Page 9, 20th September 2002

20th September 2002
Page 9
Page 9, 20th September 2002 — Grief tourism

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Grief tourism

From Miss Fiorella Sultana de Maria Thank you, Mary Kenny (August , I hada sportsman's bet on who would be the first to quote "no man is an island" to justify mass hysteria. I was very interested to hear that my views (August 23) are "churlish" and "calvinistic", words that do not marry particularly well with my Latin Catholic background, but there you go.

It seems unnecessary to point this out again but the baying mob outside the courtroom were quite simply not displaying righteous anger — since when did holy rage take the shape of cursing a human soul to hell? What happened to hating the sin and not the sinner? What, for that matter, happened to justice?

It was very charitable to see the Catholicism of ye olde Englande in the histrionics outside Kens ington Palace and genuine outpourings of grief in the hordes gathering in the Soham churchyard munching fish and chips. However, if the nation really is weeping over the death of inno cence itself s p o destroy, I can only answer with a little Moorish wisdom; "weep not like a woman for what you could not defend like a man."

Yours faithfully, FIORELLA SULTANA DE MARIA, [email protected]

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