Page 9, 20th September 1985

20th September 1985
Page 9
Page 9, 20th September 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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O e Ordination, is e Mara. V w. eisitralon, C Confirmation.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster &mow V Brentwood Annual When Cenrerence Monday: Day of Recollection tor Head Teachers London Cathay. 1 tarn Tepidity Celebrates Novena and blessing Le icon Kiegiand. ElPft, Wockwider London Diecesan Head Teachers Couneil King's C011ege. 2ern, Tiversdee Leech with American Correspondents in London Archbishop tterwen of Souittware Sundar lelecesan M for Guides and Blowfly Guidee Cathedial. 3pm Monday: Meeting with newly• ordainEet priests, Convent of Miele leeparatrice Wimbledon, Opm. Wednesday: installation of Bishop David Constant as Bishop of Leeds. Friday; Area Bishops reeellog, Archbishople HOUBSS learn Selurder Presides at M In St Georee's Cathedral one A Dloceean Clergy-ertity Meeting. Amigo Hall, 10_30arn

archbishop Courve de Mumma al Birmingham Tumble: Deans Meeting earbome. Bireihrettran 1 lam Wednesday: Enthronement or Bishe K r:instant. Leeds, 11.30arte Saturday: St at Sally Park. Birmingham, toi the inauguralleit at New Constitutions of the Sister el Charity of St pare the Apostle, 11.30am Archbishop Warn of Gareth sunder V, Our Lady ot the Angels. Cwmbran Wednesday. Enthronement of Bistop Konstare. te3Osen Thraiday: Annetuipe, Parish Geleen Jubilee Celebrations Saturday: Coneeloorated M, Centenary or Province, Daughters of Charity ol SVP, Westinineter Cathedral, 2.31)prn Archbishop Woriock of Liverpool Wedeselder installation, Bishop Konstant, Leeds Ceihertme II 30arn Thursday! Archblehop Council Meellng. Curial °Tithes. 10am. Radth Merseyside recording. 2.30prn. Michaelmas Group Archblseeps House, &pm. Friday: V St Willrede Premier, and Newman College 9.30arn. M, Candidates of Deacons. 7.30erli. Setureiran 0 Ree J Settee, St Peter and Pare, Crosby B ishop Alexandra el tlfton seeder Crete Ecumenical Service at Cermi the King, Filwood Broadwey. 1 larn Daped tor Leeds. W ..... day: Bishop Konstanter inauguration. 1 1,30are. Friday Concelebrates M te celebrate the teeth year St the foundation of Ihe Pellotthe Fathers al St Pethea Church, Cierkenwell, 7.30pne Saturday: M to celebrate the centenary of Daughters of Charily oI SVP at Westminister Cathedral, 2 30pre

Itlehop 11roww of Leneastra Teraeley: Tench at Lancaster Town Hag with Mayer. to weienrne Blehoe Harland Meeting 01 Association ror Catholic Deaf. NW ReglOn, Henasy Houee, 7.30pm. Wednesday, installation ol David Constant. Thursday: V St Margaret Marys Primary School, Grannie. Presides al Cumeria Ecumenical Council, Pemille 2om_ Dedication ef St Manes Church, Greet Ecelestori Siderclar Celebrates min Anniversary of rounding nt Girl Guides Association, Carlisle, 2.30prn.

Withop Ileac Auxiliary tor Salford Sunder V.& C SS Peter & Paul, Barrowlord, teleran. Wednesday: inetallelion cf Ri Rev David Constant, St Anne's, Cathedral. Leeds, 11_3flare. M tor Our Lady el Waleingham. Salford Cathedral, 8pm. Friday: Begin V of St George's Nelson. C at St Joseph's, Nelson. 7.30pm.

Bishop Cal of East Angela Tuesday: Rehene Irem Renewal Course. USA_ Weitheiday Diocesan Consultallen on Lay Ministry. Newmarket, 7.30prn. Thereday: Chaim CTS AGM, London Friday: Diocesan CMAC Matting, Newmarket, 7.30prn Sat-seder Rome tor internelional Church Uniry laiks

