the Permanent 1)taeonate: Archbishops House: I 2noon: M of Thanksgiving to mark the 2000 anniversary of the Restoration of the British Jesuits: St Francis Xavier, Liverpool; 3pm: Interviews for the Permanent Diaomate: Archbishop's House:6pm: V M St Peter & St Paul, Kirkby. Bishop K Conry (Arundel & Brighton):Sun: Fiesta. St Joseph's Hall. Strinington. Mon:12pm Asia-Primary Heads, Storrington; 7pm: Celebrates the Ruby Jubilee, Fr ilmy Shelley. Tue: &figs in London; 7pm: Dorking Deanery mtg. Wed: t I :301int Open Day and Blessing of New Building, St Joseph's School, HaywanIsileath. Thir5: 30pm V Worth School. Fri:1 pot Attends International Day at St Peter's School, Leatherhead: 7pm: Hosts Distant for Apostleship of the Sea, Sturrington.SaelOwn 0 to the Diaounak of Royston Pegley; 2pnt: Civic Service Borough of Elmbridge. Witty; 5pm: Choirs Festival Mass, Arundel Cathedral

Bishop ?Plunder (Et 'ham moil glbe.:2pm V Si Joseph's School. Droitwich; 7pm: C Dmilwich Wed:2pm V St Joseph's School Nuneaton; 7pm: C 0110,844's, Nuneaton. Thu:2pm V Comus Lluisti School, Coventry: 7pm:C Corpus Omuta Coventry. Pr1:9:45am V St Dunstan's School, Kings Heath: (lam: V St Alban's School. Kings Heath.

Bishop T McMahon Ilareatwoodi: Tue-Fri: Clergy Appointments. Sat:Gym Vigil Mass. St Francis of Assisi, Halstead.

B ishop D Lang (Clifton): Sun: V to the Good Shepherd. Butheaston, Bath. Tut:10:30am Bishop's Council, Corpus Christi, Weston-superMare 7:30pm C St John the Baptist, Trowbridge. Thu:10:30am Attends School's Commission mtg at Alexander House: 7:30pm C St Bernadette, Whitchurch, Bristol. Fri:7pm M of Thanksgiving for the Jesuits ticrvice in Tisbury at die Sacred licartlisbuty. Sat 10:30am Attends Si Peter's Grange Appeal event at Prinknash Abbey.

Bishop NI EvansfEast Anglia): SunAprn AGM of UCM at Cathedral Hall, Mon:7:30pm Centenary Mass, St Etheldredn's. Ely, Tee: Morn M Birth of St John the Baptist Cathedral Thu: Feast uf the Dedication of dw Cathedral; 10:30am Diocesan Council of Priests mtg. Poringland; 7:30pm Prize giving at Si Berk's Inter-Church School. Cambridge, Fri: None Dame Pyramid Schools In Service Training Day & Mass; 7:30pm Centenary Ma.% ut the Sacred Heart. St Ives. Sm:Lunchti toe Si John's Day at the Cathedral: 8:15pm Justice & Peace Vigil & Mass at Walsingharn.

B ishop J liausthorne (Hallam): Sun: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham. Mon.7pm C St Mary Magdalene, Maltby_ Tue. 10:45ani Diocesan Finance Board Pastoral Centre; 2:30pni Assembly Management Committee mtg. Pastoral Centre: 7:30pm C St Thomas More, Sheffield. Wednesday 23 June 30 Jun: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop A Griffiths I liesharn & Newcastle): Son:Ithin M Our Lady & St Ci Abed. Prudhoe; 6:311pot M Our Lady Jr St Cuthbert, Prudhoe. Mon:I 0:30m n "Internatamal Fetteratlon for Alternative Trade" Biennial Contemner:. University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Wed:12:30pm Attends Lunch at Primary School Houle:aches* Confer. ewe. Ushaw College. Durham: 7pm: Launch anew Diocesan Sacramental Guidelines, Ushaw College, Ihnham. Fri: I 0ant Attends Blessing of Extensioo to School at All Saints, Lanchester, Attends Charismatis Renewal National Service Committee mtg, Newman College. Birmingham. until Saturday 214th. Bishop D Koristant (Leeds): Mon: Bishop's Conference Standing Committee, London. Tue:7:30pm V Convent of the Society of the Sacred Heart, Leeds. Wed-7:30pm Centenary Mass, St Mary's. Batley. Thu:1 lam Mm with Deans, Hinsley Hall. Fri:1 lam Celebration of Priesthood, St Joseph's, Pontefract Billion A Roche (coadjutor. Leeds): Sun: 1 taut First Communion Has & Corpus Christi Procession. Polish Church. Bradford. Tue10:30am St Joseph's Primay School, Batley Carr 7:30pm C at Harrogate Deanery, St Ached's, Harrogate. Wed 7:30pin Centenary Mass, Batley. Thu 1 loon Mg with Deans, Hinsley Math 7:30pm M to close Novena, Cathedral,

