Page 7, 21st December 1962

21st December 1962
Page 7
Page 7, 21st December 1962 — EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishops Engagements

Page 8 from 14th May 1982


Archbishop King, Ithilsop of Portsmouth.-Christmas Day: Solemn Pontifical Mass, 51 Pews's. Winchester, t a m.

Bishop Reek of Salford.-Sunday: Confirmation, SS. Akita and Oswald, Royton. 3 p.m. Tuesday: Sings Pontifical Midnight Muss at Cathedral and prertehea. 12 m idnigh I.

Bishop Cowderoy of Southwark. Tomorrow {Saturday): Ordination, Cathe. drat, 10.311 a.m. Chrlatmat Day; Pontifical High Mass in the Cathedral at midnight and 11 a.m. Thursday: Pontifical High Mass at St. John's Seminary, Wonersh. Friday (December 28): Pontifical Benediction at the Convent of the Daughters of Mery immaculate, Sourhfields. Bishop Rudderhaun of Clifton. Christmas Day: Celebrates Pontilieat High Mas.s and preachea at I:Hein-jabs el ProCathedral and imparts Papal Blessing: celebrates MeRs at bhisdreth How. Stoke Bishop, Bristol, It R.fl1. prmicies at


Westminster. MaY1 wit] be said this Sunday at the Villege Hall. Colney Heath. 5.15 a.m.: at 39 Codicste Road, Welwyn, 9.45 am.: and at the North MilT11175 Memorial Han. Welham Green. 11.30 a.m.

Menevia. This Sunday. Fr. Riordan, c.55. ....i,its Roscrowther and Casalc martin. Fr. Marital. N't5iLS Llandiastlio and Newquay; fa. Storms. C .R .SS., visits Llatrhaiadr. Liananraftrain and tlanymynech. On Christmas Day, Fr. Riordan, C.SS.R., visits Madams; . Fr. Maratn, C.SS.R., viaita Pontybcrern, Trimsaran and Newctitay; Fr. Stevem, C.SS.R.. visits Llanrhaiedr, LlansandTraid and Llanialreacreirdnit.

Menevla.-This Sunday, Fr. Agnelus, 0.F.M.Cap., will visit Brymbo, Trueddyn and Kinnerton. (In Chrisimes Day there will be Midnight Mess Al Pen-yinnes. There will also be Maw at Heiken. 11 am, Northamptoo.-Maks will be said this Sunday at St. John's, Iliah Street, trthlingbortnath. 9 a.m.; at the Star Hall, Finedoa, HI a.m.; and at the Conservative Hat. Raunds. 5 p.m. On Christmas Day, Mass wjli he said at the Guide Hut, Astern Clinton, Bueka, 7 a.m.; at thc Vlitatr Hall, Piistone/Ivinghoe, Beds., 9 a.m.: and at the Parish Hall, Cheddington, Beds., II a.m.

Nottingham. Mass will be said this Sunday at Boneaford. 8.30 a.m,; Batkaton, 10.3D a.m.; Billcsdon, 5.311 p.m. On ChristTrial Day there will be Midnight Md95 at Fastwell, and Mass will' he said et Ponesfad al 8.30 a.m. During the week Fr. Nicholson, S.C.J., iii visit Bentesiorri, Buckminster and llpoingham.

Nottingham. Mass will be said Oils Sunday at Winteringharn, 8.30 a.m.; Kinon Lindsey. 1(130 a.m.; Woodheek, S PM. on Christmas Day, Midnight Mass will he said at Woodbeck, and there will be Muss St Collingham, II am. During the week. Fr. o'sultivan, S.C.).. will visit Broughton. Ruskington and Willonahton. Piymuuth.-Mas, will be said by Fr. Sean Mason, ki,S.F,S., this Sunday Al Beaminster (Tindal Hail). 9.30 a.m.; Melbury Osmond (Greenwood,), ii a.m.; Gussatte All Saints (Village HAD, 6.30 P.m. 08 Christ-ma, Day, Midniaht Mass will be said at Bearainster (Tindal HOD; Mass will also he said there at 8.30 a.m., and at Mclairy Osmond (Greenwoods). 10 R.M. Fr. Mason's address is Si. Clare's. Watts Road, Tavlstock, Devon. CTAV 26451.

