Page 1, 21st April 1944

21st April 1944
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Page 1, 21st April 1944 — What•We Get and What We Don't Get

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What•We Get and What We Don't Get

from the Education Bill-MGR. GRIFFIN'S SUMMARY Speaking at the annual general fleeting of the Catholic Truth Society on Thursday, the Archbishop of Westminster summarised the results to date of the struggle s for Catholic schools.

After expressing his gratitude to the Hierarchy, the priests, the people, and the Catholic Members of Parliament, the Archbishop said: " Our claim has been and always will be for simple justice which means that all expenses of our schools, including the provision of new schools, should fall on public funds and we are anxious that our schools should come into the nationalscheme. So far those claims have not been met, but we shall continue to urge

He instanced Clause 8 as one of the most important amendments, and we have been assured," he said, " that further amendments on those rights will be considered during the Report stage of the Bill."

• FINANCIAL POINTS Dealing with the financial arrangements provided under the Bill, Mgr. Griffin summed • up as follows: " For the future the managers of our schools are not responsible for repairs to the school playgrounds, or playing fields or to the interior of the school buildings. The managers' responsibilities will be confined to external repairs towards which they will receive a grant of 50 per cent. from the Minister under Clause 96.

" The local education authority will have to provide the cost of provision and maintenance of school playing fields, the cost of provision of accommodation and equipment provided for school canteens; the cost of transport of our children.

" A 50 per cent. grant will be received by the managers of the aided schools towards the cost of any alteration to the school buildings and these grants will be available for the transfer of .schools where a school has been transferred to a new site because the existing site is unsuitable; where there has been a movement of population or slum clearance or other action of a town planning authority ; or where •a new school is considered to be a substitute for art existing school. In addition the grants under Clause 97 will apply to definable parts of the school. " As regards the special agreement schools, the 1936 Act has been reopened and we shalt qualify for grants under that Act for those schools where proposals were made before the war. As far as our existing secondary schools are concerned, the managers have the option of their becoming aided schools and will have considerable financial benefits if they choose to do this

GOVERNMENT LOANS " Although we were unsuccessful,"

he continued, '' our attempts to obtain a grant of 75 per cent. instead of 50 per cent. for the aided schools. we have been offered as -an alternative Government loans at special rates for the money we shall have to find towards the building iand repair of our special agreement and aided schools. These loans will be available for expenses to be met in defraying the cost of ang alterations required wider a development plan and for expenses to he incurred in pursuance of any special agreenrent, and also for expenses to be incurred in the construction of any school which is deemed to be a substituted school under Clause 15 or Clause 97,

"The arrangements under which loans arc to he made will come under special regulations and I have the assuraece or the Board of Education that we shall be consulted when the terms of the regulations are being drafted."

Summing up, the Archbishop said: " We have not received justice, nor have our full claims been met, but if you study the amended Bill you will find that the Board have gone a considerable way to meet many of our representations. I hope that during the Report stage all effort will be made to fix our financial responsibility on the figures given by the Ottard which were based on a not more than 35 per cent. increase in building costs over those of 1934, and that the question of grants towards brand new schools will be considered."

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