Page 8, 21st August 1970

21st August 1970
Page 8
Page 8, 21st August 1970 — Indian married men seek ordination

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People: John Barbirolli
Locations: Jerusalem, Rome


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Indian married men seek ordination

lines to the Holy See.

In anticipation of a favourable response, various plans are already being drawn up for a two-year course in Roman Catholic theology and pastoral practice for the candidates.

One question to be decided is whether this course should be supervised by a priest who is a fellow-Indian, or by someone sent from England. The clergymen concerned owe their spiritual formation to the Cowley Fathers, whose Catholic principles spring from the Oxford Movement and are expressed in English cultural terms: and English culture is naturally a declining element in the modern Indian scene.

On the other hand, Indian Catholics are necessarily involved in local issues the emphasising of which might add to the difficulties of men hoping to take office in the Universal Church. It is to discuss matters such as these that Fr. Wijngaards, the Dutch Ecumenical Director of the Hyderabad Archdiocese, is at present in England on a mission from the Indian bishops.

Personal relations between Catholics and Anglicans in the Kurnool Diocese have greatly improved as a result of the ecumenical movement fostered by Vatican II. But for this, indeed, the Anglicans of the region would never have got to know the Catholics, and would have been far less likely to take what in the conditions of

Indian society is always a grave step, that of abandoning the close community into which one has been born.

We in Britain think of ecumenism as tending to diminish the number of converts to Catholicism. Here is an interesting example of its working the other way round.

But there is a further moral in this for us to ponder. If the proposed Anglican Methodist union were to go through in England (and it still might), is it not possible that quite a sizeable number of High Church Anglicans, both clerical and lay, would, as Newman did when a joint AnglicanLutheran bishopric was proposed for Jerusalem, find the kindly light leading them towards Rome?

Were that to happen, our own Hierarchy would be faced with a problem even more significant than that which now exercises the mind of Bishop R ajappa.

Memorial services to Barbirolli

AMEMORIAL service to Sir John Barbirolli, who died last month, will he held in Westminster Cathedral on September 9. On September 11 there will be a memorial service in Manchester Anglican Cathedral, The Promenade Concert next Friday, which was to have been conducted by Sir John, will he a memorial programme to him.

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