Page 2, 20th May 1966

20th May 1966
Page 2
Page 2, 20th May 1966 — citts., porU s i 7 s

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citts., porU s i 7 s

Sir, — I hope Archbishop Murphy will forgive me for taking issue with him on the paragraph about the workerpriests in his article on the lay apostolate (May 6).

It is suggested there that the experiment of the workerpriests was a "tragedy" and that those heroic priests lacked in faith and piety. This is not quite the truth as I learned it from the many close friends I have among them.

While it is true that some left the Church in understandable impatience it is also true that the curial intervention which led, against the advice of the French hierarchy, to a harsh diminution ( not suppression) of this experiment was largely brought about by the efforts of a wealthy industrialist who was later sought by the police for fabricating plastic bombs on a large scale in order to assist the extreme right-wing in the Algerian question which led to unprecedented horrors committed by Catholic officers and soldiers who went to Mass on Sundays and shot Moslem patients in hospitals on weekdays.

Surely, the very fact that the Council reversed the decision should have made it clear to all of us that neither the experiment nor the priests who continued loyally under the guidance of their bishops though under a cloud of popular suspicion deserve to be dismissed so uncharitably and unfairly?

Theo Westow Salisbury, Wilts.

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