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20th June 2008
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Page 14, 20th June 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Help Cathohc Primary School, Deaf Service Committee, Archbishop's Council, SI Dominnic's Pronary School, Corpus Christ Hugh School, St Paul's RC Junior School Liverpool, Anthdiocesan Centre, Catholic Youth Service, Mayfield/St Loonies School, St Joseph's High School, St David's Children Society, Ernmatn Centre, Bishop Medley High School, Cribs Centre, St Paul's School, St Edmund Campion Pninary School, Si Joseph's School, Mildmay Hospital, St Belle's Catholic Primary School, US Federal Reserve, St Soseph's Primary School, Loreto College, Priests' Council, Annual General Assembly of the Brush Asiawsiririn, Holy Rood Church, St Mary's University College, St Bernard's Catholic /Egli School, SI Timothy's RC Infants School, Gillis Centre, TM Committee, Child Protection Commission, College of Consultors, High School, Council of Priests, St Mary's School, Anniversary Service of the National Health Servas, St Paul School, Ter Tenglie Church, St Joseph's Hugh School, St Edmund Campion School, St Elisabeth 's School, Catholic High School, Lawside Academy, Feld Day Celebrations St Peter's School, Curial Office, Pastoral Centre, Marts St PAory's Cabotic Primary School, Diocesan Association of Secondary Headleachers, Gifford School, Cardinal Ninnies School, Fn Intonational Catholic Foundation, Committee for the Welfare, RC Primary School, St Paulo School, Pastoral Council Gillis Centre, Blessed Hugh Faringdon School, St Rose's Catholic Infant School, Department for Schools and Colleges, Pastoral Regain:es Centre


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June 22 to June 29

Cardthal Murphy•O'Conoor (Westminster) Sum Celebrates Ordination to Diaeonate of Vincent Malone. Alkn Hall, Beaufort Street. noon. Mont Interviews and Engagements. Archbishop's House. Tie. Attends Royal Day Sersice, Ter Tenglie Church, London. %%fed Sat Attends meetings in Rome.

Archbishop Kelly 'Liverpool! Sun: National Board of Catholic Vslarsen Conference. Nottingham. Mon Fn Intonational Catholic Foundation in the Service of Deaf People Pilgrinsige.Rome.Tue Cele times Mass with lilgrion. st Paid Doti& ttx Walls Wed. Papal Audience. St Peter's &Mare, 1030m; Conference with Pilgrims. Shrine of Lavino Amore . Ipm: Dinner with benefactors of the Bishops' Comfiar e nce of England and Wales. Varican Gardens, 730pm. Thu: International Mass with Pilgrim. Altar of the Chair. St Peter 's , lOarni Social Gathering with Pilgrims, Shrine of Divino Armor. I &thin; Dinner with benefactors of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. Hotel de R11.1. 7.30pm. Sat Dav of Recollecuon for the Wi gon Pastoral Area. St hair. Wigan. 101m: snoods Bnnen's 'War Roadern'. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. 7 3t1pm Archbishop Nichol (Birmingham) Sun. Mass. Bloom. 10 30am Tue. Conlimatiorr. Halesowen. 7pm Wed. him and Presentation of Ubi Caritas Awards. Cathedral. 7pm. Sims. St Edmund Campion School. Etdington, I lam: Confirmations. Perry Barr. 7pm

Bishop Arnold (Atistiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun. Cathethul Mass, San. Mom Oxfoni and Cambridge Education Tont ,thfued University. 5pm. lire Thu.: Bishops' CoMmonee Supponers, ROM,. Fn Remo' from Rom; Confirmatiro. Horror Sooth. 7 Saran_ Sat emit-inflame. Cockfosters 2.30pin.

Bishop Campbell (Coadjutor Lancaster) Sow OXLIP/WI Vitii11111011 (with Connotation ) of St Way's, DIverston, am: Confirmation, Our Lady and St Margaret. Dalton. pm. Mon: Marts St PAory's Cabotic Primary School. Diversion. am. Toe. Visits St Bernard's Catholic /Egli School, Barrow. am. Wed Vents St Belle's Catholic Primary School,Callisle, Thu. Preaches at Mass for Corpus Christ, High School. St %Amgen Preston. am. Fri. Visits Good Shepherd Day. Our Lady 'Ind Si Michael's, Work. insole. am. Leavers' Mass fur St Bernard's Yin 11 Leavers...St Mary's,Barrow, pm Sat, Lamch of new stink on St Pad with Cardinal. Wcommom Cathedral. pm.

