Page 10, 20th November 1998

20th November 1998
Page 10
Page 10, 20th November 1998 — BISHOPS' DIARIES NOVEMBER 22 TO 28

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

Cardinal B Hume tVliestminster):Sun: Arles Symposium on St Augustine of Canterbury, France. Mon: Senate of Priests. London Colney. Wed: Interviews & Engagements, Arehbp's He. Thu: Bless Pelligrini Bldg. Cardinal Vaughan Sch, 6.30prn. Fri: M. Allen Hall Seminary, 6pm,New Priests Party. Allen Hall, 7pm.

Archbishop M Couve de Murvine Birminghami: Tue: Council of Clergy Mtg, Mary vale. 10am. Maryvale Trustees Mtg. 6pm. Thu: Mtg. Newman Cull Trustees. I lam. Fri/Sat: Foundation Catholic Anglaise Mtg. Institut Catholique, Paris.

Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): Sun:C. Maidstone South. 10.30am, Tile: Meets Director. Catholic Children's Soc. Noon. C. Canterbury. Fri: Laity Commission. Archhp's Hue, 7pm Sat: M. Convent of Handmaids of Mary. Clapham Pk. 9am.

Bishop C Murphy O'Connor (Arundel & Brighton): Sun: Diocesan Trustees Mtg. I lam. Mtg, Cathedral Vise. Arundel, W Sussex, 2.30ptn. Primgiving. St Richard's Sch. Bexhill. 7pm. Wed: Council of Priest; Mcg„ DABCEC, Crawley. W Sussex. Thu: Mtg. DABCEC, Crawley. W Sussex, I lam. Fri: Mtgs. St Joseph's Hall. Storrington. W Sussex am/pm.

Bishop P Pargeter (Wham auxii): Sun:Civi M Cathedral, 10.30am. Tue: Council of Clergy Mtg, Mary vale, I lam. Trustees Mtg. Holland Hse, Cnopthorne, 6.30nm. Wed: V. OL Sch, Worcester, 2pm. C. OL's. Worcester, 7pm. Thu: University Chaplaincy of

Wolverhampton. lice Mtg. -lpfn.

Lourdes C'tice Mtg. Cathedral Hue. 7.30prn. Fri: V. SS George at Teresa Sch. Dorridge, 10am. Presentation of Certificates, Marvvalc, 7.30pm.

Bishop M Alexander (Clifton): Sun: V & C, St John's. Bath. Tam Teacher's M. St Peter's High Sch. Gloucester.7.30pm. Wed: M & Certificates Everting. St Bede's Sch, Lawrence Weston, 7pm. Thu: Art & Architecture Cure Mtg. Sat: Advent S with CAFOD. Cathedral, 3pm.

Bishop P Smith (East Anglia): Sun: V. All Souls. Peterborough. Wed: Diocesan Schs Commission. Norfolk & Waveney Churches Together in Norwich Diocesan Offices, Poringland. 10.30am. Thu: CTS AGM, London, 2pm. Fri; Norfolk & Waveney Churches Together in Norwich.

Bishop J Rawsthorne (Hallam): Sun: M. Cathedral. 6.30pm. Mon: V. St Vincent's, Liturgy Commission Mtg, Pastoral Centre, 730pm, Tue: Church Leaders: Mtg. Sheffield. 12.30/3.30pin. V Harehills Cs. Chesterfield, 5.30pm. Social Evening. Annunciation Parish Hall, Chesterfield,7.30prn. Wed: C. St Peter in Chains. Doncaster. 7pm. Thu: C. English Martyrs. Mexborough, 7pm. Sat: Digby Stuart Coll. London. L0.303pm. C. St Peter in Chains. Doncaster. 7pm,

Bishop A Griffiths Meacham Is Newcastle): Sun: M. Minsteracres Monastery. Youth Service. Cathedral, 2.30pm. Student M. St Cuthbert's, Durham. 6.30pm. Mon: V. St Joseph's Blayden. Tue: Dame Catherine Cook son. Nlernorial S Cathedral. 2.30pni. AGM. NE Council of Christians Is Jews. 7.30pm. En: Prayer Breakfast, Newcastle Civic Centre, 7.30arn. Induction of PP. Lanchester, 7pm. Sat: M. Sc Joseph's Blaydon, 6.30pm.

Bishop .1 Brewer (Lancaster): Tue. Mtg RE Centre. Thu: Mtg. English College R., mie Bishop &instant (Leeds): Sun:V, Si Anthony 's, Clayton. Bradford. Mon: Joint Mtg, Leeds Ed Cttee. Civic Hall, Noon. Tue: Deceased Bps Is Clergy Chapter M. Cathedral. Noon, C, Oarforth, 7pm. Wed: CES Management Catee, Fccleston Sq. 2pm. Thu: Conference of Solicitors Biennial Mtg, London, 10.45 am. Fri: Deans' Mtg, Curial Offices, Leeds, I lam. C. Seacroft. 7.30pm.

Bishop .1 Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun:Annual Youth M. St Alhan's, Redcar. 3pm, CAFOD Mtg. Bps' Ilse. pm, The: Diocesan Clergy Mtg re new structures. English Martyrs. York, am/pm. E Covenant, York, Hesfington, 7pm. Thu: Sch Chaplains' Mtg, Bps' Hse, am/pm. Fri: Church Leaders' Mtg. Darlington. am/pm/ Sat: Diocesan Ed Mtg, Wetherby. am/pm.

Bishop L McCartie (Northampton): Mon: C. St John the Apostle, Luton, 7.30pm. Tue: Churches Main Cttee, London, 1.45pm. C, OL of Peace. Burnham, 7.30pm. Wed: Clergy Study Day, Milton Keynes. Thu: Newman Trustees' Mtg, Wham, I lam. Catenians' Dinner. Northampton. 8.30pm. Fri: M. Passionist Monastery.