Bishop V Malone (L'pool annul: Sun: V St Marie on the Sands, Southpint Mon:10:30am M St Mary's College. Crosby; 7:30pm C Sacral Heart, Leigh. Tuc:12 noon Joint Dialogue Group mtg. London. Wed: Joint Advisory Committee fm Church Colleges. London. Thu:10am Archdiocesan Investment Panel mtg; 7:10pm C St Joseph, Leigh. Fri:3pm Hui), Hour with Priests: St Anthony of Padua. Mossley Hill. Liserpuol. Hash T Williams tl.'pool au-sill Mom V St Mary Mogdalct Now tinhorn. Thte3pm Shrewsbury House Mobile Youth mtg. Liverpool. Fri:3pm Holy (lour with Priest, Si Anthony of Padua. Mossley Hill. Liverpool; 7:30pm M for the Palmnal Feast. Sacred Hem, Liverpool. Bishop J Croutey (Middlesbrough): Mon:7mn Celebrates Golden Jubilee of Priesthood Mass, St George's. Scarborough. Tue: 1 0:10um Meets with recently ordained priests_ W0,1,7piti C St Joseph's. Pickering Thu:am Council of Priests, Canal Office; pm: Bishop's Council, Curia/ Office_ Fre7tait Celebrates Petrone Area Coolie Maim. St Augustine's, Redcar. Sat/sun: Leads Diocesan 'Youth Pilgrimage to Mount Grace_ Bishop K McDonald (Northampton Suit 10:30um M for 45th Anniversary. s: Bernadette, Rothwell. Lue:pm Mtgs. Binh pHeine: 7:30pta CSaCred Heart, taloa Wed:71m. M & AOM, St Francis' Children's Sock-n: Milton Keynes. Thusapiti Council at Deacon. Bishop's House; 7:30pm C Our lady.. 011ie:. Friam Mtgs. Bishop's House: 12nocin: Lunch an Sacred Heart, Weston Riven; 6pm: Thanksgiving Service. Celebration. Thornton College. Sat Mtg for Revics of Pasmnd Strategy.

BInhup C HoRis (Portsmouth): Sun: fflarn V M St Lucy Convent Chapel, Medstead More ilium Bishops' Standing Committee mtg. Archbishop's House. Westminslet; 7por Diocesan Education Council mtg, Bishop's Muse, Portsmouth. Tue I lam Day for New leachers, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham: 7prii: C English Martyrs. Reading. Wed:11am Priest and People Committee nig; lpor C for St Edward's, Chan. dler's Ford & Our Lady of the Assumption, Hedge End al St Edward's, Chandler's Ford. Thu-Fit: Jersey, Channel Islands. Fri:7pin C for Central Area of Southampton Deanery.

Bishop T Brain (SalRird): Stun: M of 1 hunksgi ring. Sacred Heart, Accrington. Sat 0 to the preisthood of Fr Kaman Mullarkey. St Catherine's, Dicishwy.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun, Faith and Work Service, Shrewsbury 3pm. Tee: 20th anniversary St John's Hospice, Upton 12pm, C (Mod Shepherd, Stirchley 7pm. Wed: Episcopal Vicars, Cunal Office 10.30am: C SS Peter and Paul. Ness Brighton 7.30pin. The. 150th anniversary, St John's Primary School, Bridgnotth 2pin. Ft Juhilarians Mass, St Michael and All Angels. Bakenhead 14-en; C. Our lady until St Joseph's Scacombe 7.30,m. Sal: Catholic Handicapped Fellowship Mass, 2.30pin. Bishop J Hine (S'wittit Annul): Sun/Mon:No official engagements.The:2:30pm Talk to Ladies Ecumenical Group, Dag parish: 7pm: 0 to Priesthood, Franciscan International Study Centre, Canterbury. Wed: I2noon Attends Leavers* Service. St Mary's School, Westbrook, Folkestone. Thte7pm Wonersh Admissions to candidacy Fri:7:RJam Wonersh Conferral of ministries. 7:30prn C Sacred Heart. Sittingbourne. Sat: No Official Engagements.

Bishop A Hum (W'muister Sun:1:30pm Baptism in the parish of Chiswick; 7pni: C M in the parish of the 01-Katy. Moo: Interviews and Engagements. Archbishop's House; Overnight mtg in Hare Suter The: Interviews & Engagements, Archbishop's House: 2:30pm: Sick and Retinal Priests' Committee mtg. Ibu: Interviews & Engagements, ArChl:Utop's House; 4pin: Vespers for the Ikad followed by Solemn Mass at .510pm in die Cathedral on the IlK)nh Anniversary oldie death of Canlinal Vaughan. Fri: Inter. views A ravage:Bents, Archbishop's House, 7:30prn CM in the parish of Holloway. Sat: C M in th: parish of lianunersuuth.