Bishop Coney (Arundel & Bnghton) Sun Fuse Holy Coommion.All Saints Horsham Would Youth Day. Dahcec. Mon Council of Priests' meeting, Dahcec. Deans' meeting. Daher; celebration for Mrs Julia Datum. Retiring from Mayfield/St Loonies School, 7pm. Tar. Citfod Trustees' meeting. Thu: Feld Day Celebrations St Peter's School, Memos. 9am; visits Si Joseph's School. Epsom. Sat Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate of Aldan Lynch. Egliam Hydro, lints

Bishop Doyle INonhamptom Sum: Confirmation, Damn.. Nortants. 10.30am_ Mon --Tor No official engagements. Wed Meeting with Diocesan Inter.Fartit Co-ordontor, Bithop's House.11arn Thu. Aylcsbtry Clergy meting and huM. Bishop's House, I lam; meeting, Bishop's House. 4pm. Confirms. tion Winslow, gpm. Fri: Finance Board meeting and Iona. Bishop's Howse, 10 301111 S:11 Priestly ordination of Simon Penhalagan. Cathedral. noon.

Bishop Mobley (hfiddksbrough) Mon, Presides ▪ Poculy Golden Jubilee Celebration. SS Joseph and Cuthbert. Loftus, 7pm. Toe: Attends CAFOD Photo Exhibition, St Wilfrid's:rink, 11 .30ain. celebrates Confirmation, Our Lady and St Edward. Driffield, 7pm, Wed. Celebrates Confirmation. Si Charles Histionerraull.7pm_Tha Blessing of Ham&non STOW. Stanbrook Abbey, Was. 41en. Fri: Blessing of Shrine of Oar Lady of Guisborough. St Pauli

Guishorough. 7pm. Sat. Leafs Apostleship of the Sea Pilgrimage, Holy Inland, amipm.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Son Parish Visitenon. Satiston. Sat: Diocesan Celebration of Marriage and Family Life. Cathedral. I I am: Diaconal Ordinaltam. All Soul's. Peterborough, 6pm.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark! Sun: 131.1hozn Deanery Corpus Christi Procession. l'ClitiffiedflieSe1.2.30Pm.; Confirmations, Roney , 6pm . Mon: Confereraie fit Clergy, Strawberry Hill. 4pm. Tim; CalferPTICe for Clergy. Strawberry. Hill, am Ipm

nal: Deaf Service Committee meeting, L0116313. 4pm. Sat ISA day to child protection). Downham.

Bishop Hine (Aoxiliary Bishop of Soinhwark) Sim Celebrates Mass, Rochester Young Offenders, 9am; celebrates Mass, Cookham Wood Prison, tO.I5ara, Confirmation. St Augustine's, Tunbridge Wells. 5.45pm. The Visit to St Soseph's Primary School, Northfleet. 9.30am: celebrates Mass for RE Co-ordinators of diocese. Ernmatn Centre. West Wickham, 53.n.

Bishop Ho& (Portsmoutb) Sim : Parish Visitation Mass, St Joseph's, Havant, I tarn' Bishop's Meeting, Clifton. Mow Bishop's Meeting. Clifton. TM" Coordinating Pastors meeting, Bishop's House, Portsmouth. Blear10.30am; Dedication of Church. St John the Baptist. 7pm. Wed Cimilirmation for Flarapethe Downs Naomi Ales, St Petit Winchester, 71m Thu: Bishop's Conned meeting, Wirches. ter. 10am 10.30am. Ni; 50th Anniversars. Cele • brotioso. Blessed Hugh Faringdon School.Reading. [lam 3pm: Confirmation for Central and Wrist Reading Pastoral Area. English Martyrs, Rending. 7pm Bah., Hopes (Westminster) Sun Attends the St llamas More Pasmoal Festival, Franr. Moo Reams from the St Tic eras Mon: Parma' FestiY td. France. Toe Attend, NI..., and Annual General Assembly of the Brush Asiawsiririn id the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Brompum Drawly. 10.3fianr. celebrates Confirmation Mass, St Michael's, Ashford,

.71pm. Thu: Engagements. hhishups House. am: 'Cain meeting of the Committee for the Welfare. of Sit and Retired Ptiesis,Arehbishop's Hnuc. 130pm. Fri: Flies to Stuttgart, Germany. Sat: Presides ar Marriage in Germany.