Bishop Emery oil Portsmouth Monday; Si Mary's Cement, Ascot, Celebrate M or the Centenary of the Consent, team. Wednerahre Leeds tnstattatlou of Bishop Constant Thursday: Bishop's House, Pm-Mmes.)", Meeting of Council of Priests, 115re. Seltedra:lersey, Channel Wands M of Dedication St new SS Mary and Peter's Ceorch St Helier, Jersey B ishop nannigen of Menne. Sundaramender V & C. Aberystwyth. Tuesday: Guest Speaker at DiOSBBB at Seitord Secondary Heal Teachers' Confeienee, 9.30am_ Wedneedey. Enthrenement of Bishop Konslarre ThursdayCeieniane. Abergete, 8 3emer Satteder. Sled of V In Abeigele.

eishop Heeds el Middlesbrough Tuesday: Crergy Study Day. Convent ef Mercy, North Denney. 30prn Wedriesdey: installation of Bishop !constant. I 1.30am, Thursday: Meets with Pastoral GOuncil (North) enabling Committee, Ellehopei House. Middieerough, 7.30prie frldey: Diamond Jubilee CelebratiOne, St Illida's Church. Whitey Selereer Geneelebrethe Anne& Educatien M. Sr OROS'S Church, Middiaebrough, 10_30am

Bishop Haney, Auxiliary for Westminster Suneay: Annual Conterenee. Cathoric Marriege Advisory Ceuncli, Leeds, Wednesday: Installation of Bishop Komi/MI. Leeds, 11.30am Friday Dedication 14 ler Teachers (Enfield Deanery) Holy Family COnveol. Enfield, 4.30prn. Bishops' Con terrace Social Wetiare Committee, Damascus House, -6 313pm. Saturday: Bishops' Conference Social Welfare Committee. he Daughters of Charity. Camedrat, g_gOorn

B ithop Henderson. Auxiliary tor Southwark Sundsr V West WyeeMee ti..P pm. Monday: continues V. tpet-9.30pm. Wednesday: Installation pl Pew Bishop of Leeds. 11 30meThursday; m Sr Temea's School, Lewisham, 2pre SaturdayDroceean Pastern: Council meeting Bishop leitchan, *eatery for I. Iveirect Sunday: V & C Our Lady& Latch Teetday: Our Larly-s Leigh. Wedneader Installation, Binned. Constant Thursday: Archbishops Council meeting. Canal Otlicee. Friday AGM Merseyside Couecil for Voluntary $01-vic05.

erattelay: V Sacred Head Leigh. 41.30ten B ishop Jukes, Aralibey 1w Soulhwert Friday: Southwark Bistrups' Meeting Marn Sathrilee eerier& V to Birchington permit leo-bop Kelly at Salford Sunday V and SiiVet Jubilee of Parish. Sr Joh Fisher. Kearsley. Tuesday. Secondary Headreanhere Continence_ Bolton. smarm to 8.30pm Wrairresdry: Installation at Bishop Dated KOnsiant as Bishop er Leeds, 11 30arie Thursday: Schools CutomN$IPti Meetitig, 2pm. FritleyMaisedey. V 4, C. Sacred Heart, Cnine Bishop David Konslani of Leeds Sunday: C. Haworth. 11.45are IV Trinity and All Saints Horstorth, 5prn Mender V Mount St Joseph's Wednesday: installation, no Anne's Cathedral, 1 1_30atn Friciair MeetIng el I mete Sponsoring Body. 10.30am C_ le:nictitate Heart ol Mary. Leeds. 7.30om Salurear Preaches MI Si Bereard Abbey. lOarre AGM Droueraiii Justice & Peace COrmItillekes, Bradlure 4prle

B ishop MeCertie, Auxiliary im Birminghem Sunday.; Society 01 St Vincula de Paul St Ceed's Catirediat, Birmingham, 3pm. Monday. V. Schools and Perish, St Patrick's. Coventry. Fr 31Tiren Tueedsy: Jubilee Celebrations. Holy Trinity Schnoi Kidderminster. 11 30am Wralneader installation of Bishop Kertelent. Leede, 1 1.30arn. Thursday: Diocesan Schools Cemmission, Siam AGM St Mary's Hoeetce, Birmiligham, 2pm. Friday: N. Si marosier Ward School, Tunstall, Stoke-en-Tient, 1030am. Saturday: fie tor Aslecialion of Widows, SI. Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham. 1.15pm.

Bishop Mictleinnese of Nottingham Sunder ViC Sr Joseph's. Derby. eprn Tudittler: Laths Catholic VIM F-orrn Assembly 111. St Peter's. LE. 4.4Sprri Wertheaday: inetallat ton Blehou ol Leeds. 11.30am. North Notts. CIA.. Boughton, N Olterton, 7pm Thursettry: V Naealeth House Old People's Horne, NC.