Daventry, 11.30am. C. DL Is Sacred Heart. Aston-le-Walls. 7.30pm.

Bishop J McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: V/C, Si Anthony's. Culverton, 10.45am. Sacrament of the Sick, OL's. Southwell, 3pm. Mon: Teachers' M: M. Grace Dims. 4.30pm. Wed: Diocesan Priests' Conference. Diocesan Centre Centre, Mackworth, Thu: Clergy Day of Recollection. Rearsby, Leicestershire.

Bishop C Budd ( Plymouth): Sun:V, St Joseph's, Poole. Mon: CTS Exec. Exeter am. Tue/Wed: Council of Priests. Buckfast. Thu: Cuthbert Mayne Sch. Torquay. am Sat: V. St Mary's. Poole, Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: CEEM Mtg, Bareelona. Tue: Lambeth Millennium Group Mtg, London. Thanksgiving M. 70th foundation anniv, Si Colman's, Cosham 7.30pm. Wed: Consultors' Mtg. Si Joseph's. Basingstoke. llam, Diocesan Review, St Joseph's. Basingstoke. pm. Liturgy Commission, Bps' Hat, Portsmouth, 6.30pm. Thu: Chaplaincy in Higher Ed Mtg. London am. Chaplaincy, POrtsmouth Unisersity, 8prri. Fri V. St Walburga's Sch, Bournemouth, 10.30am. Sat: CEEM Mtg. Campion Hue. Osterley. pm.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): Sun: Lev. isham North Scout Gp 40th Anniv Service, Lee, pm. Thu: Joint Mtg, SE Area Secondary & Primary Heads, Dulwich, 10am. Fri: Ed for parish service AGM, Allen Hall, 2pm. Reception, Archbps' Hse. W' minister. 4.30pm. Sat: Churches Together S

London, Christchurch & Upton Chapel, London SE l. 9am. Reader Launch. Digby Stuart College. Noon.

Bishop John Jukes (S'wark Mud!): Sup: C. Swanky. Mon: Kent Schs' Comm Mtg. West Mailing. 2.15pm. 0, St Thomas, Folkestone, 7.30pm. Tue: M. William of Perth Sch. Rochester, 1.30pm. Thu: Deceased Tribunal Priests' M, Cathedral. 12.30pm. Fri Is Sat: am V. St Ethelbert's. Ramsgate. Si: 40 years Thanksgiving M. St Theodore's, Cranbrook, 6.30pm.

Bishop Howard Tripp (S'wark Ansi!): Sun:V. Si Thomas Aquinas, I lam. Civil Service, 50th Anniv Marie Curie Cancer Care, Croydon Parish Church, 3pm. Mon: V. St Thomas Aquinas. Ham. Tue: Churches C'ttee for Hospital Chaplaincy. I lam. Wed: AGM Catholic Union of GI Britain, Vaughan Hse, 5.45pm. Thu: Headteachers' Mtg. OL Immaculate, Tolworth, 2pm. Fri: S London Church Leaders' Mtg. 9am. Churches Together in England, Methodist Church We. I lam.

Bishop V Gum:Lein IW"minster, E area): Mon: Senate of Priests. London, 4pm. 'rile: Senate Conta am. Bps' Mtg, Archbps* Hue, W'minster, 5pm. Wed: Royal Foundation Limehouse. Noon. Millenium Gp Mtg, St Peter in Chains, 7.30prn. Thu: Foundation Stone Laying, '('ring, Noon. Confirmandi Mtg, Kingsbury, 8pm. Fri: St Mary's Cadogen St. 6.30pm. Sat: C. W heathampstead, 6.30prn.

Bishop P (Monte' ine (Vrminsier. W area): Sun: C. St Catherine's. West

Dia) ton. I lam. Mon/Tue Senate. All Saints Pastoral Centre, London Colney. Wed: St Catherine's Sch. West Drayton, 9am. Ed Board, pm, Thu: Si Mary's University Coll. Twickenham, Governor's Mtg, 10ain. Ugandan Martyrs ASSOC. 5pm. Fri:New Priests' Mtg, Allen Hall, Beaufort Sc. Sat: W Area J&P Conference, Little Ealing Lane. 10.30-3pm.

Bishop F Walmsley (Forces): Toe: Trustees Mtg. Farnborough, 10am.


Archbishop J Ward (Cardiff"): Sun:V, Leominster, Herefordshire. 10am-6.30pm. Tue: Trustees Mtg. Archbp's Hue. Cardiff. 10.45am, C St Aloyius. Comas, Merthyr, 7.30prn. Wed; C. St Cabs-iris. Newport and St Patrick's. Newport, 7.30pm. Thu: C, St Mary's, Merthyrr. 7.30pm. Fri: AGM. Catholic Children Is Family Care Soc (Wales), Nazareth Hose. Cardiff. 7pm.

Bishop D Mullins (Menevial: Tue: Diocesan Trustees Mtg, I lam. Thu: Catholic Bps' Conference. V. Rome Colleges 26th No% December 2.

Bishop E Regan f iVrexhaml: Sun: Joint Dialogue Gp, Llay, 3.30pm. Tue: Sponsoring Authority Mtg, 10.30am. Fri: CCS AGM, Cardiff. Sat: M for Deceased Religious, Cathedral, Noon. Poverty Hearing, St Richard Gwyn High Sch, Flint.

Key: M-Mass, C-Confirmation, VVisitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch-School. ES-Ecumenical Service.

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