Brentwood. Masa on Sunday at the Womeit's Institute, Thorpe-le4oken, 8.45 AM.: British Legion Club, Boated, 10.35 a.m.; 6 Lamarch Road, T.amarsh, 8.45 a.m.; Belehamp Walter. 10.15 a.m. On Christmas Day Mass will he said at the British Legion Club, Toliesbury, 830 am.; "East Lime," layer Breton, 10 eat.; Belchamp Walter, 5.30 a.m.; Lamarsh, 19 MAY THEY REST IN PEACE Mgr. George Shanks Mgr. Genrge Shanks, Prefect of Kashmir and Jammu, and a missionary of St, Joseph's Society. Mill Hill, London, died Hi St, Andrew's Hospital, Dallis Hill, last week (Thursday). tic wart 53. Born In Culterming, Whitley Bay, arid ordained in 1433, iic will be remembered especially tor the educational work he did in Kaahrair. at Barannole. Whoa his miasion station there was raided In the Invasion of Kashmir by North West Frontier tribesmen. he &Tended his school and people heroically. earning a special tribute in a "Daily Express" report of the Incident. Ht was actually taken out a be shot but was saved by the arrival of a tribesman who had been taught irt earlier days at a mission convent school. He returned to England in May, this year, and. although a sick man, had planned to ao hack to Kashmir on November 28.

Fr. John Tole Fr. John Tole has died at Twyford Abbey, Willesden, N.W.10. after several years' illness. He was 57. Ordained In 1931 for the kienevia diocese, his Ant appointment was to Brecon. He was educated at Devonport's parish school. end St. Boniface's College, Plymouth, and studied for the priesthood at Oscott College and the English College, Lisbon, Dr. Francis D'Souza Archbishop Murphy of earda astencicd Rritulem Mass on Tuesday for Dr. Francis D'Souza, who died suddenly last week. lie is sursived by his wife and 14 children_ Dr, D'Souza, who was a native of Poona. wits a keen badminton and tennis player and a Welsh International. He had been in medical practice in Bedlam and 'Irelewis fur the last 27 years, and was forFrni,e,rslpyirain surgeon at A/terthyr General The elder of his children, Peter, is an actor and another son. Michael. Is studying medicine at Guy's Hospital, London. His daughter, Rosemary, is teaching. Christopher is worainsr in London and Anscla is studying at Cardiff Art College, The other children. extent three-year-old Nichola, are still at school.

Mr. If, T. D. Marsh Mr. H. T. D. Marsh. Superintendent of St. Joseph's Bays' Hostel. Isleworth, Middlesex, and chief welfare officer ot the Crusade of Rescue for the past 14 years died last week at the age of 57. Mr. Marsh. who was well known all his life for his interest In welfare work was born in North London He was a probation officer for many years and was engaged on welfare work In the Army during itic last war, before joining the Crusadeni Rescue. 14t was a member of the K.S.C. and was on lire 03Meilittce Ian St. Raphael's Home. Bassin Park. He leaves a widow, two daughters and oPc son. Solemn High Mass at Pro-Cathedral and officiates at Pontifical Benediction.

Bishop Dwyer of Leede.-Christmes Eve; Celebrates Midnight Mass. cathedral Christmas Day: Visits Bishop Cowsill's Home, Bramley. and St. Margaret's Home. feedsSi. Stephen's Day: Vialta St. Gabriel's Home, Horsiorib: Bosco House, Leeds; Allerton Park ilornc, Leeds: St. Mary's Home, Boston Spa: St. Joseph's Home, %sum Spa; and St. Teresa', Home. Knereshorottab.

Bishop Reatiestax of Plymnuth.--Sanday: Blesses new church at Modlaury. Devon, and nresides at Meas. 11a,rn.; biesset, new church at Salcombe, Devon, and celebrates Mass. 6 P.m.

Bishop Resileaux of Plymouth. Christmas Day: Sings IsIldniaht Mass. cathedral. Thursday: Attends annual dinner at St. Eionifisce College Old Boys' Association. Bishop Parker of Northampton. Christmas Hay; Sings Pontifical Midnight Mass and imparts Papal Ries:jug. cathedral: Presides and preaches. with Benediction, 11 a.m., cathedral.

Bishop Fins of Nottinaham.-ChrisImas Day: Pontificates az Midnight M1151, Cathedral.

Whitley Bay school

A Catholic grammar-technical school is to be built at Whitley Ray, Northumberland, subject to Ministry approval. It will accommodate some 700 children, serving surrounding districts of Seaton Valley, Longbenton, Tynemouth, Blyth, Bedlington, Newbiggin, Ashingtop and Walleend.

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