Bishop Kenney 03-Mminghscro SIM: Confirmations. Sacred Heart. Herdey-on-Tharnes, 10,30am Sun Mon. Bishop's meeting. Clifton. Men: Confirmations. St Aloysius, Oxford, 6pm Toes Caritas Social Action Network Trustees meeting. London. 110013. Wed Confirmations, Our Lady and St

Southam, 7pm 'Thu: Confirmations. Si Joseph the Worker, Banbury, 7pm, Fri: Ordination to Priesthood, TheOntory,Oxfad, 6pm. Sat Youth Weekend, Oscon.

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Toe: Confirmation. Holy Rood, Swindon. 7.30pm. Wed: Department for Schools and Colleges meeting. Bristol. 10 30atn, Fri. Mass to celebrate father John Blacker's Ruby Inbike, St Gregory. the Great. Cheltenham, 7pm.

Bishop Longky (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Foot Holy Communion for the Viemarnese Community. Poplar. 10.341am; visits Gardens Open fee Charity. National Garden Scheme, 12 Bushberry Road, Homerton, 2pm: celebrates Confirmation, St Monica's. Boston, 7pm. 'fuer Celebrates Mass for Cardinal Ninnies School. Om Lady of Willesden Shrine, Ithin, followed by Poems' Das lunch:Maria Fidolis Sixth Finn visit to Archbishop's Ilruse,Westininstcr, 330prro celebrates SPES Graduation Mass, St Patrick's. Soho, 6pm Wed: Pastoral Visit to Catholic Cliiithrn's Society Henfonithre Community Project, London Colncy, Ill 3( lion, celebrates Confirmation. St Abysim , Somers Town. 7 30prn. Thu: Preview of CD "Images of Perfection". Eccleston Square.10.30ann: Pastoral Visit, Mildmay Hospital. Hackney Road, 2pm: celebrates Confirmation tor the Travelless'Cormamity, St SchohisticaS,Clopton. 5.30pm. Fri, Archbishop's Council. Atuhhishop's House, 930um: blesses mosaic , Sacred Heart &Moot Holloway. 2.30pm, celebrate, Confirmation. St Gabriel's, Upper Holloway. 7pm. Sat. Celebrates Confirmation, St Thome. More. Manor House, noon: concelebrates Mass for s LIT of Pauline Year. Westminster Cathedral.3.30pm: celebrates Cmdirmation. The Blessed Saerament,Copestagen Street. 6 30pui.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun, Confirmations. SI Edmond's, Beckertharn, 3pm. Thu: Confrmations. SI Stephen's, Welling. 7 .30pen. Mass, Sr Peter tend St Paul School, °Tinton, Coedmations. St David's, Abbey Wood. 7pm.

Bishop McGuogh (Birmingham> Sun: roarrwasions, Sacred Heart. Hanky. I lam: Bishops' meettoo. Must 4pm. Mar: Visits Gifford School, Wolverhampton, 2pm: Coedurriations, Ss Peter and Paul,

Wolverthanpani.7por Wed Lectries.Maryvak Institute. TM Committee for Ongoing Forrnalion.Oscott 11Jam, Visits St Mary's School. Walsall. 2prri: Cenfir. matrons. St Mary's, Walsall. 7pm. Fri: ‘'isits SI Dominnic's Pronary School. Star. 2pm; Confirmations, Stone. 7pm. Sat: Ordination to Priesthood Christopher Miller, St Wulstan '5.Woistarnou B ishop McMahon (Brentwood' Tue Fri Clergy Appoint:mem Sat Attends Cotillions Centenary Dinner. Stitikhrook Mans. 7pm,

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham Son [Moe • sm. Pilgrimage to Walt:whom Moo: CTAL Meming. Lincoln, laam Confirmation. All Saints. Glossop. 7pm. Wed: Visits St Edmund Campion Pninary School. West Bridgford. 10 30arn: Confirmation. St Thomas More. Knighton, 7pm. Thu Confirmation. St Teresa's. Aspky. 7 pen. Fri Celebrates Mass for the 30th Anniversary of St Paul's School, Leicester. I lam. Sar. Golden Jubilee of Rev Michael Stappard. St Joseph's. Suttonin-Ashfield. l lam

