Page 2, 21st April 1950

21st April 1950
Page 2
Page 2, 21st April 1950 — POINTS FROM LETTERS

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Vatican Radio

It was pleasing to read the recent correspondence in your columns regarding the effect of the newly operating wavelength plan signed in Copenhagen on Vatican Radio's Holy Year schedule. Naturally one cannot but be disappointed at the extremely low medium wave which has been allocated to HVJ. This will undoubtedly restrict reception at the very time when the faithful would wish to benefit by the unique broad

casts of the Holy Year. During evening sessions regular interference on the 31. 41, 48 and 50 metre bands can be ascertained by anyone who investigates the situation. The identity of the " pirate " station on the last named shortwave band is known without doubt to be a relay of MOSCOW Radio.-JosEPII WOODS, St. Joseph's, 11 Alderney Avenue, Hounslow. Middlesex.

English Saints

What has happened to the cultus of St. Thomas of Canterbury ? Is one to assume that the re-establishment of the Catholic Hierarchy in this country a cehtury ago was not accompanied by a revival of that ancient and traditional devotion to the " hooly blisful martir ?" Our churches are crowded with " foreign " devotions. It seems a little hypocritical to sing " Faith of our Fathers" when we ignore the " Fathers."-M. R. J.

U.N.A. and Spain

May I use a little of your space to urge those of your Catholic readers who are members of the United Nations Association to use their influence in passing resolutions urging that an end be made to the immoral ostracising of a Catholic country, Spain ?---A. F. BROOKS, 3 Tracks Lane, Billinge HE., near Wigan, Lancs.

"The Tower "

The reference to " The Tower of London " in " All Sorts " is very timely and most interesting. The Tower should be the first place of pilgrimage for all Catholics of

Britain before the Continent. The revised guide book of the C.T.S. to the Tower should be in all the churches of the large cities of Britain, also a small notice inside or outside the churches of London would assist the visitor from America. It is as important as any pamphlet from the C.T.S.-J. A. RAYMOND, Kirkdale, Liverpool 4.

C.A. and family life

Catholic menfolk are exhorted to join in turn the Squires of St. Columba, the Catholic Young Men's Society, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Guild of The Blessed Sacrament, and later the Knights of St. Columba and the Catenians. Catholic girls and young women are similarly recruited for the Children of Mary, the Ladies of Charity, Catholic Women's League, and later the Union of Catholic Mothers. It is at the same time their duty to marry and bring up a family. If all the exhortations are carried out, they can certainly produce a family. but what happens to the Catholic " family life " which we must encourage ?-Hottie LOVER.

Anglican Orders

The suggestion that the Anglican Bishops should receive conditional consecration is valueless, To men who believe in the validity of their orders, as no doubt the Bishops of Exeter, London and Oxford do, such a thing would be impossible, while to those who are doubtful, a day longer than is necessary in the Church of England would be equally unthinkable-or so it would seem.P. M. STONE. 81 Beresford Drive, Southport.

The Faith by drama

Having read your correspondent's letter on travelling films with much sympathy. may 1 say that for some time I have been trying to interest people in an even easier and less expensive apostolic effort, which I have lately discovered is now being used in Paris ? The idea is to have groups of young Catholic players who would give short sketches and playlets in public to illustrate the Faith and current questions of religious interest. -GRACE HURRELL, 21 Derby Road, Haslemere, Surrey.

Israel Broadcasting

Your readers may be interested to know that the Israel Broadcasting Service has started direct transmissions in English to this country from Jerusalem. The transmissions are made over a wavelength of 33.3 metres and 9,000 kilocycles, and can be heard between 10 and 10.45 p.m.

G.M.T. every night. Programmes include news bulletins, talks, music, and other items of general interestGhommy D. Goaosnoi, Press Department, Zionist Information Office, 77 Great Russell Street, London, W.C.1.

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