Page 2, 21st December 1962

21st December 1962
Page 2
Page 2, 21st December 1962 — Your leading article Out of the Ghetto (December 14) was

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Organisations: State Church, Catholic Church
Locations: Cambridge, London, Eton


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Your leading article Out of the Ghetto (December 14) was

extremely interesting, and it will help people to realise just how tragic this 'ghetto mentality is and how many, glorious opportunities are thrown away in England as a result of it.

English people may be terribly muddled in their thinking, but they are not dishonest, and they are created for the truth just as much as the most fervent Catholic is. Moreover they are gasping for it. and are reaching out for it in all directions in the most laudable manner.

In the circumstances, the Catholic body surely ought to be standing at hand and telling agnostic, deistic and Protestant fellowcountrymen in the most charitable way possible the truth about Catholicism and also the truth about their own illogical philosophies. Such behaviour is only an act of common kindness (and is not, these days, greeted with immediate d i sem bowelling).

And yet even an act of common kindness like this is something which the ghetto mentality stops the Catholic body from doing. (I know this from personal experience; I was educated at Eton and Cambridge, and not until I had left Cambridge did I encounter a single English Cathulis eh° was kind enough to tell me the facts about the State Church of whichthrough no fault of my own-1 was a _member. Such a kindness, of course, met with an immediate response. and I am now a Catholic.) It is really very insulting for Catholics to behave as though their fellow-Englishmen were not interested in knowing the truth. We who were brought up outside the Catholic Church were not dishonest. It was just that nobody had ever lifted a finger to tell us the vital facts. When once the facts were presented to us, the truth did its own work and es Liked an immediate response.

Part of this response was the very pertinent question, -Why on earth weren't we told all this before?" The answer, alas, is our old friend The Ghetto Mentality, which surely must be shaken off as soon as possible if we are to do our duty of kindness to our fellowcountrymen who are showing us so much goodwin at the moment.

And, as your leading article indicates, this shaking-off of the ghetto mentality stems to be the secret of the Continental dynamism which is so badly needed here in England.

T. Bowies London. W.C.2.

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