Page 7, 20th March 1936

20th March 1936
Page 7
Page 7, 20th March 1936 — NEW COUNCIL FOR PALESTINE

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People: J. H. Thomas


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Half the Members Against Jews

Mr. J. H. Thomas, the Colonial Secretary, contributes a foreword to a white paper issued by the Colonial Office explaining the government's proposed new constitution for Palestine.

It is proposed that the legislative council shall consist of twenty-eight members, made up of eleven Moslems, seven Jews, three Christians, two "commercial" members and five officials.

Only twelve members will be elected— eight Moslems, three Jews and one Chrislion, the others being nominated.

Only Palestinian citizens aged 25 and upwards can s,ote at the elections. Each community will decide if its women shall vote.

Arab Leaders' Opposition

The council will debate all bills introduced by the government, and amend them for assent or dissent by the High Cornmissioner.

Each of the three communities in Palestine, Jews, Moslems and Christians, will have its own electorate, and English, Arabic and Hebrew may be used in the debates.

Criticism of the proposals is made in a memorandum submitted recently to Mr. Thomas on behalf of a deputation of Anglo-Jewry.

The memorandum points out that half the members of the council will be persons antagonistic to the establishment of the Jewish National Home.

"The Arab leaders." it adds, "have made no secret of their determination to use every means at their disposal to defeat the intentions of the mandate."

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