Bishop It Langley (Wininster Ausib: Sun:10am C Si Patrick's, Wapping. Mon:5:45pm Catholic Children's Society Board wits; pm: Westminster Bishops' nag, Hare Street_ Tue:am Hare Street: 3pm: Cardinal Hume Centre AGM. Wed:2tini CCS Omit Shepherd's Macs, Westminster Cathedral. Thu: I lain Metropolitan Marriage Tribunal; 1:30pm Westminster Marriage & Family Life mtg; 4pm: Cemeniuy Requiem of Cardinal Vaughan, Solemn Vespers for the Dead; 5:30pm Solemn Requiem Mass, Westminster Callzdnil: 7:30pm AYWL. Hewitt FridOam Archbishop's Council; 7:30pm C St Agnes', Cricklewood. Sat:114111 National Vocation ForuniAllen WI; eipm:C St Anne's. Underwood Rand.

Bishop J O'Brien IW'minster. Hens areal: Sun:11:3(htm (' our Lady Queen of All Oration, Hemel Hempstead. Man:7:30pm St Datum's Retirement Mass& St Rose's School Boxmoor. Tue:7pm l'hree Schools Catechists Commissioning at Inter-to Convent Wed:2pm Golden Jubilee Muss, Our Lady's School, Welwyn Garden City, Thu:4: 15pnt & 5:30pm Cardinal Vaughan Memorial Services, Westminster Cathedral. Ed:10am Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House; 7:30pin C St Hugh's, Letchworth. Sa1:2pm Solemn An of Consecration. Shrine of Our Lady, Willerakn

Bishop G Stack (W'minster areal: Sun:10am c St Dominic's. Haverstock Hill MonAprn Westminster Bishops' nag, Hare Street. Tue:am Hare Street; 2pin: St Charles RC Primary School, St. Charles Square. Wed: 1 lam St Altai the 'Great School, Hellel Hempstead 'Thu:10am St Thomas More School. Chelsea; 4pm: Cenlowa Requiem of Cardinal Vaughan: Solemn Vespers for the Dead; 5,30pm Solemn Requiem Mass. Westminster Cathedral. Ed: I tlam Archbishop's Cooncil; I:30pm Sacred Heart Secondary School, Harlow: 7pm: C St John the Baptist, Hackney Sat:1111T National Vocation Forum, Allen Hall 7:30pm C St Patrick's, West Hendon,

Bishop H Tripp (Switch Sun:1 lam M Centenary of tht parish of Our Lady of Pity & Sn Simon Stock, Putney; 3pm: C Sacred Heart Church, Wimbledon. Mon:9:30am V St Mary's RC Intern School. Cmyelon. Tue. I I:30am V St Mary's RC Primary School, Surhiton. Wed:6:30pin Present at the launch of the MultiFaith Group for Healthcare Chaplaincy, 'Mused Commons. Fri:7:30pin 0 to the diaconate, Anthony Flavin, al St Andrew's. Thornton Hash, SIII!Ipm Chairs Public Life Commium mig Bishop T Burns (Forces): Wed: Lloyds of London. Re-launch of the Apostleship of the Sea. Thu: Intenlenominaticaud Advisory Group. Upavon. En: I 2:3Ohrs Clergy Silver Jubilee Lunch, Govemman lincse Aldershot: pm: Apostleship of the Sea, Amadei & Brighton Diocese. Sat: Wakling, Holbrook School


Archbishop P Smith (Cardin): Sun: I lam CI., ing Mass for St Michael & All Angels Chun Cokot, Barry. Mon:9:30am-2prn Bishop Cenrcrence Standing Committee mtg, We, Waster, Tue:7:30pm M for new entrants tu Bishop Hodley High School. Merthyr Tydfil. Wed:10:30am Celebration Mess of Citizenship in All Saints Primary School, Ebbw Vale; 7pm: C for the parishes cif Bridgers(' and Mantes in St Mary's Church, Bridgcod. Thu:12:30pm Mtg with the Bank of Ireland, Cardiff Office. 7pm Bishop M Made (Menevia): Sun:3pm Heath Abbey Cotpus Christi Mass. Mon:Item Standing Committee nog, Archbishop's House, Westminster

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham,): Sun:2:30pm Diocesan Pilgrimage to St Winefride's Well, Holywell. Morii3pm Mtg with CATSC Executive, Bishop's House. Tue: I (lam Mass an Flilibury House Nursing Home, Wrexham: I I:30am • 4:30ran Clergy Study nay, Llandudno, 7prn: C St David's. Mold. Fri:pm Youth 2000. Panuaaph

Key: IMMass. C-Cnrifirrnatioti VhEtiruniont, 0-Ordinatinn. Mtg-Meering. Selz-School. ESEcumenical Sen,ire.

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