Page 5, 21st December 1973

21st December 1973
Page 5
Page 5, 21st December 1973 — Arabs and Jews could be friends

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Organisations: United Nations
Locations: Jerusalem, Surrey


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Arabs and Jews could be friends

Though Mr. John Adkins was answered well by "JudaeoChristian," in his letter of December 7, may I crave space to comment on Mr. Adkins' further letter in the same issue, in which he questions Arab aggression? Time and again the Arabs,

have ignored United Nations. resolutions. They illegally

denied use of the Suez Canal to Israeli shipping and have constantly refused to recognise Israel as a sovereign State. The Suez blockade occasioned the 1956 war, after which a fresh agreement to open the canal was broken.

In 1967 the Israelis would not have seized additional territory (essential for their defence in the circumstances) had the U.N. prevented the massing of Egyp tian troops and war material, in cluding nerve gas, in the Sinai, which followed constant

guerrilla operations and threats to destroy Israel by the Arabs, to whom her extermination would be a jehad (holy war).

These threats were repeated before the 1973 war, before which the Arabs had refused to negotiate. Syria's President Assad has said the Arab attack would not have stopped at Israel's pre-1967 frontiers: Israel herself would have been invaded.

It is apposite to recollect that Arab caravans were merely passing through the country when Jacob and his family settled in Canaan, about the year 1800 B.C. About 1200 B.C. the

New Liturgy

Recently, .1 attended the Mass for the opening of Holy Year at a well-known cathedral. I was appalled as the way in which the Church, although it has introduced the vernacular, has failed completely in finding an idiom Which means anything to the under-fifties.

The congregation consisted almost entirely of members of religious orders and of senior citizens. Although we are asked to support missionary work abroad. F did not notice one non-European there and yet there are huge numbers living within walking distance of the cathedral.

The sermon, while no doubt excellent in its content, was preached in a phraseology which is totally foreign to all but the oldest members of the community. One could not wonder that the others mentioned did not attend and that, in the case of the younger people, they go elsewhere to be "switched-on."

All this seems to be a terrible waste. The Church has everything, including the discipline which the young people seek so avidly without being aware that they do so, a motivation for their very active social consciences, and an ideal of love which would raise them above the morass of second-rate emotion in which so many of them flounder at present. They are looking for these arid the Church has them to give.

Without any compromise whatsoever in essential doctrine, cannot these gifts be offered in a way that is acceptable to my generation and to that of my teenage children, so that we, too, may feel "in" on the religious scene?

(Mrs.) Audrey Kelly 63 Riddlesdown Road.

Purley, Surrey. Israelites returned from Egypt and, by Divine command, conquered the corrupt and polyglot nations in occupation.

In A.D. 70 Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans. The country was not conquered by the Arabs until about A.D. 638. The Turkish conquest of Palestine was accomplished in 1517 and the Arabs were liberated by the British only in 1917.

Left alone by political provocateurs, Arabs live peacefully in Jerusalem. The Israelis have little interest in the occupied territories as such: they only seek recognition as a sovereign State by the Arabs and that security which it is a moral obligation of the free world to ensure they get.

Had they more perspicacity the Arabs would realise that the Israelis could be their best friends.

L. M. Hopkins Wick Crest, Devizes, Wiltshire.

Correction flash

Would you care to publish a "Correction Flash" to Canon Drinkwater's "Resurrection Flash" of October 26?

The "faith alone" of Protestants is not about believing things in the face of reason, facts, history, etc., come what may. It is about whether or not a person by his own efforts can "save" himself; and asserts that Christ, and therefore faith in Christ, is necessary.

"By grace ... through faith", a Protestant would say, thinking of Ephesians 2:8 (Jerusalem Bible) and much of Romans 3 and 4. " . . it is impossible to please God without faith." — Hebrews 11:6 (Knox). Of course, faith will lead on to the good works of James 2 — otherwise it is revealed as a sham.

Protestants certainly agree with Canon Drinkwater that the Resurrection was historical. Their beliefs are not so very far from our Faith — and we have no monopoly on heretics!

D. Ferguson. 6 Deanswood Road, Tadley, Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Old Liturgy

Both Mrs. Byrne ("Renewal Wrangle," December 7) and Mr. Williams ("Liturgy," December 7) belong to the generation before mine; and while I salute them both with Old Rite courtesy, I hasten to defend Fr. Charles-Roux, Mr. Douglas Brown .and Mr. Auberon Waugh.

These last three are blessedly unashamed of their Faith as expressed for centuries, and justly credit the young people of to-day with the ability to distinguish between quality and quantity. thank them warmly, for I cannot see why future generations of Catholics should be deprived of quality as a result of the intellectual pride of some present day Catholics.

As for "33rd Sunday of the Year" — it's just boring, like most of the new Liturgy, and it's simply un-Catholic!

(Miss) Merryn "Belinda" 63 High Street, Bewdley, Worcestershire.


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