Page 7, 20th March 1936

20th March 1936
Page 7
Page 7, 20th March 1936 — THEY FOLLOW THE WINDS

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People: R. Gronow
Locations: Cardiff


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A New Theory

Routes followed by tramps on their journeys through Wales were discussed by the South Wales joint vagrancy committee at their meeting in Cardiff.

Dr. Roberts had a considerable experience of casuals and wards in both the north and south, and as far as he could see the man who now formed the greater bulk of the " floating population" was the habitual nomad.

" I really believe that some of them follow the wind," he said. " They always walk with their backs to the prevailing wind and make a circle, which takes them through Wales in about six months."

Content to Walk the Roads

Mr. R. Gronow (the chairman) agreed with Dr. Roberts up to a point, but suggested that in the seaport towns there was a considerable proportion of men who were looking for ships.

A Western Mail and South Wales News reporter spoke to Dr. Roberts at the close of the meeting and he was told that there were well-defined journeys made by the casuals.

He referred to a family who had been on the road all their lives. There were husband, wife, and two children, and they had told him they would not settle down anywhere.

They were quite content to walk the roads of Wales until they were so old that they had to enter, until their deaths, a public assistance institution.

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