Page 4, 20th March 1942

20th March 1942
Page 4
Page 4, 20th March 1942 — IN A FEW WORDS

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

Dr. Temple I THINK I was the only non-Anglican guest at the luncheon given last week by the Church Union to launch the new pamphlet, A Christian Realm. (I reserve the right to call myself " the only Catholic guest " present; but it would be rather tactless to use that expression in reference to a gathering in which the name " Catholic' was throughout taken for granted as designating the people and the views discussed.) It was the first appearance in London of Dr. Temple since his nomination to the See of Canterbury, and I had the honour and the pleasure of being introduced to him and chatting with him for quite a time before the lunch actually began. We discussed Russia and criticism of bishops by the press! He is one of those celebrities who have the gift of putting the shy visitor wholly at his ease, and, as a result, I fear I talked more than be did.

Church and People

Church Union had the happy notion

of arranging their lunch at a British Restaurant, and nothing could have been more successful. The room' looked extraordinary like a convent or monastery refectory, and the fare was of much the same quality and abundance. Some notabilities were a trifle shocked by the cup of tea—instead of the more customary coffee—which ended the meal, but they drank it bravely. I hope this sets a precedent. Too many gatherings, more or less in the name of the Church, are held in smart restaurants or hotels—and this means that the enterprise is begun about as far away as possible from the spirit of a true Christian gathering.

Guilds or Corporations FICHE Archbishop spoke simply and clearly, 1 and never have I heard the reason for the Church's concern with social and economis matters better expounded. He pointed out that since the daily social and economic life of thespeople embodies so many of the values taken for granted both by the people themselves and by society, it is obviously the Church's duty to see that the 'values are in harmony with the religious and moral values of Christianity,. Though he was most cautious in distinguishing principles from policy, I was a little surprised to hear him come out so definitely for a " guild " system. This is much the same as a " corperative " system, but a corporative system in harmony with Rertem Novarum and not Signor Mussolini. Certainly it would be a good idea if we in this country dropped the word "cor

porative " altogether and used the English word " guild " with its English associations. That, I think, is what Dr. Temple feels.

Definition of a Primate A FTER Mr. Reckitt had spoken eloquently 4--A and amusingly, recalling the dictionary definition of " Primate " as " the highest order of mammals," Miss Dorothy Sayers spoke impromptu, and caused much amusement by telling a press photographer to go away: " Go away, young man; I'm not the giant panda." That, she told us disarmingly, was the only bit of her speech that she had prepared. Though how she knew that the lunch would be punctuated throughout by magnesium flashes I don't know.

Leadership of the Fourth Estate I AM indebted to " Man-in-the-Street," who writes the enlightened " Notes or News " in the Newspaper World, for the following: " It is a good thing that newspapers live for the day, because they would be laughed at for what they printed the day before. What sorry things old issues seem. It is another good thing that a newspaper has no memory; only a library.

" I have been looking at some not very old files. and I quote just a few of the headlines:

Why Russia Cannot Fight. Singapore is Impregnable. Why France Must Win.. The Genius of Gamelin. Japan Will Keep Out.

Darien the Friend of Britain. , There will Be No.War This Ypar (1939) or Nex:.

Why Don't Army Bands Play for the People?

Leave it to Laval."

St. Martha in Request I AM told from Ireland that The House of Peace, a devotional book by Fr. M. F. Egan, S.J. (Dublin: Gill), is one of the " best-sellers " in recent Irish publishing. From it I borrow a story that will appeal to those people who are not gifted in the contemplative virtues.

" I remember an old Carmelite Prioress,' a soul very dear to God (and now, I feel very sure, enjoying the light of His Presence)," Fr. Egan writes, " telling me of her troubles. The enclosure wall was falling down, the dairy was giving trouble, the hens were not layiog, the kitchen range was out of order. I ventured to quote Our Lord's words, • Martha, Martha . . ." Martha indeed!' she exclaimed, I wish I bad a few Marthas in here to help roe, instead of all these Marys! ' " Papers for the Thoughtful A N excellent—and I believe absolutely " true—story comes my way. A canvasser for a Catholic paper approached a priest in a district that shall be nameless. " It's no use your trying to Sell your paper at my church," the canvasser was told. " None of my people ever think for themselves." " But couldn't we have a shot?" the canvasser urged. " Perhaps a few copies could be sold." " Very well," the priest agreed. " You can, if you like, make a start." The pleased canvasser then enquired how many copies should be sent. " One," came the retort. " I shall read It, and I think for my people."

Mail-Order Religion " y TALKED with God . . . 1. Yes I did, I actually and literally . . . and so may you. I talked with God twelve years ago. And now? Well, I am President of the News-Review Publishing Company, which corporation publishes the largest circulating afternoon daily in North Idaho. I own the largest office building in my city. I drive two beautiful cars, I own my own home which has a lovely pipe-organ in it, and my family are abundantly provided for after I'm gone."

This advertisement, measuring 9 inches by 8, with a reproduction of the business-like face of Dr. Frank B. Robinson, Founder of " Psychiana," Moscow, Idaho, appears in a New York daily, and claims that " Psychiana," a non-profit religious concern founded in 1928, is the largest " religious movement in the world operating entirely by mail." Dr. Robinson will supply those interested with " all preliminary and explanatory information free," and is ready to show how " after 42 years of horrible, dismal, sickening failure, everything (when he had talked with God) took on a brighter hue." He adds that " it's fascinating to talk with God " and offers to show others how to do the same. The Same Everywhere APERSONAL letter from the secretary of the Social Credit Board, Alberta, Canada, mentions the fact that the writer sometimes sees, even in that remote prowince, quotations from articles in this paper with favourable comments. He then pro-. ceeds: ''Over here, and even in the States, the trend of thought (due of course to propaganda) is favouring more every day a socialistic or bureaucratic form of dictatorship. Of course the average man in the street does not realise where this leads and is falling into the trap set for him by Finance. Out here it is generally recognised that the present financial system, with its overwhelming debt and consequent poverty and insecurity, is outmoded, and many people have the idea, planted deliberately, that Socialism is the remedy. All this makes it difficult-to drive home to the people that Socialism is just another form of Totalitarianism and is as dangerous to ,Democracy as any ether form."

An Idea IN the current Country Life there is a

lovely picture of the church amid the orchards at Newington. The caption states: " Here Henry I buried nuns up to their necks and left them to starve." I recommend the idea to Dr. Goebbels and "Baron" Bushido—and also to those who are always able to get such up-to-date evidence of the latest atrocities from Germany and Japan.


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