B ishop Madame (Liverpool) Mon: Mass of Thinksgiving kr those wotharig in Edacation.Liver pool Anthdiocesan Centre far Evmgebstation. 730pm Thu: Mass with Secondary School Chaplains. St Miry, Lowe Hume, St Helots, 3pm: CooficeD01011. St Marie of the Artramcianon. Standish. 7.30pm Fri. Confirmation. St Francis Xavier, Liverpool. 7 3(.1prn Sat Omfinration, St Pear sod St Michael. Hboloon. 6.30pm.

neap Noble (Shrewsbury) Sum Christian Life Conference (conunued). Loyola Hall Tue. LPA Confunuttion. Al Saints. Telford. 7pm. Thu: LPA Confnmation, St Wine(ride's Nestor with Our Lady and St Mm's, Henvall. and Holy Family, Pen:1y. fpm. Pro; Meeting with Diocesan Association of Secondary Headleachers. Loreto College, Almachem., 9.30arm meeting of all Clew. Religious and Child Protection Commission members, St Culionba's, Chester, 7pm. Sat Meeting web the 26 LPA Catechists, Sr Nicholas Catholic High School, Hartford, lam: Diocesan (lathering of all Catechists, St Nicholas Catholic High School_ Hartford. 1230pm.

Bishop O'Domoghne (Lancaster) Soo Tue: Visit Cork for Ordination to Priesthood Wed: Good Shepherd Day. St Kentigern . Blackpool Man, for Corpus Christ Hugh School. St Walburge. Photon. 10.30am. Catholic Caring Services meeting. Preston. 4im. Sat Confirmation, St Cotiertha, Barroo 53osso Bishop Permits (13 inningham) Su: Conf. rinatioin. Steelfoni 9 3Com; Confirmations. Simi loss". 1130am. Toe Oscon Trustees meeting. In 3(arn. visits School, Solihull. 2pm: Confirmations.

7pm. Wert Mass. St Anthony's. Ikiiverhampron. 7pm. Thu: Visits School, Rednal, 1.30pm: Confit Redtud. 7pm. Pie: Mass, St Paulo School. Edgbastoo.

Bishop Rnmedamme (Hallam) Son: Confinnanon. St Joseph's. Retfoni. 10am: Lindholtne Prison. 3pm. Mon: Brad:rick! Music Festiva/. Tibpm. Tug: CAFOD Booed anal Trustees meeting. London. Wed Committee Mr Mission and Unity. Pastoral Centre. Zpm: Churches Together in Sprothrongh. 7.30pm. Thu: Assembly Management Cominince meeting, Bishop's Home, 10am. Confirmation, Holy Rood Church. Barnsley, 7pm. Fri: Mass. Out Lady of For] rust Help Cathohc Primary School, Bentley. 9 Minim Sat: Diocesan Pilgrimage to WaLsingham

