Page 5, 21st December 1973

21st December 1973
Page 5
Page 5, 21st December 1973 — A little advance pruning

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People: Brigid Brophy
Locations: Bristol


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A little advance pruning

Is it necessary for the Catholic Herald to provide a forum for the views of Brigid Brophy with similar effusions to follow'? Surely, ample coverage is already available for this style of argument. must even the Catholic press assist? Are you a victim of the comparative religion (or lack of religion) virus now rapidly becoming a major menace? Is even the Catholic press no refuge from the divisive and the destructive?

Humanist arguments of the Brophy type are, in themselves, valid and only to he refuted from the higher level of faith — a gift of God which Humanists neither desire nor appear to receive. Faith being, however, the essence of Catholic belief, both common ground and a reasonable dialogue are precluded and the question arises: What good do you hope to achieve in printing the type of article under review? Far from good, harm may well be done to those whose faith may resist assault from without but not from within.

You may, of course, believe, as I du, that the Church will, in the distlint future, be reduced to a hard core sharing kinship and persecution with the early Church, and you may be intent on a little pruning in advance, At least, this explanation of your action appears as reasonable as any other that occurs to MC.

L. ROL Shepherd Manor Farm, Chew Stoke, Near Bristol.

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