3eirt. Nottinghamshire CIA Cathedral, 7pre Friday: V Sisters Merey Convent. Alvaelne, Derby

Oree &murder 150th Anniversary, Mount St Bernard Abbey. V. English Martyrs Parish, Menton, M. 5.30pm. Bishop McMahon of Brenlemod Senviay: V. SS Mary & Edward. Slivertown Mondaycivir dinner Inc ietirement of Blshop ef Chelmsford_ Shins Hail, Chelmsford, Opm. Wednesday: Concelebralee Se Cl tltdieotiOctSt Bishop ol Leeds. 11.30am_ Thursday: M & C_ St Thomas More S St Seward. Waltham Abbey, apm. Friday: Dedicates Church or St Bede's. Chadwell Heath. 7prn. eraurday: Concelebrates NI Ice Centenary of Sisters el Charily of Sete. Westminster Calhedrel, 2 aOpm.

Siehee Moe...ley el Helium Bereley: V a t at Hardsworib 11.1eam Tuesday, Day or Recollection at the Mount, 10.30am. Wednesday ineralietion 01 Bishop ol Leeds, 11.30ran IA at KIM Sandal with presentation of Benernerenti medels, 7.30pm. Thurraley: M for silver jubilee 01 Satre Michael's school, Barnsley, 7.30prn. FrIder NS at Saint Vlimentei Sheffield, 8pm. Saturday) M Cl Weelminsler. Daughters of Charily centenary. 2.30prn

Bishop Area Wallop in Swansea Sunday, Day of Prayer tor Peace al the Carrrolde Priory, Aytesiord. Maidstone. Kerri, with M and Benediction, 12 noon.

Blehop MurphipO'Conner of Arundel & Brighton Sunder V Soul hwIce parish Wodnesdee: 'installation of David Kenstant. Thursday: NI of Thanksgiving el openieg of new budding, Synn House, angroarino. 2pm Friday: Meeting of CieunCli Of Aellinietrellen, Renee 2pm.

B ishop J O'Brien, Auxiliary thr Wratrrinalie Peonday: Hells. ATVS Advisory Council al Si Michael's House, 8pm. Teeeder Herts. Ares Ecirmenicel Cormnieeion al St Michael's House Spm Wednescley: tnstallation of Bishop Constant. 11 anern Saturday: National Pilgrimage St Altana Abbey, 4pm.

Wallop if O'Brien, Auxiliary for Middlesbrough Sunday: is1 at St Vincent's Church, Hull, to celebrate Gentenery of nuns arriving in Britain Monday. M for leachers at Monist Ohureh. Hull Weetnaidey: insiallerion of Bishop Konslani in Leeds. le tor the Si Vincent de Paul effetely at St Chariee, Hull Clergy COMMence al Endsleigh on "The Parish Church-. Thursday: National Walaingham Association Pilgrimage, Rome B ishop eranithorne, Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunder M St Richards. Skotmorsdele Committee of Special Ministers Upeolland meeting, 3pm. C St Malacey, Liverpool. Monday: Holy Cross High Scheel, Morley. Tuareley: Faeroe kligh School. Liverpool. 2pm. Meeting on Chaplaincy in lueller educaeoll. 4.45pm. Fatima Hige Suituol, 7_3001 Wednesdey. Installation ol Bishop Konstenl. Leeds Calip•11,11 Thursday: Arehblahop Council Meeting, C.eriei Oltices,

Bishop Restiraus of Plymouth Sunder V 4 he Sacred Head and St la, St Ives Cornwall. 10.30am. C. Open Wilideeadar Jtleillile SA, ASSIMItiOil Church, Torquay. 11.30are.

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary For Sault:ware Sunday: M and preaches at Annual Catholic Stage Geed M al Malden Lane. tiers. Tuesday. Meeting of London Churches Group at Central Hale Been Wednesday: installation of Bishop Constant at LOCOS. 11.30grh, Thuradar IN at Merry Stuart College I 1.16arn. sramear Diocesan Meilen Amigo Hall_ Southwark Bishop Wilmeley (PIM Forges) Windily: Senate of Chaplains Meeting The Friar., Ayleafted. 4.30pm Teesdale Chaplains' Retreat, The Feats, Aylesford Wednesday, Bishop Konstente installation. Leeds, 11.30am Therdayleriday. elhaptain's Retreat, The Fears. Ayiestord

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