Bishop Rothe (Leeds) Sun Moss. Golden Julike of Canon Vincent O'Hara. Pateley Bridge, 10_30am: Lourdes Youth and WYD pre-departure Mass. Kirk. stall Abbey. Leeds. 3pm. Moo Mass.50th Ammer. eery of St 7ardfrid's. Leeds. 7pm Wed Catholic Care Trustees' meeting, Hinsley Hall, 2 30pin Thu: VGs meeting. Bishop's House. Clam: fifth Anniversary Service of the National Health Servas . Leeds Parish Clusch, 4pm, Fri Sat Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Stack (Westminster SunConfirmations. St Thomas of Canted:um; and The English Martyrs, Royston, l03Oam. MonOfficial opening of outdoor quad area, St Rose's Catholic Infant School. Hemel Hempstead, 11 am: Clergy Conference on Paoli', Year, St Mary's University College, Twickenham. 4pm Toe: Confirmation. St Elisabeth 's School. Much Haitian, 2pm. Wed, Carimnrotion , Our Lady and St Michael, Gordon. 7pm. ThuConfirmabon, Holy Trinity and St Augustine of Canterhory. Baldock, 7pm Fn. Onliattinn to Diaconate or Broder Alan Neville, SS Albans and Stephen. 7.741prn Sat: Celebrates Wedding, Westminster Cathedral. 1 30pot Mass for Inauguration of Pauline Year, Westminster Cathedral 330per Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sum Visitation Mass, St Mary.Aughtein, 9ann visitation Mass, Most Holy Redeemer and St Saivism. Meiling. 10 30arn: Confirmation for the Stoncycmft Pastoral Area. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, LIMpcol_ Moll: Opening of new playground. Om Lady hormoulate RC Primary School, Liverpool, 130pm: Confirmation, St Bartholomew. Barnhill. 7.30pm. TI1, N'isits St Seta tun's RC Primary School, Liverpool, 9 20am: vises St Cuthbert's RC Primary. School. Liverpool. 130pm. Wed: Visits Si Paul's and SI Timothy's RC Infants School, Liverpool, 930am: visits St Paul's RC Junior School Liverpool. 1 .30pms Confirmation, St Oswald, King and Maityrs. Warrington, 7pm. Thu: Visits St Matthew 's RC Primary School. Liverpool. 9.30arni Legal Dinner, Adelphi Hotel. Liverpool. 7.30pm. En: Confirmation. St Anthony, Onchan. Lsle of Man, 7.30pm. Sat Confdmation. St Mary of the Isle, Douglas. Isle of Man. 3pm.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sum Mass, St David's Cathedra, f lam. Mon. Child Ptotecnon Meethig, Archbishop's House, 1 lam 'Ilse New Erman:La Wes, Bishop Medley High School. 7pm. Wed: Closing Mass, St Francis S000l.Abessychan. I lain: COPCA Presentation on ISA. St Joseph's Hugh School. Newport:7pm. Thu: College of Consultors, Pastoral Regain:es Centre, II am: Confimations, Om Lady of Peace, Newb6dge.7pro Fri; New Enn-ants Mass. St Joseph's High School, Newport. Ilam, Sat: Annual Mass for St David's Children Society, 230pm.

Bishop labalf (Menevia) Sun: Confirmations, Parish ul Haverfordwest.10am. Mon: Province meeting.Ardinishop's House,Cardiff. I lam. Tue Ennagc • ments. Curial Office, loran.

Bishop Regain (Wrexham) Sum Confirmatins, Nevetown.930arn; Diocesan Pilgrimage to St Wine. hide's Well, Holywell. Spar. Mon: Meeting with Secondary Heads. Presbytery. Flint 3pen: Ongoing Fonnation of Clergy Commit:scion. Prestaryn, 7pm. Toe: Priests' Council , Loreto, lOonu Cathechtil.Lcaving Mass for LSIJ Sisters. Wrexham, 7pm. Wed: Silver JubileeCekbration, Cannel. Dolgellau. Ilium ICC. Wrexham, 7 30pm lbw meeting for WYD08 pilgrims. Stella Mans. 5.30pm -630pm; Confirmations. Llandudno. 7pm. Fri: Official opening of St Winefride's House. Holywell, I lam. Sat. Priestly Chtlination of Den Christopher Howard, Buckley. 130pm SCOTLAND

Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) SOW Meeting with Church of &Attend group joining Wodd Youth Day Pilgrimage to Sydney, Cribs Centre, Edinburgh. 2pm: Farewell Thanksgiving Mass for axistieship of LTrsialines of Jesus leaving St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh:Gillis Centre.. 3pm. Motu Mass and meal with dekgates from CIDSE, SCIAF Offices. Glasgow.6pm. Toe: Meeting of Arcialidessan Pastoral Council Gillis Centre, Edinburgh. 7pm. Wed. Meeting of Catholic Youth Service, Pluscatelen Abbey. Elgin, I lam, and overnight. Fri: End of Term Mass. St Margaret's Academy. Livingston, filam; Meeting of Trustees of Archdiocese. St Mary's. Highgate, 3pm.

Bishop Logan (Dunkeld/Dondm) Sun: Mass and Picnic .AuckleeksTrinefoir. Mon; Meeting with Astimptionists, noon Tut: Mass. WeLlbuin House, Mon; Interview with Scottish Catholic Observer, 1130am: Prize Giving Cs-lemony, Lawside Academy. Dundee, 7pm. Wed Mass. Diocesan Centre. Dundee, noon.

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